Sunday, May 24, 2015

All the things!

That happened last week...

Mark and Mike got to golf at Sanctuary - a super swanky course that doesn't let "normal" people play on it (unless you happen to know the right people, which, apparently, my brother does). Their pictures were gorgeous! Their scores were horrible! Over here, it rained and hailed, but they lucked out - only a little bit of nasty weather.

Jon graduated from preschool. His class put on a cute little program for us. His favorite part was singing the "Peanut Butter and Jelly" song. He was the first one to get his "diploma" (it was really a bound book of his art projects from the year), and he wasn't sure what to do, so he just stood there. As it turns out, he's just as shy and sensitive as his big brother, so he was worried about it later (I had to reassure him that it was adorable and we all loved him anyway).

I didn't think we would get out of Jon's graduation in time to make it to Isaac's class barbecue, but we did! He was super happy, since he had been disappointed when I said we couldn't make it. It was 39 degrees out and raining, so they had their hot dogs in the classroom on plastic tablecloths. Isaac mostly wanted to sit with us, but I convinced him to take a few fun pictures with his friends. They're such goofy guys!

Since school was out, but it was cold and rainy, we busted out the Christmas lights and quilts and made an enormous blanket fort in the kitchen. The boys made a pretty important rule right off the bat: no tortilla chips in the fort. (They had just swept and mopped, so they realized just how messy they are.) The fort actually lasted about 3 hours, so we're counting that as a win.

Mark and Mike both had to work late one evening, which I forgot about, and made a normal amount of food for dinner. It was tortilla-crusted tilapia. I also forgot how much the boys like that meal... 5 fish fillets, salad, pintos and rice, and pico de gallo later, they were sad they couldn't have more. I love that! (I always hated fish as a kid, so this has been a shocker to me that they love salmon and tilapia.)

Since Kai didn't get a "feature" this week, here's him stacking rainbow carrot coins and cucumber disks. We're totally in to playing with our food.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Outside the box!

Our coop isn't finished yet, but it was close enough to send those chicks outside! They had a rough first few nights (it got super cold and rained for a week, then dumped 10 inches of snow on them), but I think they're just as happy to be outside as we are to have them outside. (That last picture is post-snow. My grass looks happy!)
Speaking of those 10 inches of snow... What a lame way to start Mother's Day! We were late enough for church that the boys missed singing with the Primary. Jon couldn't have cared less. Isaac, on the other hand, was devastated. They were super good to me though, and made me some cute cards and let me sleep all afternoon. (Just like to point out that my husband knows how to give awesome gifts.)
Almost done with school! Just two more days! (But who's counting?)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This school year

Is almost over! (Two more weeks!) I'm not sure who is most excited this time, Isaac or me. This year has been rough. We've been in survival mode the entire time, and all the little things that we normally would have just taken in stride felt insurmountable.

Last week, Isaac had a huge meltdown. It started by him coming to me in tears. When I asked him what was wrong, he said "Mommy, I lie to you every day. I tell you that school was good and I had fun, but I really hate it. I lie because I want you to be happy." Totally broke my heart. I've known he was unhappy at school, but I've been proud of him for making the best of it. He's learned a lot academically from his teacher, but she's not very emotionally supportive, which Isaac has craved. His art teacher (who was super amazing, and Isaac's favorite) has been on a leave of absence all year. They didn't know when he'd be able to come back, so they didn't hire a permanent teacher in his place. Long-term subs can be great, but I don't think any of them had any training in art education, and that meant that Isaac's main creative outlet fell flat this year. His one after school club has been Spanish, which we signed him up for because it sounded like a bunch of his friends were going to do it too. Turns out not a single one did. When we've peeked in to see how he's doing, he's generally hunkered down at his desk all alone. He's painfully shy, so I think he just tries to be invisible so he won't have to speak Spanish in front of everybody.
All of that said, his last two weeks should be awesome! He's got two days where he'll be on field trips studying dinosaurs all day (and, yes, he has friends that'll be there this time). He has Field Day coming up, and Mark will get to be there for the afternoon. He's got a class picnic to celebrate the last day, and it sounds like it'll be pretty relaxed and fun. He and Jon are already scheming up their summer plans, which involve riding bikes and playing video games.

I was thinking back over the year today and it was easier to see how much progress Kai has made in sleeping! When we started the school year, I put a portable DVD player in the car, printed a bunch of worksheets for Jon, and we'd get to the school an hour (or more) early to pick up Isaac so that Kai could sleep in the car and Jon could have Mommy School and watch a movie. More than once, I dozed off too. (It's pretty embarrassing to wake up in the pick-up lane and realize the bell just rang and all the other parents have seen you drooling on the steering wheel...) We've gotten to the point where Kai will nap at home and I just have to wake him up 15 minutes before school gets out and pray there's no traffic so we get to the school on time. (We've only screwed that up once. On Isaac's birthday. When he had to sit in the office until we got there. Mommy fail.) Mark and I still have to take turns with Kai at night (we haven't slept in the same bed since last summer), but the entire household is no longer awakened 6-8 times a night. Sometimes, it's been hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's nice to look back and recognize we've gotten somewhere.

In other news, the chickens moved outside today! There was much rejoicing. The coop is not actually done, but it's close enough that the girls will be safe out there during the day. Hopefully, we can finish up the critical stuff this evening and let them stay out tonight. The weather hasn't been cooperative and Mark has tendonitis in his elbow, so we've been slow, but we're going to make it!

Monday, May 4, 2015


We drove up to Estes Park this past weekend to see the annual ducky race. The weather was perfect! The boys had tons of fun. No captions today, just pictures of happy guys.