Thursday, September 25, 2014


It's officially been more than a year since Mark's car accident. It took almost that entire year for us to recover. He still gets horrible headaches when he is trying to learn something new, and I still panic occasionally when he's late coming home, but we're considering things back to normal.
Now that our house guests (except for Mike) are gone, all the car stuff is behind us, and Mark has a fabulous new job, we're buckling down on Kai's Reign of Terror. I have averaged 3 hours of sleep a night since he was born (not continuous hours either). With Mark's help, we've been making progress, but we're far from a decent night's sleep still. Here's hoping this goes quickly!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Because it's been awhile...

We're a little overcommitted at the moment. Nothing too exciting either: PTA stuff, church stuff, school stuff, general life stuff. Eh. At least we're happy! I haven't taken many photos lately, but here's a few of what we've been up to when we pause to catch our breath: