Monday, November 23, 2015

Apologies to the Grandmas

Sorry it's been a while. Hopefully, the amount of pictures here will kind of make up for that, right? :)

Spinning office chairs are so fun! I'm super glad the ER is close by...

Malachi LOVES otoscopes. He'll make them out of anything. (like Tinker Toys and ear buds)

They were being pirates...

I'm claiming this as fine motor skill practice, not just sticking pins in my throw pillows and bean bags. 

I asked if he wanted to pick up French fries on the way home from grocery shopping, but he rejected that idea in favor of a rotisserie chicken. Healthy eating win! 

 Future trombone player? 

We're really good at accidentally freezing cans of paint. I decided to finally dry out those cans so I can get rid of them. I think we need to figure out something else to be really good at. 

Jon got sick. He spent most of his day asleep like this. That was two weeks ago, and he's still not feeling a ton better. This year's flu is a bad one. 

Isaac decided the mandala needed a little something extra. I love that kid's art! 

I'm hoping these guys well get better at helping with laundry eventually. 

Speaking of laundry, I learned a new way to fold t-shirts, and I love it! I also went through and got rid of all the too small/stained/worn out shirts. Seriously, it makes me happy to open up the dresser drawers to this sight.

We road tripped it up to get to Mark's youngest brother's wedding this past weekend. My boys are getting a little too good at these whirlwind trips! 

Totally worth the 9 hour drive to get to hang out with cousins! 

Isaac demanded the phone so he could take a picture of the cake cutting. 

These guys sure clean up good! 

(My littlest pirate's picture didn't post above, but I HAD to get him in there!)