Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I haven't posted in a month because:

We went to my brother's wedding (that was before the last post, but I didn't write about it)
Christmas happened
New Year happened
Mark's birthday happened
Jon's application for kindergarten was due
I blew a tire
Had to fight with the tire guys because they overcharged us
Had to fight with the gym guys because they overcharged us
Kai got sick
Isaac had INSANE school projects due
5 pounds of quinoa got dropped on my kitchen floor
It snowed a few times
The Elders Quorum president's house flooded, so Mark had to attend some extra meetings as the backup guy
Kai officially became "his own person" - a very messy, screechy, active person

Eventually I'll get my act together again. In the meantime, here's how cleaning goes at our house: