Saturday, November 24, 2012


I know we're late, but Thanksgiving was a little non-traditional for us this year (we had hash browns for dinner. Just hash browns...) Everyone was feeling a little under the weather, and the family we had planned to do dinner with ended up with Scarlet fever. (Yep, topping our gratitude list is that we do not have Scarlet fever.) We're still thankful for a lot of stuff, even if it IS after Thanksgiving, so we thought we'd share highlights.
When Isaac was asked what he's grateful for, he said "Jesus and Heavenly Father." Anything else? "No. Oh wait, I'm thankful for my guys!" (His guys are the special stuffed animals he gets to snuggle with when he sleeps..)
Jon is thankful for "Feedafurdater" - not sure what that is, but I'm glad he's grateful for something!
Mark is thankful that human body software compels us to sleep every day. And thankful for chocolate.
Robyn is thankful for running water - dishwashers, washing machines, indoor plumbing in general.

In other news, we're continuing with our bathroom renovations, even though the flooring didn't make it in yet (they said before Thanksgiving, but it turns out it won't be in until Dec. 4!) Demo and sinks have been the name of the game this weekend. We only ran into a couple of problems (had to do some exploring in the wall for a stud in one bathroom, wrong sized plumbing connections in both bathrooms); so far, so good! We'll post pictures when we're all done, so expect those in about 20 years...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Be More Careful With It Next Time

We got a Blendtec blender today - a total splurge for us, but, considering the fact that we use the blender at least once a day, totally worth it. (Also, we don't have another blender anymore...) Mark decided it was his Christmas present. We've been anxiously awaiting its delivery by UPS, so when it arrived, Isaac was excited to help Daddy open it. They pulled everything out of the box while I was making dinner, and spread it out on the kitchen floor. The packaging was blocking the hallway from the kitchen.

As I was sitting down to dinner, I realized that we should probably move the styrofoam packaging so that we could get to the hallway. Mark was up anyway, so he went ahead and did so.

Isaac came storming into the kitchen, and fixed me with his most fierce scowl.

"Mommy, you broke it!"
"Broke what?"
"You broke the weasel-honker! It's completely destroyed!"

Obviously, as anyone would be, Isaac was quite upset about this - but he still sat down nicely at the dinner table and volunteered to say the prayer.

I guess I'd better be more careful next time. I don't know what we'd do without a functioning weasel-honker.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Part 4

Just ignore my singing and pay attention to the boys - they're cuter anyway.

Mommy School (the end is my favorite - I was NOT expecting the victory song Isaac came up with):

Friday, November 9, 2012

Part 3

These videos are just to prove that the boys are turning into big kids!

Making Dinner

Isaac's Primary Program Part

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Part 2

Hand puppets! (I promise, my kids aren't always scantily clad... I'm guessing this was the beginning of potty training for Jon, when Isaac was jealous that his brother could run around in just underpants...)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Series

So... I was going through all the little videos I've taken of my kids, and I realized that I am slightly behind in posting them... Like, there were some from January just hanging out, kind of behind... I decided that rather than inundate everyone with a bazillion videos all at once, I'll make a little series of posts that auto-post every day until I run out. I'll try to put all the related videos in the same post, but I don't get sound until I put them up, so I can't make any promises... (For the Grandmas: I'm sorry I'm so behind!!!)

Today's videos are of the superhero type: (I realized they were ancient when I noticed Sammy running around in the background...)