Sunday, June 25, 2017

11 Months!

Still loves kicking headbands everywhere...

Still an awesome eater! (That's salmon, broccoli, and brown rice. Also, Kai was in trouble because he refused to sit down for prayer, because he was too excited about eating broccoli...)

I think she does this on purpose, just so she can get a bath.

Aunt Brittany went with us to the splash pad. Abi LOVED it! She was a little upset with Brittany for holding her back while I took a picture.

Mark thought she'd look cute with a flower in her tiny bit of hair. It lasted about two seconds. (So did the deck of cards...)

She loves snuggles more than this picture indicates...

A new favorite food: fresh peas. I can't shell them fast enough!

Oh, and she dances constantly. Whenever we turn on the blender or the vacuum, she rocks out. If it could possibly be perceived a having rhythm, it's dance music!

A Jon moment: One of our neighbors is constantly working outside without a shirt on. He tends to wear khaki shorts, which are similar to his skin tone, so he looks totally naked from afar. I happened to look out the window, and said "Man, he's out there naked again." Jon's response: "Yeah. He's gotta be on drugs."

A Kai moment: We have a fan in the boys' room, and they were experimenting with a balloon in the air stream one night. After lights out, Kai came down. His complaint? "I can't sleep because Jon is disturbing the vortex!"

Isaac's moments this week were not overly exciting. He caught strep again. In June. That kid is good.

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