Friday, September 30, 2016

Two Months!

Here's some Abi stats at two months:

11.5 lbs, 22.5"

In size 6mo clothes because she has an insanely long torso

Is allergic to something in my vitamins (I forgot to take them one night and her rash/hives were totally gone before the next night. Took them again and they were back right after the next feeding...)

LOVES playing with her brothers

Rolls from tummy to back, but prefers to stay on her tummy to play

Has had multiple 7 hour nights (WOOHOO!)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

All the things

This kid has an obsession with headlamps. Uncle Mike was installing a light switch in our Food Cave, and Kai was ridiculously excited to wear Daddy's headlamp to help out. 

Isaac still loves his baby sister. I love that when I need to make dinner/use the restroom/switch the wash, I can just put her down and know that he'll make sure she's happy.  He's a great older brother! 

Kai has been trying his hand at engineering. I think he should look into a career in architecture.

Uncle Mike (who is engaged!) gets Abi snuggles sometimes too. 

My stand mixer was making horrible noises. Mark opened it up and found this: (appetizing, eh?)

Kai's birthday present finally arrived: a "disco LED spinner" that makes fireworks sounds. 

My four babies. How did those guys get so big?!

Proof that Kai sleeps sometimes. 

Jeeves makes it hard to get stuff done. 

The boys don't help much. 

Abi likes to talk to the warning labels on her car seat. 

She also likes to talk to Kai. 

For Cub Scouts, Isaac needed to make a layered "snack" showing how moisture effects fossilization. The other two boys were all about helping. 

But they all decided jello isn't worth eating. 

It was a crazy week for Kai - another nap! 

In the hallway...

Abi wasn't impressed. 

Really excited about how well Jeeves is doing with the chickens! Our carbon monoxide detector went off this week, and we had to abandon Jeeves alone with the chickens for almost an hour. All were still alive and well when we got back. 

Abi isn't as big a fan of this onesie as she is of her daddy. 

But I think she likes this one...

Seriously, I knew these guys would love their sister, but it just melts my heart to see it in action. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

A Baby, A Blessing

Yesterday, we blessed Abi at church. We were lucky enough to have my parents, Kristi, Mike, Brittany, Brittany's brother, Sue, and Marty come join us. We enjoyed Sacrament meeting together, and, after the meeting block, a delicious dinner of burgers, salad, and peach cobbler. Abi thoroughly enjoyed being held all day long. (We knew all along she'd be one spoiled princess!)
I came down with a lovely cold, which I'm blaming for my lack of picture taking this time (I can't snap photos while hacking up a lung. I guess I better work on my multitasking skills...) Anyway, I managed to get a few pictures of our Daddy's girl with her favorite guy - still in the white dress, no less. I think they're pretty cute together. (And they have matching Bailey Cheeks!)