Thursday, April 28, 2016

Now that the week is almost over

We caught the flu, and that's slowing me down. SERIOUSLY slowing me down. Also, third trimester hit like a ton of bricks (I celebrated when I made it back up to my pre-pregnancy weight today though! At the end of the day, wearing jeans and a sweater, holding a can of soda, but hey, I'm still counting it as a victory). 

Every time I've felt miserable this pregnancy, I've made another baby headband. Kai wanted to model headband number 58. (Yes, I'm aware that no baby girl needs that many headbands. I need to come up with some other accessory to make.)

Isaac turned 8 last week! I decided to wait until after his baptism to do a big post for him, but he was pretty excited about his cake, so I agreed to show it off earlier. (It's gluten free and petroleum-based-dye free, and still tasted good!) 

He had a little party at home with his closest friends, and he was ecstatic! We don't do presents at parties (who needs 12 new toys?!), but his two best friends brought him something anyway: books. That kid is a total bookworm, and has almost finished one of his new ones. He was so absorbed in it after school, I had to guide him around the parking lot so he wouldn't walk into parked cars. I'm pretty sure this is about how old I was when I got locked out of the school after recess because I was too focused on my book to notice everyone going back into the building... I guess he comes by it honestly. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Food and stuff

This week has been all about swinging back and forth between nesting like a crazy woman and trying to sneak in sleep whenever possible. When awake and not being *quite* so crazy, here's the happenings:

I make pizza every week. Mike informed me that this one was so beautiful it "brought a tear" to his eye. It tasted even better than it looked. 

I took Kai to the zoo. I think he's only been 3 times in his entire life - just a tad different than the way his brothers made it through their toddler years... His favorite part? The peacocks. (We even had one fly up on the roof of a building with a glass ceiling, so we got to check it out from underneath.)

I've been craving weird things lately, like canned dolmades. Kai decided I didn't need to share. 

I finally succeeded in thrifting suits for all three boys! We tried to take some pictures of my dapper dudes, and these are the best we got.

This was back at 25 weeks. The ultrasound that week measured Baby Girl as a little small, and I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead. Looking forward to that glucose test now...

The hardest part about being pregnant in a house with food allergies in dealing with cravings. For a while now, I've just wanted fish (either salmon or crab), but I can't even cook it at my house without being ready to call 911, and I sure can't take Kai into a seafood restaurant! Mike finally talked me into ordering some sushi for delivery (knowing Kai wouldn't want to try it). Philadelphia rolls, California rolls, and avocado rolls are all pregnancy approved, so I was all over that! 

Isaac even decided he likes sushi! (Well, at least the California rolls. He had mixed feelings about the others.)

Nesting project in progress: fixing the kitchen drawers. I got this far, but these were not meant to be the permanent dividers, so I will be breaking out the saw pretty quick here. (Unless Mark or Mike feel the need to rescue me from myself.)

And all of those headbands have a home now. In rainbow order.

Kai was super proud of the "bad guy" face he bit into his apple. The bad guy and I had a rousing conversation about whether Kai was a monster for eating him, until Kai bit off his mouth. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Since I last posted...

We had 25 inches of snow. It was gone two days later. 

Kai decided to experiment with my mascara. 

The chicks went outside for the first time.

And decided Kai isn't nearly as scary as the Great Outdoors.

Easter happened. We made "washcloth bunnies" instead of Easter baskets, and dyed recyclable eggs because I'm experimenting with more crazy hippie ideas. 

Spring Break happened, but I didn't take any pictures because Baby Girl decided it was a good week to play up the HG again. (I REALLY dislike puking. Especially puking up the nasty medicine that's supposed to make it so I don't puke. At least it has ridiculous amounts of dye in it, so I can be entertained by the lovely stains in my sink/bowl/toilet.)

The boys assisted in making insane amounts of headbands for their sister. 

And picking out her first pair of shoes. (I never put shoes on my babies, but baby shoes are just So. Darn. Cute.)

We have 7 weeks left of school to make it through, and I'm pretty sure I know two boys who will be glad to have a longer break. I know a mommy who sure will!