Thursday, February 27, 2014

The one good thing about a stomach bug

Is that you get to "camp out". They sleep on the floor because it's awfully hard to climb off the top bunk when you are awakened by a sudden urgency to get to the bathroom. If it weren't for whole being sick thing, my boys would love it.
Kai is past the stomach bug (hurray!), he cut two more teeth yesterday, and the steroids for his croup have kicked in, so he's a pretty happy camper. Now that he's gotten the hang of crawling, he's pulling up on everything! We realized we had to lower the crib, so he grabbed a wrench to assist. Good thing we had such a good helper.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

6 Months!

Kai has survived another month! It's been a rough one - he got a stomach bug that didn't let him rest, continued on iron treatments, and is just about to cut more teeth. Even with all that, he's learned to crawl, eats squash with gusto, and had one 8 hour night recently!  (He went back to getting up every three hours the very next night, but there's some hope for the future!)

Saturday, February 15, 2014


My husband is awesome and figured out how to get videos off my phone now! I'm not sure how the quality will be - we had some trouble getting the audio and video to line up, but the important part of this is the audio anyway. Isaac learned a cute Valentine's Day song at school and wanted to share it:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This week

Isaac has made it to the 100th day of school! He was hoping to not have a snow day just as much as I was hoping for one. He's the one who got his wish. Anyway, his project was an octopus with 100 stickers. I thought it was awesome.
Jon woke up one day and decided to be potty trained. As in, he's gone from completely in diapers, refusing to use the bathroom to 5 days with no accidents. Not sure what changed, but I'll take it! He did think that wearing every pair of underpants he owns with pajama shirts as pants was a good idea though.
No pictures of Kai because he's spent them all working on crawling. I'm in trouble...
We've also hit two weeks with Kai on iron supplements for the same deficiency Isaac had - the one that made it impossible for him to sleep and required him to eat every few hours at night. We've made a tiny bit of progress. He's not on the insane doses yet though, just because I didn't want to put my baby through those blood tests if "normal" doses would work. Not sure how much longer I can go on 3 hours of sleep a night though, so I'm really hoping another week of iron shows more results!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year, that is. Isaac's class at school did some crafts to celebrate: a Chinese lion, dragon, a picture with the dragon and a red lantern. I've always enjoyed Chinese new year celebrations, so I'm glad they made a big deal of it.
That other artsy thing is a "monster letter" from Isaac's art class - "I", of course. He has blue spikes, one eye, arms, and sharp teeth that drip venom.
Speaking of monsters, we've got one that is starting to crawl, and does so well enough that he has started eating things his brothers thought were out of reach, like markers. Life is about to get more exciting around here...