Friday, May 13, 2016

Isaac's Baptism

I attempted to publish this on Monday, but my interwebs failed me... Then Isaac developed a sinus infection, and our week was taken over by pain management for the poor kiddo. (He's doing much better after starting antibiotics.)

Isaac was baptized last Saturday - a MUCH anticipated event around here! He was counting down the hours from two days before. As soon as Grandma Wallace finished her talk on baptism, he was running for the font. I just love his exuberance! 

We managed to forget pictures until we were all ready to leave afterwards, so we missed Grandma Sue and Marty, but here's what we got:

Jon was more than slightly jealous of all the attention Isaac was getting...

My two biggest guys were pretty proud anyway. 

Isaac didn't want his picture taken with me, but we managed to eek out one (not so flattering) shot. 

He was happy to pose with Kai, however. I see how I rate on the coolness scale. 

One happy 8 year old! 

I love this picture with Grandpa Wallace - those are some happy guys. 

Luckily, Grandma travels with her iPad, so Jon got some play time and felt a little more loved. (I think Isaac was over pictures by this point, but we wanted to document the fact that Grandma Wallace was there too.)

I'm so proud of my big boy for the wonderful choices he's making right now! He constantly amazes me with how deeply he ponders the things of a spiritual nature. He has a better memory for scriptures than I ever had, and he seems to truly love and admire the men and women who contributed to them. 
Outside of church-y things, Isaac loves Pokemon, Cub Scouts, art (his talent in drawing is incredible), and reading. He is a very thoughtful and loving brother. And he can eat me out of house and home already! I'm so glad he's a part of our family!