Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Easter!

Yes, I'm aware that Easter was an entire week ago. Guess what? We didn't do an egg hunt on Easter. We did it for Family Home Evening the night after. Things were just too crazy around here up until that point. 4 of the 5 boys thoroughly enjoyed looking for eggs. Kai just enjoyed actually being outside for once!
We did baskets too, from Grandma and Grandpa Bailey, but managed to forget about photos until afterwards... The kids were pretty excited though - and our favorites are the pair of foxes Kai got (we're trying to convince him to adopt them as his loveys). Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Isaac turned six yesterday. He was super excited for this birthday - it was the first one at school, the first one where he had a present he REALLY wanted, and the first one where he actually felt older. He's turned into such a big kid the last few months, it's been hard for me to remember how young he still is. He reads amazingly well (far above his grade level), the stories he writes are very creative, he's a super sweet and friendly guy, and he's very helpful around the house.
One of my favorite things he does right now is how he worries about having his hair done before school. He combs it flat every morning, and refuses to wear a hat/hood so he won't mess it up. I used to ruffle his hair a lot, but that is a serious infraction now.
We love our big guy!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

8 Months!

Kai is still crawling up a storm, standing while holding onto things, and speaking super gibberish. He's just at a fun age now - very interactive and loves to entertain.
His diet was overhauled this month though. He and I are now gluten and dairy free. It was tough to take away his beloved cheese, but his tummy seems happier.
Not much improvement in sleeping. We still average 5 night wakings, and his afternoon nap is hit or miss, but he takes awesome morning naps!
We are still in love with this little guy!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Aunt Kristi

My sister came to visit last week. It was the first time in two years we'd been able to be together, and I had a blast! My boys did too, and they were pretty disappointed when we had to drop her off at the airport.
We made dinosaur cupcakes.
We wrestled.
We went to the park.
We went to the zoo, and saw the giant alligator turtle who looks like Bowser from Super Mario.
We saw a guy whose truck bed was on fire.
A few hours later, we saw firemen putting out a fire that was obviously dumped from the garbage truck next to it.
We confused people who couldn't tell us apart art first glance.
It was awesome! We can't wait to see her again soon!

Monday, April 7, 2014


The Dragon Furious (from the How to Train Your Dragon books) wanted to join in on Mario Kart, but the banana kept getting in the way. He figured out how to solve that problem. Mario knew the best goal: the temple.
Can you tell Jon loves Lego?
(Look familiar Nicole? It's still a favorite!)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The other two

Isaac and Jon are getting the short end of the stick here... I've been trying to get a post in about them for a while, but things keep popping up. So, here's some pictures and the highlights:

Isaac had spring break, a field trip, and he has a long-term sub who just started at school (his teacher is on maternity leave). He's done awesomely with all the change!
Jon has been working hard on improving his writing skills, helping me around the house, and driving Isaac crazy. He's been pretty sweet lately.
Kai is not responding to sleep training at all anymore. We decided to try eliminating dairy from his diet and mine to see if that helps. We're at the end of our ropes here - you can only survive on 4 hours of sleep a night for so long!
Mark quit his job. He's been really unhappy there for a long time, and the market here is really good for his line of work, so we're jumping ship.
Here's our biggest change: we're moving from a household of 5 to a household of 9 + dog this week. Our good friends, the Allreds need a place to land, and we decided to help out. Some days we think we're crazy. Some days it's difficult. But most of the time, we're just glad we can help our friends. (Baunnie got here ahead of time. The boys have been adjusting to having a dog again.)

No captions again, just snippets of what we've been up to: