Monday, June 29, 2015

Grandpa and Grandma

My parents came to visit last week. Kristi was supposed to come too, but she stayed home to do lame stuff like go to a job interview. (Which went super well, from what I've heard!) We had big plans of hanging out all week, which I'm happy to say we achieved. We ate good food, played lots of "Blurt", watched a few movies, spent an hour in the basement hiding from tornados, went for walks, perused MicroCenter, and just generally enjoyed being together.
As always, we forgot to take pictures until it was time for them to go home. And then we had a kiddo who didn't want to cooperate. So these are the best we got (and Mark took like 30 pictures).
We're so glad Grandpa and Grandma were willing to drive all the way out here to play!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Because it's June

Most of our time is spent outside right now. We were enjoying lots of rain, but we're starting to see more "normal" weather patterns now (hot and dry). I guess it's finally time to turn the sprinklers on!
Here's the garden stuff and chickens, some play time with slime and snuggling with foxes - other than that, the boys and I have been fighting off a summer cold and watching "This Old House" (Jon's new favorite tv show), which doesn't make for exciting pictures.

I love that Mark is resourceful and used a cheese ball bucket for the chicken feeder. I giggle every time I see them eating. 

Isaac and Jon have been pretty good helpers in the garden. Their favorite thing to help with is the peas. 

We swapped out our old composters for rotating ones. Hopefully, this will make our job slightly easier. 

Two years ago, we planted some cute little succulents along the easement. I thought they'd all died last year. Apparently not! 

Slime time! 

Jon thoroughly tested the "stickiness factor" for the slime. Turns out it won't stick to skin, tables, walls, or hardwood. It will stick to shirts and hair though...

Still trying to get Kai to find a transitional object in the hopes that he can better self-soothe that way. Lately, he's been willing to snuggle with the fox about 30% of the time. We're not there yet, but it's something! 

Friday, June 12, 2015

More Than a Few Tears

The big peach tree had to go. We haven't gotten peaches from it in 3 years, it looked like it had a small infection, it was near the end of its lifespan, and it barely leafed out this year. It was time. Dan was nice enough to bring his chainsaw and help us cut it down. Many tears were shed. The yard feels so empty now. We'll miss you peach tree!

Friday, June 5, 2015

This week

The boys built a Lego robot snake. It has a motion sensor and will strike if you get too close. They love it. It creeps me out. 

Jon wanted my help spelling the caption for a picture he drew. I wasn't paying much attention until he wanted me to spell "died". (Also, I totally forgot to blog it when Nugget died. In mid-April. Oops.)

Isaac wanted a fancy detailed daily schedule. I obliged. Now he actually wants me to stick to it. That may be a little much to ask.

Kai discovered a new use for the salad spinner.

This ragamuffin let me cut his hair. We did it differently than before. I did tons of research and was still terrified to try it. He LOVES it - as in, I keep catching him checking out his reflection in windows and mirrors. (More than slightly relieved over here!)