Thursday, August 27, 2015

School, a birthday, and chickens

These past two weeks have been BUSY! (Just a heads-up: I REALLY like parenthesis today.)
My phone broke right before school started, so Mark was the photographer for Isaac's first day.

 Luckily, the phone broke two weeks before the end of the insurance plan on it, so I had a new phone in time to take pictures of Jon's first day. 

(Which Kai celebrated by getting a Kai-safe powdered donut! He wasn't sure he liked it...) Isaac and Jon both have been quite happy with school this year - a couple little blips, but mostly loving it! 

Kai's birthday was Jon's second day of school, which meant we had no big birthday celebration. I took Kai in for his doctor appointment, and we finally got a referral for a sleep specialist! (I think the pediatrician was finally worried when I explained that Kai was up screaming for hours two nights previous because he was convinced there were snakes in his bed.)

Because of all the busyness, I didn't get to make a super cool cake for Kai, but he only cared about the Nutella buttercream I frosted it with, so it was all good. He went around singing "Happy day a you!" all day. It was adorable! He's still amazingly tiny for his age, which makes his antics even cuter. I just love it! (Which is good, because he also took blue and purple markers to the carpet this week. Why do they call them "washable" if they don't come out of carpet when you shampoo it?)

A few nights ago, I woke up at about 3 am (remarkably, still in my own bed!) to the sound of panicking chickens. Mark was missing, so I ran out to rescue them on my own. Three raccoons were in the coop, but no birds. Luckily, once I scared the raccoons off with a broom, I was able to find all of the chickens, and they were all just fine. Unfortunately, they were not keen on getting back in the coop. Jon had woken up when I ran out (he's been camping out in our room lately), and he found Mark - in Jon's bed. The chickens trust Mark enough that they went home once he came out. I had too much adrenaline going to fall asleep after that, which was a total bummer because Kai chose that night to be one of the five in his life he's actually slept through.

Two mornings later, Valkyrie laid an egg! It was our first so far. She's laid three days in a row now, so Mark is feeling pretty proud of his farming skills. 

I've lost my big boys to reading. They've turned into super bookworms lately, and it makes me super happy. 

Four of us had dental appointments in the last two weeks. All three boys escaped with no cavities! I had a root canal right before we left for San Antonio, so I went back for my crown - not my favorite experience, but I got to watch the special machine sculpt the crown for me. My awesome dentist, in his Russian accent, proclaimed that the crown was "perfect" (as he always does), so I'm hoping this is the end of that particular tooth's woes. (I'd had a not-so-fabulous dentist do the previous filling, which was redone twice and still failed, causing the need for this root canal.)
I also found out the hard way what the physical results are of two years of chronic sleep deprivation. My doctor gave me some very specific instructions on changes to make to try to fix some of the damage done. One of those was to eat more fish. We all like salmon and tilapia, so I figured that would be easy. Kai and Jon helped me make tilapia tonight. Once it was cooked, the big boys couldn't wait to dig in. Kai shared their exuberance for about three bites before the put down his fork and started scraping at his mouth. He was gagging himself with his finger, trying to scrape this throat. Then, he started crying and screaming. Another minute or two later, his whole mouth and chin were bright red and covered with hives! We got him some benadryl and called a doctor (thanks Uncle Greg!). After a bunch of drugs in his system, he seems just fine. Apparently, some people are allergic to finned fish... So, now we get to visit an allergist next week. Maybe eating more fish will be more difficult than I thought.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Pictures

No time today, but here's a few pictures from the last few weeks. (Isaac's first day of school was yesterday, Jon's is Tuesday, so we'll have school pictures up soon!)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

San Antonio

Sorry for the long silence - we've been more crazy than usual over here!
Last week, we went to San Antonio to visit Mark's brothers and their families. The trip was awesome! Our kiddos were fabulous on both plane rides, we got to enjoy the Hyatt resort for two days, split our time between Uncle Scott's and Uncle Greg's houses, play tons of games with cousins, and swim a whole bunch. We were having too much fun to take many pictures, but here's what I've got of the cousins: (not sure why Gabriella is pulling faces, but I'm sure she'll be proud of these pictures in about 3 years)
(Also, those lists of quotes from my kiddos were their cousins' favorite sayings from the boys while they were out there.)