Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Lazy

Which is why I haven't posted in two weeks... It's not from lack of things to post. It's just because I feel like a slug, so I've decided to act like one too.

This is how we eat watermelon over here. Not always, just when Mommy is too lazy to cut it up, and when Daddy doesn't feel like taking over.

For Father's Day, we made Mark a chocolate tree. (And, by "we", I mean that I did most of the work while the boys pointed out that I didn't buy enough chocolate for them to eat as much as they wanted and still cover the tree for Daddy.) Mark loved it, and so did the boys. (Just buying the chocolate was an adventure, as we were stopped by a policeman across the road from 5 people getting arrested at gun point.)

The lack of drywall where the mold was eradicated. One day we'll get around to finishing that project.

My parents came to visit last week, and it was awesome. We didn't take many pictures since we were too busy having fun. Our fun list included going to the splash park, visiting the library, riding bikes, and going to a Beatles tribute band's concert in the park.

The boys especially enjoyed the concert. Jon realized it was past his bedtime though - and he was pretty worn out. He spent some time snuggling with his blanket (and kicking Grandpa and Grandma). 

Isaac, on the other hand, sang along with a whole bunch of the songs (they didn't play his favorite, "Imagine" - which I explained wasn't really a Beatles song anyway), ran around like a crazy child, and rolled down the hill we were sitting on.

 We let Jonathan open his birthday presents from Grandpa and Grandma a little early, since they were here. 

(Okay, so, in my laziness, I forgot to rotate this one...) The Monsters, Inc. stickers are already all gone. They spent some time attached to every surface in the house first though. (Seriously, I even found some in the bathrooms.)

The lighting is horrible, but here's the boys with Grandpa and Grandma.

And, for the remainder of the week, this was all the energy we felt like we could expend over here.

Even with all the heat, our pea plants have been growing like crazy! Unfortunately, the peas have to be cooked an insane amount before being soft enough to eat. I'm not sure whether it's the heat or the drought making them so tough, but at the least the flowers on the vines look pretty!

For those who are not aware, I have been on what my husband calls "The Quest for Perfect Tofu" ("THE Quest" for short). I think I may have found it - dry frying is the way to go. Isaac had informed the workers in the kids' club at the gym that he is a "no meat eater", which isn't strictly true (he still likes bacon and hot dogs), but we eat more tofu and fish than anything else, so the tofu quest is perfectly reasonable.

Again, too lazy to rotate the picture. Jonathan LOVES these 3-D glasses. He gets all excited when he wears them, and shouts: "Mommy, you blue! Now you red!" I'm just happy when he remembers his colors.

This was what the van registered the temperature as when we went to pick Mark up from work (I don't think that was the high today, but we avoid the outside world like the plague right now, so I don't know). I think I picked the worst summer to be pregnant...

Friday, June 14, 2013

Isaac's Latest

Isaac was particularly tickled with this "story" that he wrote. He was mad that I wouldn't let him print it, so we compromised and here it is, complete with translations.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Post ALL The Things!

The mold in the basement is gone! Well, except for the part the carpet guys have to take care of. I may or may not get around to taking pictures of the lack of drywall in the basement now. I'm lazy. And relieved that the gross part is mostly done with. We have no idea how long it'll take us to get around to the repairs to the walls... Mark has been sick. I'm not much help right now. We'll see.

Baby Bunny has moved on to greener pastures. I saw him the other day in the neighbor's yard, but, apparently, he's done with our garden! We celebrated by buying new watermelon seedlings to replace the ones the bunny had eaten.

Isaac has decided that he should write comic books. His latest characters are Risijipop and Oe (pronounced "o-e"). He draws his comics on anything he can get his hands on - which includes my shopping lists, old scrap paper, coloring books, the Magnadoodle, post-it notes, his library summer reading log, and any computer program that he manages to figure out...

This next one has a whole family of Oes.

 We've been testing out fruit snacks to determine our favorite brands before Isaac starts school and "needs" them for lunches. The boys aren't too upset about this process.

Jonathan has figured out how to scale the cupboards, and does so regularly. Anything that was out of reach before is no longer safe. At least he knows not to touch the knives...

Play dough time. I wish I could remember what we were making, but my brain is as mushy as the dough...

Jonathan played for a bit, but he preferred to wear his play dough.

Isaac discovered that Duplos and certain K'nex sets can hook together. This was important, because we needed a satellite on Bob the Builder's shop, in order to contact the robots on Race of the Robots planet.

Jonathan was just happy to build a shop for Lofty and Dizzy.

The science museum had a free day, so we visited. The boys were over the moon about it! I forgot that we hadn't been in about a year... I swore we'd never return after Jonathan's behavior last time, but he was fabulous. They didn't even get upset that the splash park behind the museum was still under construction.

Before the insane heat and wind came in, we attempted to get back on our park schedule. Gecko Park (no, that's not its real name) is a favorite that we have been neglecting for some time. I remembered why when Jonathan took off running and I had to chase him down... (I WAS proud of myself for running so fast while 6 1/2 months pregnant and not feeling like I was going to die afterwards.)

He's awfully cute when he's asleep though! This was after church. Sundays are hard right now - halfway through the 1 o'clock church block year!!!

Even with the heat, the splash park is always fun. The boys mostly enjoy sitting on the drain to see how much water they can pool up. 

Isaac was running and slipped and smacked his head pretty hard. After that, he wasn't quite so interested in staying... BUT he was willing to stand next to his brother for a picture. (Jon doesn't look so enthusiastic in the picture, but that's because this is his picture-taking face.) We went home and took it easy after that. Happy to say no one is any worse for the wear.

Finally made it to another doctor appointment where I actually saw the doctor! Had my due date changed again. It's now back to the week it was before, and a day earlier than the original date. Again, I'm lead to believe that it really doesn't matter - this baby will show up sometime in August.

And, yes, I'm thanking my lucky stars that I demanded we buy a house with central air conditioning. Even with it running, there are plenty of days I feel like I'm going to melt. And, no, I'm not enjoying squeezing into the stinkin' maternity swimsuit. I have a feeling the days we head to the splash park/pool are coming to an end very soon.