Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rules To Live By

(These are all thanks to Isaac - there were no prompts here, he was just announcing these rules as he "colored" the pictures.)

No flying kites when the wind is blowing too hard.

No playing ball when a pumpkin is the ball.

No jumping into a pile of sand goo.

No roller skating when flower chompers are after you.

No fountains when chomper monsters are going to drink it.

No riding bikes when alien ships are chasing you.

No sitting when the blocks are evil.

No riding skateboards when chomper monsters are chasing you.

No drinking tea when killer monsters are in it. 

Good advice.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yet Another "New Normal"

We are gradually coming to terms with the fact that we may be sick for the rest of the winter... We all felt pretty good on Friday and then Jonathan and I came down with fevers and coughs that just keep getting worse. *Sigh* With that in mind, I've decided to stop waiting until we feel better to do a post that makes sense and just post the stuff I've got and hope that at some point later I can add the things that are missing.

For Christmas presents for Daddy, the boys made Shrinky Dink characters from "How to Train Your Dragon" - this one is Isaac's drawing of Hiccup

We watched Noelle and Amelia on one of the few days we weren't contagious (this was WAY back in the beginning of December!), and I set the kids to work making gingerbread villages. They had to have a house, a clock tower, and a train.

They didn't eat it though. They just wanted to smash it when we were finished... Weirdos. :)

 Our Christmas present from Uncle Greg and Aunt Charissa came in the mail early, so we let the boys open it before Christmas (especially since they had WAY too many presents this year). They enjoyed the Wedgits a lot, but not quite as much as Daddy did!

The stockings. It looks like poor Mark didn't get anything for Christmas... (Don't worry, he did. I had a stocking too, but it didn't fit on the couch with the others.)

The tree, with WAY too many presents underneath.

This is how Christmas day always ends: a BIG mess!

But everyone enjoyed the breakfast Daddy made. Daddy even enjoyed his new apron!

Jon may be rethinking his relationship with the dentist...

Isaac just keeps getting more creative with his writing. These were all "Halloween guys" made out of his name.

The boys wanted to sleep in my bed for some reason. Not sure why, and I know I had a reason I took the picture, but I can't remember at the moment...

We built a big fort in the kitchen and added Christmas lights to it. The boys thought it was AWESOME! We even had to leave it up for multiple days, until Jon discovered how to take apart the fuse in the plug for the lights...


Most days that it has been warm enough to go outside, we've been too sick to do so. We got lucky one day recently and headed out into the backyard to soak up some sun!

Most of the snow had melted, and the boys decided to rake what was left into piles to see if there was enough to play with.

There wasn't, but they did discover that all the toys they left outside last fall had frozen into a solid sheet of ice.

We made "bacon bundles" to go on BLTS the other night. Jonathan is all about bacon. He was singing bacon songs and telling anybody who would listen that we were eating bacon for dinner. He even chose to forego the sandwich in favor of just the bacon.

 On Friday, we were all feeling really good, so we thought we were all better! We decided to help out the Allreds while Trudy gets the house ready to put on the market (anybody wants a house in Denver, let me know!), so we took Keynan and Gage for the whole day. This was the one time they were all excited to play together: play dough time!

We took pictures of the master bathroom, as it is MOSTLY done, but they're on Mark's phone... The sad thing there was that we thought we could finish up really quickly, and went to rehang the shelves we took down when we painted, and they totally fell apart! So, Mark had to go buy new ones. And then we all got sick again. One day, we'll hang the shelves. Really.