Sunday, June 25, 2017

11 Months!

Still loves kicking headbands everywhere...

Still an awesome eater! (That's salmon, broccoli, and brown rice. Also, Kai was in trouble because he refused to sit down for prayer, because he was too excited about eating broccoli...)

I think she does this on purpose, just so she can get a bath.

Aunt Brittany went with us to the splash pad. Abi LOVED it! She was a little upset with Brittany for holding her back while I took a picture.

Mark thought she'd look cute with a flower in her tiny bit of hair. It lasted about two seconds. (So did the deck of cards...)

She loves snuggles more than this picture indicates...

A new favorite food: fresh peas. I can't shell them fast enough!

Oh, and she dances constantly. Whenever we turn on the blender or the vacuum, she rocks out. If it could possibly be perceived a having rhythm, it's dance music!

A Jon moment: One of our neighbors is constantly working outside without a shirt on. He tends to wear khaki shorts, which are similar to his skin tone, so he looks totally naked from afar. I happened to look out the window, and said "Man, he's out there naked again." Jon's response: "Yeah. He's gotta be on drugs."

A Kai moment: We have a fan in the boys' room, and they were experimenting with a balloon in the air stream one night. After lights out, Kai came down. His complaint? "I can't sleep because Jon is disturbing the vortex!"

Isaac's moments this week were not overly exciting. He caught strep again. In June. That kid is good.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Doing that thing that I hate again

I hate posting by just dumping pictures out there once a month, with few captions. I feel like it's not a very good representation of how we do things (Baileys are FANTASTIC at talking!). But, Mark is sick (possibly headed to a sinus infection after his surgery), Isaac is either having an allergic reaction to something, or a super weird case of the chicken pox (the doc said it's totally possible, since he's vaccinated, and it presents strangely in the 2% of vaccinated kids that still get it), Jeeves peed an ocean in my basement (big dogs have big bladders...), school is out for the summer, I got glutened, and it made my hands swell up and develop a rash that feels like a burn (autoimmune disorders are so weird), and Abi hasn't been sleeping well. So I'm tired and busy. And yes, this post is heavy on the Abi pictures, because I missed posting for her 10 month day. Anyway (see, FANTASTIC talker...), here's the pictures:

He wasn't crying over having a bow in his hair. He was crying because he wanted a different color...

Isn't this how everyone's family scripture study looks?

Jeeves got a coat. He LOVES it! (Also, a huge tennis ball. He promptly ate it...)

Abi's favorite thing to do with her headbands is dump them all out and use her feet to kick them all over.

He really wanted a hat.

Abi's reaction to the hat:

When she's asleep, she looks even more like the boys did.

This kid just looks old. He's awesome. I love him. (I love the others too, but he's old and doesn't snuggle anymore, so I just have to tell him I love him more often.)

Learning to use a spoon:

I LOVE the hat. She's not so sure.

But she does love her blanket.

And beef jerky...

Jeeves LOVES it too...

These guys were supposed to be getting ready for bed. (You're never fully dressed without a smile, right?)

Abi has the best responses to their antics.

She did better at going to bed that night.

First day of summer! You can't tell from the picture, but Kai and Jon were fighting downstairs, Isaac was screaming because he had injured himself, Abi was screaming because she didn't want to be in the Exersaucer anymore, and Mark was grumpy because his face hurt. I was so excited to have everybody home!

This girl still loves books.

How 80's is this kid?!

This face usually precedes mischief.

And frequently involves this one.

Didn't even get groceries put away before these two broke into the blueberries.

This poor kid has been injuring himself a ton lately! I was trying to get a picture of his swollen cheek, but it didn't come out. I like the picture though!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sometimes Noses Aren't Much Fun

Mark had surgery on his nose last week. They fixed a deviated septum and some of the stuff left over from the car accident. Today, he got his bandages off, and his "new" nose looks lovely. He's breathing much better already too. It's been a rough week, but I'm sure we'll be glad he had it all fixed pretty soon here!
I only got one picture with the bandages on (he picked his pose...):

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Nine Things

Abi loves at 9 months:

1. Blueberries
2. Kai
3. Her pink blanket
4. Army crawling EVERYWHERE
5. Baths
6. The episode of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" where he visits the dairy farm
7. Sausage (breakfast links)
8. Giving "fives"
9. Dancing (her favorite song right now is "How You Like Me Now" - the version from "Storks", not the original)

Right now, she does NOT love headbands. (Makes this mama sad...) But check out that hair in the second picture!

Monday, April 24, 2017

He's How Old?!

Isaac turned nine last week. How the heck did that happen?! When he was three, I was pretty sure he wouldn't survive to age four, and look at him now!

The party was Super Mario themed. (Plus some orange, because that's Isaac's favorite color.) He invited three of his closest friends, and they wore visors and mustaches to designate themselves as Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad. So. Much. Fun.

Here's the cake lighting:
(We got a special candle that had 15 wicks, with the center one being a sparkler one.)

I had painted the candle to look like one of those chomper flower thingies from Mario. (I accidentally painted it shut too, but it was supposed to open and spin around... Brittany burned her fingers a ton, helping push open the painted petals... She's a good aunt.)

The big "game" was hard to photograph, but it was bumping question mark boxes with their heads to get "power ups", and using those to defeat Bowser, to rescue Princess Peach.

Question mark boxes:

Power ups: (ice power and fire power)

Defeating Bowser:

Rescuing the princess:

The party was a lot of fun, and we were so glad to get to celebrate our Isaac! This boy is a sensitive, loving guy, who tries hard to always do the right thing. He rocks at math and art! His singing voice is divine, and his confidence in it is amazing. He's an awesome big brother, to both his younger brothers and his sister. I'm glad they have someone so wonderful to look up to!

(No, he doesn't wear glasses - he was trying on my old frames - this was just the most recent picture of him I hadn't shared yet.)