Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Jon is seven today. He was super excited for this birthday, and we were super excited to celebrate him. He is definitely his father's son (his temperament is ALL Mark), but he has a style all his own. He has a crazy mop of hair that he rocks! He is insanely creative, which meshes well with his desired career path: mad genius (his words, not mine).

Grandma and Grandpa Wallace got to be here for his special day, which made him feel pretty special.

This year's cake request was pretty low key: a cake with Snickerdoodle buttercream, with PacMan and Max (a superhero Jon created for a school project - complete with rocket boys). Luckily, he had a picture of Max I was able to trace with salted caramel.

 Jon is a great snuggler, and an incredible cheerleader. I love watching him play with Abi, as he's always gentle, but engaging. He is a brilliant mathematician, and a great reader. He has quite the flair for the dramatic. Our lives would definitely be far more boring without him! We still love our Jon!

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