Thursday, March 26, 2015

Grandma Wallace

This past weekend we took another whirlwind trip to Salt Lake City, for my grandmother's funeral. I haven't written about it before now because I'm not very eloquent and I just feel she deserves better recognition than just a "you'll be missed"-type post. I didn't get to see her very often because we've always lived so far away, but she worked hard to make sure we had a wonderful relationship. She sent tons of postcards and letters to me over the years, and whenever we went to visit she'd go out of her way to make me feel welcome and happy. I particularly remember always getting little plastic baggies full of my favorite cereal, sleeping in the "princess room" (right next door to her room), and hearing her musical laugh. She is definitely one of the most angelic people I've ever had the privilege to meet, and I'm very grateful to be part of her family forever!

Once again, we managed to not take any pictures... Here's the best I've got (Jon was sitting behind Isaac, so he escaped being photographed):

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day Fail

No pictures today. Apparently, I haven't taken any in at least a month. This is a whiny "how my day is going" post. I keep them for future reference for myself, since they always seem much funnier after the fact.

Yesterday, we had no school. It was an auto-accident-took-out-the-power-transformer day. This would've been awesome, except that it happens to be Isaac's turn to be Star of the Week, and there's already no school on Friday. He was pretty upset yesterday. So, we determined to make today an awesome start to Star of the Week. He and his teacher don't really get along that well, and he was convinced that if he was even two minutes late she wouldn't let him do Star of the Week. (Knowing how things have gone this year, that may actually have been true.) He had spent a lot of time and energy on a poster with pictures of himself and friends, family, and a graph of his favorite foods. We rolled it up and slipped a rubber band on it. Being the smart mom I am, I'd picked up a spare piece of poster board, just in case we had any boo-boos on the first one.
I set out all of his stuff last night so he could be on his way out the door slightly early. Mark took him to school while I got Jon ready for preschool and myself and Kai ready for the gym. I was *just* getting ready to put my shoes on when I noticed something important: Isaac's poster was still in the kitchen. That's not where I'd left it last night, and I could've sworn I saw him carry it out to the car this morning...
Mark happened to call right then about something else, so I asked about the poster. Yep, Isaac had a poster that I had set out next to his backpack last night. A totally blank poster. Shoot.
So the little boys and I drove like maniacs over to the school and threw the poster out the window to Mark, who had his volunteer badge, and could run it down to the classroom. Apparently, we made it in time. Isaac was pretty darn relieved.
This made the little boys and me 30 minutes early for Jon's school, but that wasn't enough time to go home. Jon was mad because that threw off his getting ready for school groove (get ready and then play computer games until the very last second). After dealing with that fit, we had 20 minutes to kill on the playground. In 37 degree weather. And I'd been in such a hurry that I hadn't brought my coat...
We got Jon checked in and I headed over to the gym. I haven't gotten to work out in 8 days now. I've been to the gym plenty of times in those days, but the Kids Club has been closed - every time, with no prior notice, and no telling how long until it would open again. Once again this morning, no dice. At least they told me why this time: the roof is leaking. No clue how long the repair will take. In the meantime, my kids and I are welcome to go to the new gym around the block from my house without upgrading my membership. (Which is good because I prepay the childcare and I've already lost plenty of money because of this.) That sounds awesome, but the other gym is exactly the wrong direction from the school for me to get there for another couple days.
While typing this, I got a text from Mark - the chicken salad I packed for his lunch leaked all over his laptop bag.
I think I'm going to stop trying to get anything done today. It doesn't seem to be in the cards anyway.