Thursday, June 19, 2014

10 Months!

Kai made it to 10 months! For some reason, that feels a lot older than 9 months.
He's still not walking alone. He'll hold on to one finger and walk, but he won't do it himself. He's totally pigeon-toed, and I think it's adorable.
Kai's favorite foods have changed a little: refried beans, granola bars, and chocolate. He loves drinking from a cup, but he's also been enjoying dumping it on the table. He really doesn't care for sippy cups, and utterly refuses a bottle. We just deal with a mess for now.
This month, Kai started playing with toy cars, and now he loves them. Everything that has wheels is awesome.
He had his blood test yesterday, so we'll see how this goes. Poor guy got stuck on Monday, twice, but they couldn't find a vein, so he had to go back. He was a good sport about it, apparently. (I can't handle watching them poke my baby, so Mark took him.)
(Yes, he usually wears clothes, I just managed to take lots of pictures when he wasn't this month...)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Day Five

We drive up to Estes to meet Grandma Sue for Mexican food and hiking. Isaac ate a ton (tacos are his absolute favorite food, especially when accompanied by refried beans). Jon was brave and used the public potty. Kai slept the whole drive up the mountain (instead of screaming the whole drive this time).
We got a later start than planned, so we went to Wild Basin to hike. On the drive in, we saw a moose! That's pretty unusual, so we were excited.
The hike was very pretty. The river was super high, so the falls were exciting. Kai was excited when we saw a chipmunk.
We're counting our vacation as a success - pretty sure everybody had a good time, and we're all a little more relaxed now. Time for the next adventure!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Day Four

Our plans for the day changed a little when Isaac woke us up panicked that he couldn't open his eye... On Tuesday night, he had gone with Mark on a missionary visit, and got a few mosquito bites. They'd swelled up yesterday, but we put some benadryl cream on them and didn't think much of it. Today, we had to put a bit more effort into taking care of that. When he went to bed, he was looking (and feeling) much better!
We dropped the van off to get new tires and walked over to Chick-fil-a for milkshakes and fries. Shortly after we got there, the tire place called to let us know there was a problem. So, no new tires yet. But we enjoyed our milkshakes!

Penny and Mona cane over one last time before their big move. The kids threw some "exploding sidewalk chalk" bags (baking soda and vinegar with some food coloring and cornstarch). A good time was had by all.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day Three

We decided to do some tourist-y adventuring and ride the light rail downtown just to look at the sculptures. Our boys always love riding the light rail - it's the top requested activity for "daddy dates."

First stop was the big blue bear at the Convention Center. Isaac introduced his stuffed bear to it.

Next was The Dancers. We attempted some pictures there, but Kai didn't make it easy on us! 

At least Kai made it into this photo!

It turns out that there's a cool garden next to the parking garage in the Arts District. We snagged a couple strawberries and checked out the awesome beehives.

Kai was overjoyed to be in the stroller for so long...

The boys were tired, so we headed home, which turned out to be good because the Elders had dropped their key in our van on Tuesday night and need us to get back with it. We all enjoyed the rest of the evening at home, just relaxing. Hurray for vacation!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day Two

Our staycation continued with Mark taking the big boys out to a movie while I stayed home with Kai. The kids' reviews were so so. So was Mark's.
After some nap time at home, we went out bowling. Isaac was really into it this time! Jon decided he was done after the first frame. I stank it up. Mark played one of his best games ever. Kai just made a mess. It was awesome.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


We've never actually been on a family vacation before - unless you count visits to extended family - so we decided to do our own little "staycation" this week,  before Mark starts his new job. We started out by going to the science museum. Everybody tried out a new set of head gear. We rode the llamas. We played in the new children's area and enjoyed the space exhibit. Then we headed over to a park for a picnic and some play time. The day ended with Lego building back at home. Nothing too adventurous, but it was awesome to be together and just have fun!

Monday, June 9, 2014

He's lost it!

4 teeth down now! No apples for this boy.