Sunday, February 22, 2015


I bought a label maker recently. The boys were each allowed to make a label, so I assumed they'd want them with their names on them (Jon made it very clear that's what he wanted). I had to take Kai into the other room while Isaac made his label, so he made his without supervision. A couple hours later, I went into the bathroom and found this:

18 Months!

Kai is officially a year and a half old now! He would have started nursery at church today, but our car made it all of two feet past the driveway before it got stuck because of ice... Pretty sure he doesn't mind waiting another week.

One of Kai's favorite things right now is to play with an old cell phone. He'll have fascinating conversations with it. We went ahead and charged it this week and he decided that this song is his favorite:

(My room isn't always quite so messy. We're saving up our clothes we'd usually donate to Goodwill for the school textile donation contest... in April...)

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Valentine's Day went this way at our house this year: Mark had a crazy software release that didn't go as hoped (he worked overnight, grabbed a couple hours of sleep, then went back to work, and now he's on call for the rest of the weekend), Isaac is still recovering from strep, and I realized that tomorrow I'm hosting a Relief Society meeting at my house that hasn't been cleaned in a few days (marathon cleaning session, anyone?) So we have no fun date to report on, no cute foods or even decorations to show, and didn't even think about making valentines for friends or family this year. What we do have are two awesome schools that make sure our boys have something to do with American cultural celebrations every year.



Jon's latest creation - Evil "n" (with a big head) has killed "j" and "o" (not sure what he was about to say, but the speech bubble is nicely drawn):

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sick Day

Apparently, it's the "in" thing in first grade to get strep this week. Isaac wanted to be part of the club. I think he has decided it's not worth it. He was especially bummed at the timing - looks like he'll be missing his class Valentine's Day celebration. He was pretty sad this morning when he realized what was going on.
I'm bummed at his timing because he was up sick all night last night, Mark has a release at work this weekend (meaning he'll be working overnight), Jon has been having nightmares that wake him up frequently, Kai is still not sleeping, and I *just* got over the stomach flu. Feeling more than slightly overwhelmed at the moment. And pretty dang tired.
On the bright side, even exhausted (and with a terribly messy house), I have pretty awesome kiddos.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Finally got around to something!

For Christmas next year, I'm not buying gifts, just the bubble wrap and packaging. The boys all like that best anyway. 

Jon's friend from preschool gave him a jar of cookie mix. He was scooping out handfuls and eating them, until he decided that was too much effort. The best solution was to dump the jar on the floor and lick it up. He spent some good time with the vacuum cleaner afterwards. 

This year's Christmas was all about building toys. Citi Blocks and Magnatiles have been favorites. 

Kai discovered carrots. I like to buy the rainbow ones, but they make interesting drool stains. 

It's a good thing that boy is cute, because he's exhausting! 

Uncle Mike has been a lifesaver when it's snowed! He's really good about shoveling the driveway for us. He even puts up with "helpers."

Kai likes to make messes. 

So do the other two...

When the room is clean, the spend most of their time wrestling. 

For MLK Day, we went to the science museum. We got to see a planetarium show and the whale exhibit. Mark had to take Kai out of the planetarium, and he screamed through the whale exhibit, but he posed nicely for the picture. 

Isaac had his 100th day of school, so he and his classmates dressed like they were 100 years old. 

I haven't been eating treats, so my Merry Men have been savoring what little sugar (and chocolate) they get. 

Kai likes pork chops. A lot. 

Aunt Kristi and Jon. Can you tell they're related?