Friday, December 20, 2013

Arts and Crafts

In an effort to have more "together time," the boys and I decided to do some crafts. I have a bunch of craft kits that came from the last Relief Society stuff-swap I attended. We pulled them out and picked the craft the boys wanted to do first: a Halloween themed pompom creature called "Screaming Me-Me" and an owl mask. In the process, we managed to run out of glue and scotch tape. Jon cut up as many pieces of scrap paper as he could find. Kai spit up all over the floor. Isaac got glue on the carpet. Here's the resulting fun (and mess):

(Kai just wanted to eat the mask, but Isaac kept attempting to get a picture of him wearing it) (Yes, that's my running shoe. Apparently, it makes a good boat for Skylanders, so I'm always missing one.)

When we were all done, Isaac decided he needed to take his own picture of his Screaming Me-Me. And then set it as Grandma Sue's picture on my phone. Now, every time my mother-in-law calls, this is what I see:

Was it worth the clean up? Oh yes.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

4 Months!

Apparently, Kai thinks he's ready for solids...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Random (Don't Say I Didn't Warn You)

We bought Malachi a jumperoo for Christmas. And gave it to him immediately. Unfortunately, it's defective. The company said they'd reimburse us after we buy a new one as long as we send back the electronic part (that's the defective part) and the seat. We're letting him play in the non-noisy jumperoo and (slightly) procrastinating the purchase of the new one.

Jon has taken to running around without a shirt these days. These days with a high of 20 degrees...

When left alone, Jon realized that his truck needed a headlight, so he took apart his book light and figured out how it the top could attach to his Duplos. I worry that he may have "the knack."

Isaac made this sculpture while I was putting Kai down for a nap the other day. Jon had to include Baby Octopus and the Skylanders. Creative, eh?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

An Isaac Post

Isaac has been getting left out a lot lately, mostly because he spends all of his time at school. (Which he now loves, so it's totally okay.) Anyway, I figured he needed his own post, so here it is.

Playing "Shoulder Angel" (if you haven't seen "Studio C" you should totally check it out). He and Jon LOVE watching Shoulder Angel, and most of the time we have to fast forward to the skits he's in. Now, they've taken to pretending to be Shoulder Angel. Isaac will randomly jump out from the doorway with his hands in prayer position and say "Poof!"

Isaac is always coming home from school with pictures like this. If asked for an explanation, he usually just says stuff like "Oh, that's an alien." (I did get that Santa is riding the spaceship in this one.)

He's also got some kind of obsession with arrows lately. I asked him to write about something different this time, and so he got hit by "magic" instead. (For those who have a hard time deciphering: "I got hit by a magic and then I did not die when I was at the talent show. The end.)

At least he's a generally happy kiddo, in spite of all the arrows in his stories. The end.

Monday, December 16, 2013

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Why is there a picture of my bathtub in a post about Christmas decor? Umm... Because I didn't know where else to put it... This is "fizzy snow dough" (vinegar, baking soda, and shaving cream). Jon hated it. Luckily, it doubled as a fantastic tub cleaner .

Since the snow dough was a bust, we made a huge tape maze for race cars.

Poor Kai couldn't figure out why we would do such a thing.

Especially when the rest of the room looked like this:

The price I pay for entertaining my children...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Awww Snap!

So, we recently experienced a serious cold snap - for multiple days, our highest temperature was 9 degrees Fahrenheit. It was so cold that our lawnmower tried to run away. Mark had to chase it down.

This is what a certain intersection looked like when I took Isaac to school. No, there wasn't even a delayed start. Yes, I was totally bummed about that.

Since they don't make coats small enough for infants, Kai got to wear his bear suit. It's pretty darn warm. I wish they came in my size.

Since it was too cold to play in the snow, we made "snow dough". Jon loved it.

Kai loved sitting next to it.

Jon's creation: a melted snowman.

Snow dough all over the floor. Sometimes, I do projects like this with my kids just to force myself to mop the floor.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Favorites and Birth-mas-day Presents!

*WARNING: Over the next several days, this blog will automatically update itself. This is due to the sheer number of photographs I am behind in sharing and the fact that many more will be taken on Christmas...

Jon's creativity is reaching new levels. He and Isaac were playing pirates and he got tired of pretending there was a third person there, so he made one.

Kai is still happy to just lay there and flap. It's awesome.

We tried popping the popcorn from the garden - without taking it off the cob. It worked, but didn't pop off the cob, making it difficult to eat.

This is my absolute favorite of all the things Isaac has made at school: his Thanksgiving turkey.

He's thankful for food, friends, family, and Mrs. G (his teacher).

WAY back on Mother's Day, Isaac made me some cards. Here they are:

For my birth-mas-day present (we just combined budget for presents for my birthday and Christmas), Mark got me the best thing ever: new cookware! Our original pots and pans came in a 5 for $25 set when we first got married... 9.5 years ago... They stank. (And, you can see why I don't normally post pictures of myself on the blog.)

The new set required much research for us. I am thoroughly pleased with our purchase. (Hence the happier face) 

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Day With Jon

Being the middle child, Jon tends to get left out a lot. I'd say this is a post entirely dedicated to him, but it's not. Just mostly. See, middle child...

Jon is our funny guy. He's always coming up with random things to try to make us laugh - like making Chebe mustaches.

He's just starting to get good at numbers. His fine motor skills are awesome (he put all the clips on here).

He doesn't follow instructions the way Isaac did, but he solves problems well. (When he does mazes, he just draws a line around the outside to get to the goal.)

He wants to be like his big brother, who happens to be fabulous at writing. Turns out, so is Jon (his "A" is the one on the right).

Unfortunately, he also likes to erase his work with his feet...

And wipe his nose with his shirt...

But he's so enthusiastic about the things he loves (like matching these shadows here).

His computer skills are pretty good now, and he has been teaching me how to do more things on my phone.

He still naps most days, which is good, because when he's overtired, he's a bear!

He's named the penny horse at the grocery store "Sable", since he learned that "sable" refers to a certain animal whose fur is brown like the horse.

Departing from Jon for a minute, just for two pictures of Kai:

And the big boys making a mess (which is what they do best):

Isaac's picture - a purple-people eater, Frosty, and the red gingerbread man from Candyland, among others.

Isaac's latest story...

Back to Jon:

With brownie mix on his face...

Back to Kai, watching for Mommy Squirrel:

Now, off to clean up Jon's latest art project...