Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I didn't take fancy pictures of my kids in their Easter best... Mostly because they wore the same thing they always wear to church, with the addition of the Peter Cottontail ties I made for them last year - which were too short this year, and I had never ACTUALLY finished them, so they were safety-pinned in place. Yep, I'm a good mom...

Easter didn't feel overly "Easter-y" this year, probably because we didn't hunt for eggs or have a special program in church or anything. You know what? It was kind of awesome.  The boys and I had a good discussion on the Resurrection (Isaac protested that Christ wasn't really dead for three days, since he died mid-day Friday and was alive again by Sunday morning. See, he's got a math brain...). Mark had later meetings, so we had a more relaxed morning to get ready for church. The twins sang and played beautifully, and the choir sounded good on their musical number. P.J. brought us Cadbury eggs in Sunday School. We had a yummy ham dinner with the Clawsons. Honestly, even if that didn't feel as traditional to me, it was probably the best Easter I've had in a long time.

Okay, so this is my embarrassing confession: the water heater wasn't broken... I did a bunch of troubleshooting and then gave up and headed to bed. The error code on the water heater had said the issue was with the gas, and I didn't want to mess with that (Mark was out helping some friends with a home repair at the time). While trying to fall asleep I started to wonder whether the air intake was blocked - isn't that what everyone would be thinking about after climbing into bed? Long story short, at 11 pm, I was out in my pjs checking on the intake for the water heater. Turns out, it was blocked. By what? This is the more embarrassing part... See, Mark had taken the cover off of the barbecue grill a few days before the issue, and the wind had blown it over the intake for the water heater. We hadn't gone out the put the cover back on because the grill was still hot, so we forgot about it... Guess what? As soon as I moved the grill cover, the water heater "magically" fixed itself! And I felt pretty stupid... BUT, I'm really glad I was the one to discover the issue, and not the water heater repair guy!

Alright, with that off my chest, on to the pictures!

We decided to try sidewalk chalk painting - it's just cornstarch, food coloring, and water. The boys LOVED it!

(This was before St. Patrick's day, so Isaac decided I needed to help him paint a shamrock. And ROY G. BIV - for those who need a reference, look up the They Might Be Giants song called ROY G. BIV)

Our last crocuses!

Gabriella and Aaron came to visit again. We went out to the tea house for dinner again. I tried to snap a picture of the kids all looking at the koi (just like in July), but they have gotten too big to all fit on the bench!

I'm not a card-maker. Really. I stink at it. BUT I made some for Easter for my visiting teachees that I thought were cute, so I took a picture.

Easter baskets from Grandpa and Grandma Bailey:

Included in the baskets was a can of spray string for each boy. I let them go out and spray things in the backyard. They loved it.

We went to the park. If you look REALLY close, you can see the boys...

Getting ready for gardening season!

Every Friday is pizza night over here. Isaac doesn't like sauce. Or toppings. And sometimes not crust... So, I've been spraying the end of the pizza with oil and just cooking it like that to make it like a cracker. This is Jon's pizza compared to Isaac's.

Jon loves it.

He also loves getting his picture taken.

To motivate the boys to pick up the other night, I told them I'd post "before" and "after" pictures of the rooms on the blog. Yes, this is really how our house looks on a daily basis...





Isaac's picture of Jon, who was making Baby Bull and Baby Turtle snuggle.

Mark and I have been reading over past blog posts, and when I mentioned that my blog posts used to be better, he replied "Yeah, back when you actually tried..." *Sigh* It's true. I don't try so much any more. I'm blaming it on exhaustion. So, if anybody wants to take my kiddos, do my laundry, and wash my dishes so I can sleep for a few days, I'll make it up to you with better blog posts

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Because It's Been More Than a Week...

Just figured I'd post SOMETHING...

The boys have been testing limits this week. Hoping we're on the tail end of this now - Jon lost his blankets and Isaac lost his "guys" - it was serious.

The water heater is broken. Again. It's been about a year since the repair guy last came, I think. He's come 4 times already. We bought the thing 2 years ago. While it's pretty cool that three showers, the dishwasher, and the washing machine can all have hot water at the same time, I'm tired of the stinking thing breaking. On the bright side, this is good motivation for me to make it to the gym - just for the warm shower!

I successfully convinced Jonathan to eat hot dogs. But not sour cream enchiladas (with no green chilies or onions). He hasn't made himself throw up at the table to get out of eating dinner yet, so here's hoping he gets through this phase more gracefully than his brother did!

I chose not to write an Easter program for the choir this year. There's been WAY too much on my plate. And WAY too little rehearsal time. Apparently, some people are quite upset. I'm not.

Our daffodils and tulips are about ready to bloom. We go out and check them every day. The crocuses have bitten the dust, so we're in that lull where it seems like winter started over again. At least it's been warm enough to play outside more!

Isaac has decided that he's done learning to read. He keeps telling me he just doesn't like it as much as math. His daddy's genes are winning out here...

Jonathan didn't have any accidents today! He also didn't wear any pants today... We're making progress. Slowly, but surely. I'm glad he didn't have any accidents, because that would've been one cold bath!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


We got the bathrooms done! (And by "done" I mean that they are presentable and functional... There's still some caulking to be done, and we're postponing the lighting project.) We had an appraisal done last week (don't worry, we're not moving, just refinancing), so I decided that while the house was spotless I'd better take some pictures. Trust me, this stuff really doesn't come off in cell phone pictures, but it's all I've got! (Isaac decided to try to be in all of the pictures. He ALMOST made it.)

 Here's the playroom:

The boys' room (We finally finished painting the green! It only took us two years...):

The master bathroom (this picture is particularly bad):

Master bedroom (not even 10 minutes after the appraiser left, and the boys had already thrown sleeping bags and blankets all over my bed)

The hall bathroom:

Hall bathroom sink and mirror:

Front room:


Living room:

Guest room:

The Creepy Guest bathroom:

AND, here's the rest of the week:
The boys have taken over the couch. They call it the "sleep train".

"Monster" hot dogs have become a big hit around here, especially since the boys watched "Monsters, Inc." at the gym a couple weeks ago.

We decided to make a rainbow sun catcher as our St. Patrick's Day decoration for the back window. The boys raced to stick tissue paper wads onto contact paper, then we just stuck another sheet of contact paper over the top and called it good.

Mark and I went to see the local high school's production of "Aida" a couple weeks ago (which was awesome, by the way), and the boys were jealous of the stamps we got on our hands. We helped them draw stars on their hands, but Jon took it a step further...

With all our snow lately, we've been getting around to all the indoor activities I've been saving up (thank you Pinterest!) - this one is a "life-sized" board game. We went through three rounds before I got tired of it and put it away... I think Isaac would've played longer, but Jon was more interested in smashing the die. (I know Jonathan really needs pants, but we're THIS close on potty training, and I'm not messing that up for anything!)

We're still experimenting with Better Batter. For the most part, I like it as a wheat flour replacement. There's only been one recipe that I can honestly say was HORRIBLE, which is a better track record than most of the other gluten-free all-purpose mixes we've found. This recipe was a definite winner though: mint chocolate muffins.

Jonathan discovered that he fits really well in the insulated Costco tote.

We made a tape maze on the floor, which the boys didn't use as a maze. They ended up building a city with Jenga blocks, and then driving cars around it. I was just happy to have them play nicely together for a while! Isaac has asked if we can keep it for another couple days, so I think this was a winner too!

For those in the know, the appraisal came back yesterday, not as good as when we bought the house, but better than we had expected - which meant Mark actually slept last night! Hurray! I've decided we can never move, because this whole process is WAY too draining.