Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Everything Not Baby or Birthday

Okay, I'll admit it: I've been napping almost every day for the last 3 months... Here's the kind of thing Isaac does while I nap:

(This one says "Isaac's Creation Station Museum")

Here's the exhibits:

The weather turned again... We  dressed up the peach trees in hopes of keeping some of the blossoms intact. Last time I checked, they were still okay, but the weather is supposed to get COLD again this week.

Before the cold and "blizzard" (ha), we had gorgeous daffodils and tulips.

This is what happened to them:

Mark replaced the kitchen faucet. The water had started tasting funny, and we're wondering if it was making us sick (we taste-tested all of the faucets in the house before coming to this conclusion). The new faucet is wonderful.

The boys played Legos, with the ACTUAL Legos, instead of the Duplos.

Jon played with them well, for a while. Then he attempted to eat some again... 

Isaac's experimental pizza toppings: cucumber and grape. He didn't like it, but he wasn't about to admit it.

Also, we got the garden started, which was a pretty amazing accomplishment, considering how the weather has been. General Conference went decently well. I've been able to keep up with the dishes. All things considered, we're boring, and that's just fine with us!

Monday, April 15, 2013

An Aang Birthday Party!

Isaac's birthday is coming up - we decided to have his party a little early so that one of his friends could come before she leaves town for a few weeks. Since his favorite tv show right now is "Avatar: The Last Airbender," he chose that as the theme for his party.

Here's the cake he requested: a gluten-free "rainbow" cake

Made into Aang-shape... (The little blips on the side were where Jonathan "helped" a little more than I wanted)

 We made all the kiddos headbands with arrows like Aang's, and drew arrows on the backs of their hands.

Isaac had requested a "pin the tail on the Appa" game - which took a little artistic pretending on my part... (Did you know you can't buy anything pre-made for an Airbender birthday party?!)

The other kiddos took turns too, and I managed to get a picture of ALMOST everyone, but, for privacy's sake, I'm only putting pictures of my boys on the blog.

 Here's how Appa turned out: (Emma managed to get that tail on almost perfectly!)

 Isaac's other request was a "Momo fruit toss" - just a bean bag toss to "feed" the characters from the show:

Here's how it looked close up:

We trained the kiddos to be Avatars by taking them through exercises in "bending" the 4 elements. For air, we made balloon rockets and "launched" them out front. (I can claim no responsibility for the lack of pictures of this one - Mark had the camera... Obviously, I didn't, since I'm IN the picture.)

For water, we used mini-squirt guns to "defeat" a chalk drawing of the evil Azula.

 Which also turned into shooting each other with the mini-squirt guns...

And then playing in the big puddle that resulted from dumping out the water refill bucket.

 For earth, we used play dough to "bend" different shapes: boulders, walls, etc.

We skipped fire-bending, as we decided it was a little too dangerous... BUT, the kiddos still got to defeat the Fire Lord by figuring out how to pop the balloons with his picture drawn on them. (This was an awesome alternative to a pinata, as long as you could stand the sound of lots of popping balloons!) 

We invited a "Master Firebender" to help with the cake. It didn't go quite as planned. (We had done a couple of trial runs, but never full-scale...) Don't worry, the house didn't burn down, and the cake still tasted awesome.

Isaac has already polished off what was left of his cake. He has also requested that I make a few more Fire Lord balloons and play Momo Fruit Toss with him again on his actual birthday. I'd say the party was a success.

Happy almost-Birthday, Isaac!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby #3

For those who aren't keeping up on Facebook, we're having another boy! No name yet - we have about 5 we're considering. You'd think by the third boy we'd have our list narrowed down a little more, but we just like too many names. The other two had fun little nicknames by now too, Bean and Terminator Baby. So far, this one has only been He Who Shall Not Be Named. Boring, eh? He's NOTHING like the other two were (which is why I was able to keep this one a secret so much longer). In fact, the ultrasound was pretty reassuring, since he hardly moves at all - he's just a calm little guy.

Here's his best pictures thus far:

Since I haven't mentioned this pregnancy at all on the blog yet, I figured I'd recap the things everyone asks me about:

Cravings: cucumber, Brussels sprouts, green grapes, celery, mandarin oranges, fish (tilapia or salmon), roasted chickpeas with Parmesan, watermelon
Foods I can't stand: lasagna, ice cream (seriously!)
Weight gain: About 1.5 pounds more than with the other two, but I also started 2 pounds heavier...
Was I sick?: Nope. I didn't feel great, but NOTHING like with Isaac, and even less than with Jon. Just TIRED. all. the. time.
Are the other boys excited?: Over the moon! We had to hang the ultrasound pictures on the fridge because Jonathan wanted to look at them all the time.
Due date: August... sometime... at the end of the month. Yes, the doc finally gave me an official date, but I'm not attached, since it's not like I'm good at going into labor. So, I figure I'll just ignore the date and say "end of August... sometime."