Thursday, February 4, 2016

Proving Me a Liar

For eight years now, whenever people asked about the gender of one of our soon-to-be babies, I would snort and respond "These Baileys don't make girls." Well, apparently, we do! Baby #4 has decided to prove me wrong. (And, yes, we're pretty dang sure the gender is right - genetic testing and ultrasound agree.)

She's also proving to be high maintenance already. I've had morning sickness that was ALMOST as bad as with Isaac (for those who don't know about all that, it isn't a good thing). I've had what feels like an insane amount of blood work in the last three months. At 10 weeks, my doctor found her heartbeat almost immediately. Yesterday (15 weeks), she and the other doctor in the office couldn't find it after quite a bit of searching, so I got to have an emergency ultrasound. The baby is perfect, just a wild child (she was moving like crazy).

Her brothers are ridiculously excited - the older two talk about her frequently, tell everyone they meet that they're having a sister, and have even asked if they can use their allowance to buy her cute clothes! One thing is for sure, this little girl is already VERY loved.