Monday, November 17, 2014

Creative Writing

I'm behind in posting some of Isaac's creative writing. He LOVES Creative Writing Club, so I'm pretty sure this will be a weekly thing now. I thoroughly enjoy learning more about how he thinks by reading his stuff. It's awesome.

This is two weeks' worth of writing. The first two are from a week when the prompt was to write lists. He wrote one in Dr. Seuss style, and the other is just a silly rhyming letter to Santa. The third one had a nature-themed prompt, but it had to be from the viewpoint of something found in nature, instead of a person.

What's on the shopping list? A bag full of blist? What about some daet (date) balls? Some crazy dolls? Some oozy walls? A window sill? A cillmill (nonsense word)? A dead dog? A frog bog? I don't know what to do! Just get me some thing that's new! I am mad! I am sad! I have had a lot of the list! Just get me a bag of blist. Ok I've got a bag of mist. Nooooooo! Not that!

I love Santa, so I am writing a list of prezints (presents).
Dear Santa, I want a snow man for a pet. And I want a alarm set. A car. A shooting star. I know I was good. I knew I wood (would). And I should be the one who gets a prezint (present). "The end"! The end I sed (said)! The end!

Title: The Seackrets (secrets) of the Natrer (nature) Mountin (Mountain) by Isaac Bailey
I have all of the snow, falling in the air. The white on me fills the place. It's my dooty (duty) to make it cold. I am the king of the sky. Oh, I am the Mountin (mountain), so tall and so strong, I hold people in homes. I am the strongest thing on earth, and nothing will be hot on me. I am the 1. The End.

Other updates: Our refrigerator has been repaired! It took the poor repair guy 4 hours to install the new compressor, just because of the problems with using the wrong part in manufacturing. I was just glad it was so cold outside, since we could just put the food outside to keep it cool enough not to go bad!
Jon has taken an interest in chemistry lately. He's working on memorizing some of the elements, so he can sing the They Might Be Giants song "Meet the Elements". It's kind of fun to talk to him about it - he gets really excited to talk about Carbon in particular, since that's what makes up diamonds. I'm not sure he really knows what diamonds are, but he thinks they're cool since they're the hardest objects on earth.
Kai is surviving his first stomach bug. I had totally forgotten how much work it is to have a toddler who is vomiting... (Jon didn't have a stomach bug at all until he was 2 1/2!) Hopefully we're through the worst part now, and the poor little guy can rest. He's been happy through the whole thing, which is a huge blessing!
Sleep is still illusive. Maybe once the stomach bug is past? Please?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kai's Talent

Kai can climb. Really, really well. Too well. I'm glad Children's Hospital isn't that far away...
(The guy in the background is trying to repair the fridge. Turns out the manufacturer put the wrong compressor in it, so it only lasted 5 years. The poor repair guy has been trying for hours to get the actual compressor to work. Meanwhile, we've been 4 days with no refrigerator...)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Catching Up

I told myself I wouldn't just dump pictures here again, but I'm going to do it anyway. I just don't want to get any further behind!
Here's a few explanations: first haircut (because we had to cut food out of Kai's hair), decorating homemade marshmallows, raking leaves, Crazy Hair Day at school, park time, and Jon's first field trip. (Not necessarily in that order...)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Boys in Costumes

We had Danny Dragonbreath (those books are awesome!), Super Jon, and a pumpkin.
Also, I carved a pumpkin, and I'm kind of proud of it.
We only had about a dozen trick-or-treaters. I now have a lot of candy that nobody in our house can eat (we finally gave in and are all gluten-free and Feingold stage 1), so I'm sure Mark will make some new friends at work. :)