Thursday, July 28, 2016

The princess has arrived!

Abigail Anne Bailey made her grand entrance Monday, July 25 at 9:14 pm, after weeks of prodromal labor and 9 hours of "actual" labor. She was 6 lbs 12 oz and 19 3/4" long.
Just to make sure we all were focused on her, she made sure her birth was exciting. From the moment I got to the hospital, the nurses were concerned - I had symptoms of an infection (but my water hadn't broken yet) and she had tachycardia. I was already GBS positive, so we knew we had to hurry and get iv antibiotics going. After 5 blown ivs (my arm is reminiscent of zombie flesh now), the nurses called the anesthesiologist and she got one in. It still wasn't great, and the nurses had to hold it just right to get anything flowing. Mark took over that job while the nurses attended to the alarms going off because of the baby's heart rate. The on call doctor came in and decided they would break my water and give me meds to stop contractions for a few minutes to see if that would help relieve some of the stress on the baby. It worked, but the amniotic fluid was (heavily) meconium stained. Once contractions started again (this time with my epidural in place), the baby's heart rate went crazy again. Since I was already at an 8, I was told I could keep trying for a bit, but if labor wasn't fast enough we'd go with a C-section to protect the baby. I guess that was the hint my body was waiting for, because it was only a few minutes later that I felt like pushing. My doctor was totally not ready for that... One push, and Abi was out! She was super floppy (her initial APGAR score was 2), so the NICU team took over. I'm not totally sure what happened next because I hemorrhaged (again), so I was a little distracted, and the NICU team (with Mark and Abi in tow) were out of the room pretty quickly.
After my initial recovery (only about an hour - feeling VERY lucky), I got to go see Abi in the NICU. She was under an oxygen hood, and had an iv for her antibiotics, but had stabilized a lot. By the next morning, she was out from under the hood, with just a nasal cannula and iv, so I was able to hold her. We spent the next 3 days in the hospital, juggling her recovery and mine, and getting Abi healthy enough to come home.
At this point, Abi is doing great with just a little oxygen, and we're figuring out how to juggle 4 kids and squeeze in sleep every once in a while.  The boys are totally in love with their baby sister, as are her parents. More pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Still Waiting

No baby yet. Prodromal labor is the pits. Contractions that wake you up and keep you up from 1-4 am every night and don't do a dang thing to progress labor are not cool. Luckily, I have AWESOME visiting teachers who have arranged three mornings of childcare this week (until mis padres get here) so I can rest.

Jeeves attacked Dot (our "miracle chicken") twice this week. She's not only still alive, but she seems to be gaining more acceptance in the flock. If I were a hen, I'd be worshipping the ground she walked on - you've got to be something special to survive a fox attack and two dog attacks!

We built a loft bed in the boys' room this week. Kai had been kicking the wall between his room and Baby Sister's room, so we had to move him. Having him up that high kind of freaks me out, but he is very careful, and he LOVES it.

Other than that stuff, we're just waiting on Baby Girl (rather impatiently - the last week(s) are so long!) and enjoying the last three weeks of summer break.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Jon!

We celebrated Jon's birthday on Saturday with a Minecraft party. (Jon LOVES Minecraft!) He's had everything figured out for two months, so this was highly anticipated. We had a Cake cake (not sure what else to call it), a Creeper shoot with Nerf guns, a Ghast pinata, a giant Steve head, pin the tail on the pig, lava punch, and a quick scavenger hunt. Unfortunately, a July birthday means most friends are out of town, so we only had two guests, but I'm pretty sure they all had fun anyway. (I know Jon did, and that's what counts.)

Jon loves to help others - he's pretty much taken over laundry for me (with a little assistance from Isaac). He loves to read, engineer elaborate things with Legos and/or Tinker Toys, and mess with his brothers. He's full of personality - for a book writing project at school, he chose to sign his work "Mr. Jon" even though the rest of the class stuck with their given names. We love our Little Jon!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Most mornings

Right now I wake up wanting to punch people. Any people. Especially noisy people or people who touch my belly.

Since I don't have much nice to say, I'm going to post some pictures Mike took when he went with my older boys to Elitches with their friend as part of a Make a Wish adventure. (I didn't hear back from her on whether she enjoyed it or not, but I know my boys did!) (And, thanks again to Uncle Mike for taking my boys, since I couldn't go!)