Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pinewood Derby

Isaac's troop held their Pinewood Derby this week. Since he was making a car, we let the other two boys make some too. This troop is super relaxed, so no one even kept track of who won or lost each race, and our boys all got plenty of time to send cars down the track. (There was even a solid 15 minutes where they competed to see who could wipe out the hardest...) It was super fun!

Jon and his red (canoe-shaped) car:

Daddy modelling Kai's car: (yes, it is just a block of wood that he fingerpainted and put wheels and a driver on)

Isaac's "Bullet Bill" car was a hit!

Abi enjoyed driving the cars around too.

Kai mostly cared about the refreshments.

Eventually, Abi realized there were refreshments too... (Also, this older girl in the picture totally needs to marry one of our boys. She's awesome!)

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