Thursday, December 20, 2012

We Were Winning...

Jon has officially ended his streak: he had never thrown up (in his ENTIRE life) until last night. *Sigh* It was too good to last, I suppose. Poor kid, he had no clue what was going on!

Unfortunately, Isaac followed suit about 2 hours after they went to bed. One of the bad things about the boys sharing a room is that if one has a big problem in the middle of the night, they both end up losing sleep. Jonathan was a good sport about it - he even stayed in his bed for the entire 30 minutes it took us to clean up! Isaac was just glad to take a bath. I don't blame him!

From this post, I bet you can guess what we're up to! Hopefully, this will pass through FAST! Isaac HAS to have his cavity filled this week (we only put him on dental insurance every other year, so January would not be a good time for him to get a filling). I HAVE to be healthy enough this weekend to fulfill my piano obligations (one baptism, and one special musical number that would be very difficult to pass off at the last minute- that music is stinkin' hard!). And, for goodness' sake, we'd better be all done with this before Christmas!!!

On the bright side: Christmas cards and out-of-state gifts have been mailed. Dan came over and helped us with some of the work in the bathrooms. I've finished teaching all of my lessons for the month. Mark and I finished unpicking the quilting we didn't like on Jonathan's quilt, so now I can start over. The choir program for church is over, and it went super well. Kyle is home and willing to babysit for Jonathan while I take Isaac to the dentist. Overall, life is going awesomely!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Super Duper Destiny

(Isaac named the post today - creative, eh?)

The boys went to the dentist today. I have a new found respect for pediatric dentists. Ours is awesome!
Isaac was angelic! The only trouble he had was during the x-rays, and I don't blame him. Those are rough when you have a small mouth. BUT, even though he was angelic, he didn't pass free and clear. We have to go back next week to have a cavity filled. (Yes, I feel like I failed my kid... *Sigh* Better brushing and flossing is now a New Year's resolution for everybody at our house.)
Jon, on the other hand, started off badly - he started screaming when we were still in the waiting room, had an accident, and bit the hygienist... We ended up not bothering to have his teeth cleaned; he just had a quick exam on my lap and got his fluoride. He screamed the entire time. They took pity on him and let him pick a prize anyway.
It was nice to be in a place where people were patient with my child who seemed demonically possessed. I only wish the post office would be the same way. (Or the grocery store, church, the library, etc., etc.)

Speaking of patience, thanks for having some while I attempt to get everything squared away over here, and don't post at all... Tithing settlement is almost over. The Christmas choir program is almost over. Christmas shopping is almost done. The bathrooms are halfway finished. We're done house sitting. Give us 2 weeks and life should settle down. Maybe.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Time Goes By...

Not sure exactly how time escapes me so much, but it does... We've been busier than we'd like to be, partially due to the fact that it is tithing settlement season (which means Mark is at the church A LOT), partially because we chose to renovate two bathrooms at the same time (don't worry, we have a third, so we still have facilities), partially because the ward choir Christmas program is coming up in two weeks (yikes! I'd better find a narrator...), and partially because we just DO a lot of stuff. Here's a little of what we've been up to:

Jon likes to put on my makeup. He's not very good at figuring out which makeup goes where, and he tends to do it while I'm trying to get myself ready for the day, so there's very little coaching... Not that I want him to know how to wear eye shadow.

We made monsters out of play dough and random things from our art baskets. I thought Jon's turned out pretty cute.

We replaced the batteries in Isaac's prized possession: the Halloween card he got from Great Grandma Foote in 2010. I wasn't even aware you COULD replace batteries in those cards, but we had to do something, because Isaac thought he was going to die without that card!

We graphed all of our toy cars, in rainbow order. Then we wrote the number of cars on sticky notes and did some more math with the numbers. It's a good thing I have nerd kids who are willing to put up with my nerdy ideas on what might be a fun way to spend the afternoon. 

Isaac has been doing awesomely on his reading and writing. The writing still gets old for him VERY fast, but he's definitely getting better. Here's a "fill in the blank" story he "wrote".

We reorganized our front room, and in the process, our filing cabinets. I decided to paint all the mismatched cabinetry white. It took a while... So far, it's worked out well though.

In an effort to make homemade french fries more appealing, I helped the boys make their own french fry boxes. They decorated them with stickers (we used Halloween ones because they were the ones we could find at the time...)

Isaac decided he also needed a Burger King-like crown. I made him play a "Super Why" game to earn the crown (PBS kids has awesome reading games). He decided it was worth it.

I've been to a bunch of baby showers. At one point, I was ambitious enough to MAKE presents: newborn shoes. I'd forgotten how ridiculously little newborn feet are!

Still working on Jonathan's quilt... All of my blocks are pieced, so now it's just a matter of putting the top together and all that good stuff. It's been sitting on top of my piano for a week... Maybe I'd better get going on this again!

No pictures yet, but we did get the new sink in the boys' bathroom installed now. Emma approved when she was here babysitting, so it must be a cool sink. I painted the whole room, except the parts I need a ladder to cut in. The baseboards and vents are all removed. Once we have framed out the mirror (I painted part of the frame too), all we're waiting on is the flooring so we can do that and the toilet. Our bathroom is another story... Right now, there's random plumbing coming out of the wall, but we haven't installed the sink yet (we got through the demo and lost steam). I guess we'd better hurry up, because the flooring should be in this week!