Tuesday, March 28, 2017

8 Months

This girl is a grump right now! She cut two teeth, then we had two days or so of our happy Abi again, and now we're back to Crabby Abi. Hopefully those next two teeth will hurry up! Poor girl!
Abi is almost 20 pounds now (just a few ounces shy), and LOVES food. For example, tonight, she pitched a fit until I gave her a bunch of my collard greens. Then, she ate beans and rice, cornbread, and some dark chocolate. And then she started over, begging Daddy for some collards. (While I was cooking, she had also "helped" by eating some bell pepper and bacon...)
Abi isn't crawling yet, but she stands quite well with only one hand holding onto something. She's really good at scooting backwards on her stomach, and I find her mostly under the couch from time to time.
Kai is still Abi's favorite. He knows he can get her to laugh just by hopping up and down next to her. And she laughs HARD about it! I'm so glad those two are such good friends!

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