Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Easter has become such a weird conglomerate of traditions anyway, that we decided to make up some of our own this year.

Mike and Brittany kicked off the weekend with a (very traditional) egg hunt in our backyard.

(Their dog, Gizmo, is starting to get used to us. But he is TERRIFIED of the chickens.)

The Easter Bunny doesn't visit our house; Mommy brings presents. And puts them in pillowcases (this year's are destined to become laundry bags). Abi enjoyed a coconut cream chocolate.

The boys were too busy with their new markers and notebooks to worry about chocolate.

Kai was really excited about this guy's hair.

For brunch, we made (gluten free) sourdough bagels. The darker stuff is asaiago, because bagels are totally not complete without asaiago.

Jon preferred cream cheese.

So did Isaac and Kai.

Abi has a more adventurous palate.

By the time we got to church (we have 1:00 Sacrament meeting), this had happened:

So, we missed a little church to let kids nap. (Mark didn't get much sleep.)

We made it in time for great lessons on Christ and the Resurrection. I enjoyed getting to play piano for some Easter hymns that we don't regularly sing. Kai came home and told us all about his Primary lesson, where the parts that stood out the most to him were about Jesus's hands being pierced by nails, and how He was obedient.

After our weekly Sabbath dinner of pizza, we had root beer floats (Weinhart's is totally worth introducing to the baby early).

Some of us are pretty excited to have Blue Bell back in Colorado!

Hope your Easter was as good as ours was!

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