Sunday, July 12, 2015


Jon turned five this week. I'm not sure why that seems so much older to me than 4 did, but he's definitely a big guy now! He's only had one birthday party before - when he was two, which he doesn't remember and had no say in. So we decided it was high time he had another party. He decided it needed to be a Skylander party, which meant we had a Cynder cake, a Chompie pinata, and a big poster of Kaos that we threw oversized pom-poms at. It ended up being pretty fun!

Jon has become an expert snuggler lately. He has accepted the fact that he has red-green colorblindness (and I think he's even a little proud of that uniqueness), and is a super good sport when we have to correct him about a color. He loves Legos, Minecraft, and playing outside. He's got a mischevious streak, and a pretty sly sense of humor. His brothers are a little jealous that his hair always looks remarkably stylish, even when he didn't do a thing to it. We love our Little Jon!

Friday, July 3, 2015

(Insert creative title here)

Kai fell asleep like this. I totally thought he was just looking at something on the floor.

This is how the boys "help" Mark weed the garden. 
Think we have enough Hot Wheels track? My master architects would wind it around the entire house if given the chance.