Sunday, January 29, 2017


The dishwasher is back where it goes! And we can use the kitchen sink again! So, this last week was much better than the week before. We also got a couple newer projects finished up. My favorite: the wall in the front room: (just ignore the vacuum cleaner I didn't get around to putting away before I took the picture...)

Who else has a Trogdor pot for their dracaena? I'm thinking I need more of them. With consummate v's. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, look up "Trogdor" on YouTube. You're welcome.)

Kai fingerpainted for the first time. I know, he's three and has never fingerpainted before... Winning at this parenting thing...

He still doesn't like anybody though.

It turns out that 8 loaves of bread per week isn't enough anymore. Somebody over here thinks he's about to grow another 3 inches. Also, Abi totally eats EVERYTHING.

While I was baking, Kai found a paintbrush to use with his fingerpaints. It was... creative.

Speaking of creativity, he's started drawing things that look like "things" now.

He's also learning to write his name.

And build "pyramids" with dogs.

All of the boys got sets of these toys with gears for Christmas. Kai demanded I take a picture.

Abi got a basket for the books in her room. She's not big on tipping it over yet, but I know that day is coming.

I never posted pictures of her room. This is my favorite wall. (Headbands!)

And the rest of the room:

More baking!

Valentine's M&Ms make my heart flutter.

So does this girl.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Missing Pieces

A few pictures I've neglected to post while trying to keep up with life...

This was how we spent my birthday: shooting Stomp Rockets in the house...

Kai pinched his arm, so we put a bandage on it. Turns out he was allergic to the bandage.  He kept saying his bandaid hurt, and we assumed he was referring to the injury, so we didn't check it out right away. This picture was in the beginning of December. It still looks pretty bad. 

Jon presented his own celebration in class. He made up Drink Up Day. It's in July, and the day is all about drinking as much as possible of your favorite beverages. 

Abi will not be enjoying orange juice for Drink Up Day; turns out she's allergic to citrus (those hives just kept going)...

These guys worked together to wrap Christmas presents for everybody. Maybe we'll get them some elf hats next year. 

I know I'm biased, but I think this girl is gorgeous. 

Mark decided our produce needed faces again. 

Isaac prefers to keep his art in notebooks. He's taking art lessons from Brittany now, learning how to sketch. I'm proud of him for exploring a different style of art from his usual. 

I got out the pastels for him, and he thoroughly enjoyed that medium as well. 

Kai's favorite medium is cheese. 

Abi gladly admires his work, as does Jeeves.

Actually, Abi admires any food...

Kai and I poured all of our spices into new jars. He thought using the funnel was awesome. 

Abi was bored. 

So was Jeeves.

Abi was happy when Isaac got home though. She loves him. 

I think he might like her a little too. 

But not Kai. He doesn't like anybody. Just ask him. 

That girl and her food again. 

Jon continues his love affair with Zeezer-Jacques (for those who don't know, that's what he has named the Duplo piece with the pulley).

Kai doesn't love people, but he's been loving the dregs of his Halloween candy. 

That girl and her food again. 

I love that kid. 

Yes, food again. And a sensory bag. With green duct tape. Because babies, shaving cream, and duct tape make my day more exciting. (Especially if you say that with no context...)

Jeeves loves that these two love food. 

A very sleepy girl. 

Aunt Brittany let the boys give her a makeover. She's awfully brave! 

Isaac doesn't hold still, but Jon looks fab!

Sally Sheep

Abi discovered books. Her favorite is called Sally Sheep's New Nibbles. It's about a sheep who decides to find out what the other farm animals eat.  Mark and I have strong feelings about this book - in the words of Gru: "You like this? This is garbage!" We keep it around anyway, because I'm a sucker for that face.