Friday, May 31, 2013

May Was Not Really Our Month...

I said to my husband, just last night, "I'm so glad May is almost over, because it really hasn't been my month." I'm not sure why I chose to say such a thing when there was still one more day, because I think I sealed my own fate with that line...

In May, we've had:

5 trips to 2 different dentists (just between Mark and me) (BTW, the most recent was me having a filling replaced with as little pain relief as possible, since, being 6 months pregnant, we were trying to be careful)

3 trips to the Parker hospital and back (at none of which did I see an ACTUAL doctor...)

a blown tire on our van

the loss of our map of the underground irrigation, just when we needed it to make additions in order to plant seeds for the garden (luckily, after more than a week of searching, our prayers to find it were answered, and Mark didn't have to dig up the whole yard AGAIN)

a broken sprinkler pipe outside (at least that one was easy to fix!)

Mark needing to work late

4 separate scheduled date nights that each had to be canceled

time spent on bed rest after a trip to the gym caused contractions that didn't ease up for the remainder of the day...

meltdowns in numerous public places by our 5 year old, resulting in (non-sympathetic) stares as I carried one child out under each arm, while waddling out the door with my large-and-in-charge baby belly

an almost 3 year old who refuses to attend nursery without his parents

neighbors right across the street (not even THOSE neighbors, these are different ones) who decided to (illegally) hire an arborist to cut down two city-owned trees - AFTER BEDTIME - right in front of our kids' bedroom window

And, today's newest:

a pipe that leaked behind our basement wall, resulting in who knows how much mold, but there is at least SOME visible on the wall framing...

Oh, and Mark just let me know we're out of vanilla ice cream, which he discovered AFTER making caramel. (Tragic, isn't it?)

Alright June, your responsibility is to make up for May. Bring it on.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

An Exercise in Manliness

We decided to "practice" camping with the boys this summer. After looking at the weather forecast for the Father's and Son's Camp Out this year, we determined that Jon would be miserable and Isaac would be unhappy at best, so our boys skipped it. (Oh yeah, and we didn't, at that point, own a tent.) Isaac was a little disappointed. Knowing that we have decent space in our backyard, and that Grandma Sue has awesome camping space on her land, we felt like we could make up for it. Last night was our initial camping experience.

I'll just start by getting this out there: I HATE camping. With a passion. My idea of connecting with the great outdoors is to sleep with the windows open. Now, I don't mind a good little hike every now and then, and I enjoy gardening in my backyard, but when it comes to spending the night with the bugs on the ground, I'm just not down with it. Luckily, being 6 months pregnant, I was not expected to join in on this adventure. That being said, I DID put the tent up all by myself (okay, except for staking the guy lines, but that was the only part I didn't do).

We started by trying to arrange wood for the fire. You can see the start of our tee pee. Mark was very kind about our lack of skill here... Luckily, he learned how to build fires in a swamp, so we were pretty sure he could light anything. Turns out, with a lot of patience, you can. (Also, this "camp out" became a little more authentic when the power went out right when I was trying to start cooking dinner... We ended up popping pop corn over our fire, and finished that up with s'mores. Fabulous dinner, eh?) (Oh, and the thing in Jon's mouth? That's a Duplo piece with a hook - Jon has named the hook "Zeezer-Jacques", and insists on sleeping, eating, and building campfires with it - not the truck, just the hook.)

Since they were practicing being "manly", the boys brought out ALL of their stuffed animals to sleep with...

The "campsite." (BTW, doesn't my backyard look fabulous?! Check back in 3 months...)

Like I said, Mark was VERY patient with the fire. And the popcorn. It took FOREVER to pop this way. Needless to say, we were ill-prepared for the power outage that made our camping trip a little more camping-like.

Isaac thought this was an awesome adventure. He made sure to train Jonathan on the finer points of tent living (like the need to remove your shoes before coming in, and just how to brush off your feet so dirt doesn't get in the tent).

Dinner time - with their most manly faces...

Knowing that the desert nights get cold, we made the boys wear warm pajamas and everyone had sleeping bags/blankets. They still got cold. Really cold. None of them came in. None of them called me to bring out more blankets. They just toughed it out, like "real men." And at least the two little men were pretty proud of themselves. They're already asking when they can go camping again.

As a side note: After searching for gluten-free graham crackers at a couple stores, I gave up and decided to make them. Here's the recipe I used:
It actually turned out really good! I didn't have dark brown sugar, so we used light and added 1 Tbsp of molasses. Worked just fine. I would recommend rolling them out slightly thinner than the recipe suggests, because the thicker ones never get that cracker crispiness to them. As you can see from the picture above, even Mark had a s'more with these crackers, and he agreed that they were good, so I know it's not just my bias from having skipped out on graham crackers for the last 2 years. Although, it is possible that he was a little loopy from smoke inhalation, seeing how patient he was with that fire...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Not Much New

Still not overly busy. Isaac has been sleeping less, but Jonathan and I haven't.

At the Relief Society swap a couple months ago, I picked up a bunch of craft kits. The boys and I have been making our way through the stuff in the boxes. This month was all dinosaur crafts. We made pom-pom triceratops... They really don't look like they were supposed to, but the boys liked them anyway. Jon thinks his is a rhinoceros.

