Friday, March 25, 2016

Isaac's New Hobby

This kid always has a chicken in his hand. I feel like I'm constantly telling him to put them back in the brooder. They seem to love him just as much as he loves them though, so I guess it's okay. This one is "Cuckoo" - she's totally asleep in his hand. (He is becoming quite the chicken whisperer.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Chicken Math and Snow

We were warned that "chicken collecting" is a thing. I wasn't super worried because the city laws capped our chicken population at 4 per household. Until this year... So we got a few more chicks. 

They're super adorable. Isaac loves them. Jon and Kai love terrorizing them. If these girls are better layers, I'm seriously considering tasting Blackout (I finished reading "The Dorito Effect," and I'm not sure I'll ever look at that poor girl the same way).

We got our 4th snow day of the school year. I was REALLY glad they cancelled school - the out-of-doors wasn't looking super inviting. The boys thoroughly enjoyed spreading every toy they own over the front room. I am so glad they love playing with each other so much! 

We had another ultrasound for our Little Girl. She slept the entire time, much to the chagrin of our tech (we didn't get some of the pictures we needed). She's got time to turn, but she's currently breech too, which seems to be par for her course. She's kind of a stinker. I'm just hoping she'll sleep that well once she's out.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When Mommy is Exhausted...

This is what happens at our house:

             Kai gets even messier than usual. 

I use every last scrap of energy for the most important things - like making paczki for my boys (a 4 hour process). 

(With Isaac's beloved lemon curd.)

We eat too much junk. 

Isaac turns into a yeti between haircuts. 

The dishwasher only gets run once a day (at most).

It becomes impossible to play the piano. 

It becomes impossible to sleep in the bed. 

I don't brush my hair before taking a 19 week belly photo. (Net weight gain so far: -5lbs Apparently, my backside hasn't figured out that I lost weight...)

Kai plays with beans. 

Actually, this was a desperate (and quite successful) attempt to pull together a Mommy School activity with no prep. Sorting, transferring, counting, and color identification. Beans are awesome. (Yes, that's a prune on the floor under the table. I could've just picked it up, but that would've taken effort.)

Especially if you can trade them out for jelly beans. 

Jon was home sick a bunch. He doesn't usually get to stay in his pajamas all day playing Minecraft, but I didn't feel like arguing. 

Still trying to decide if Kai is colorblind. He pretty consistently mixes up the names of orange and green, but he was able to match marker colors to colored boxes.  Maybe he's like Jon and has just developed really good coping mechanisms. 

Different day, same old routine: sick Jon playing Minecraft and Kai doing Mommy School - but this time they got dressed first!