Mother's Day flowers (and the bubble machine in the background... That's how you know I'm actually a mom.)

I posted a picture of our marble run, but the video shows how excited Jonathan actually was about it. And, yes, my boys are singing "Another One Bites The Dust" while they play. I only teach them the best stuff. (Besides, they have to practice because I intend to have SOMEONE sing it at my funeral. It's only fitting.)

I've been meaning to edit a video of Isaac reading, but I decided that it's just too long... And Jonathan's feet were on the book in one section... And we had to pause to answer the doorbell... So, I decided instead to post a clip of one of Isaac's favorite parts of the book - this was the second time he'd read it (and I have a very strict policy about NOT reading his books to him, so none of it was memorized). For those who don't read Mo Willems' books, I HIGHLY recommend them. As soon as we found out he wrote some for early readers, we were all over it!

What else have we been up to? TONS of gardening: stringing wires for the bean house (made from electric fencing wire, and won't be holding beans, just peas), planting seeds and seedlings, redoing my flower bed so that it's mostly full of stargazer lilies now, weeding EVERYTHING, laying mulch, removing the dog run, cutting down apple and plum trees, and trying to finally finish the drip irrigation. Now that the weather has turned, we're out in the yard at least a couple of hours a day working. Hopefully, that'll pay off later...

For those who haven't had to listen to me whine, I took my glucose test last week. I failed my glucose test last week. I cried. I drove the 30 minutes to the hospital where my OB's office moved so I could pick up the lab paperwork. Early Monday morning, I headed in for the 3 hour test. (For those who haven't had to do this, it involves at least 15 hours of fasting, drinking a SUPER sugary solution about 12-13 hours into the fast, and having 4 blood draws. AND, once you've had the drink, you can't leave the waiting room at the lab.) I don't like the test at all, so I was dreading it. A lot. As it turned out, I had two AWESOME phlebotomists who were cracking jokes the whole 4 hours I was stuck in the office, never missed a vein, and left me with no new bruises (unlike the poofy-haired nurse who had done the first test). Except for the hunger, nausea, and getting stuck by needles, it was a nice 4 hour break. I did crossword puzzles, read a library book, and chatted with the elderly people in the waiting room. The best part? I passed this time, so nobody will be taking away my chocolate for the next three months!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just Because...

Because there are more than 1300 pictures on my phone, and I think it may explode if I don't delete some of them, I figured I'd better get around to posting some... This is a totally random post, but my brain is quickly moving into 3rd trimester mush, and I'm trying to deal with the fact that I'm not a coherent human being for the next 3ish months.

We've been amazingly NOT super busy lately. The reason? Mostly that all of us have been too tired to function. SERIOUSLY. Isaac included:

But, put enough sugar in these kids, and they'll perk up (Jonathan got double lollipops for not having any accidents for a whole morning, and Isaac just got them because he was being awesome):

I broke down and bought a body pillow this pregnancy. The boys have named it "Worm-bye" - I'm not sure why. Jonathan stole it and put himself down for a nap on his floor.

While I was napping, Isaac found some lettering stickers and labeled sides of the sink in the boys' bathroom. He spelled both names right, and lined up the letters really well. Mark and I were bummed that we had to get after him.

Jonathan was coloring on a dry erase board. I felt that I had about 60 seconds of peace to run to the restroom, so I did. When I got back, Jonathan's face was covered in black dry-erase-marker dots... He proudly told me "I just like Zoo Baby!" (That's his stuffed zebra) *Sigh* At least it washed off easily.
Isaac is holding his beloved "Pinky Pie" - a birthday present from Grandma Sue. (Yes, I let him watch "My Little Pony". No, I don't think he's scarred for life, but I may be.)

The Lego-trash-can-robot

The Lego-puppy-cell-phone

Isaac has been busily working to earn enough extra money to buy some new Skylanders (Mark and I gave him the Xbox game for his birthday). He's a really hard worker when motivated! Washing the table:

And vacuuming the hardwood : 

AND he managed to earn all 12 dollars he needed for the first Skylander he had planned to buy, Wrecking Ball. He was pretty thrilled. (He's not happy about Wrecking Ball being blurry in the picture, but I just love his facial expression!)

Jonathan decided that wearing shoes on both his hands and feet made him like a doggy.

We made a marble run out of a cut-up pool noodle, old cardboard boxes, and some popsicle sticks. The boys enjoyed it for about as long as it took to build it, which was counted as a success.

Isaac has done some awesome stuff lately, which I am working on editing video of, but Jon has also been pretty cute, so I'm dedicating this part to Jonathan's developments.

Lately, Jon has noticed the blinking hand telling pedestrians to finish up their walk across the street before the light turns. Apparently, he thought the sign was high-fiving the pedestrians. Now, if we're approaching a traffic signal, he doesn't say "red light" he just holds his hand up and says "Five, five, five."

Jon's favorite Primary song is "Follow the Prophet", and he was singing it while I was carrying a piece of chocolate into the kitchen and telling him to follow me the other day. He thought he'd be clever and change the words, so he started singing "Follow the chocolate, don't go astray."

AND, last, but not least, Jonathan's explanation of his drawing skills: