Friday, October 26, 2012

Costumes are Done!

My time recently has been consumed with sewing projects.

First of all, I have lost 23 pounds now, and I've been trying to take in all of my pants and tops so that I have SOMETHING to wear that isn't WAY too big or a bit too small still. (No pictures, since they would be boring photos of jeans and sweaters that I took apart and sewed back together, just minus a little fabric...)

Second, I decided to try quilting again... This time, I enjoyed it a lot more. I think it's just that I'm starting to get the hang of half-square triangles, and that opens up a lot more cool looking blocks.

Third, my kids kept changing their minds on Halloween costumes, so I've been going crazy trying to adjust what I had already started to fit what they wanted. The result is still super cute! Isaac is Toothless from "How to Train Your Dragon" - the movie. Jonathan is The Green Death from "How to Train Your Dragon" - the book. (Originally, Isaac wanted to be a Ninja Turtle and Jonathan started as a hobbit, then was a dinosaur, and then, and then...)

Jon's dragon face:

Isaac said Toothless isn't mean, so this was his "Toothless" face:

Not sewing, because I was lazy and used safety pins, but I made the boys each a "tent" over their bunks. Isaac's is the favorite of the two:

And, it snowed... The boys just enjoy getting bundled up. They must, because that takes longer than the amount of time they actually spend in the snow.  (Jon is totally rocking the one glove look...)

This is how snow adventures end....

 Today, we went Trick-or-treating at the Children's Museum. My phone was out of memory, so I only got two pictures...

Isaac's spider:

Isaac and Lydia inside a bubble:

My sewing projects aren't all done yet, but at least the ones with deadlines are! Yay! Hopefully, this week I'll also get to finish repainting a filing cabinet and dropping a bunch of stuff at the thrift store - that would make life a little easier, even if the pictures would be boring.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ladies' Man

Another segment of an Isaac story... This one was over breakfast this morning. Personally, my favorite part is that his new character, Ladies' Man, is a super spy! Quite a fitting name.

Isaac: My team has a tough job. They have to go to Ladies' Man's hideout.
Mommy: Who is Ladies' Man?
Isaac: He's a spy. He likes to spy on Mad Face and put him in jail.
Mommy: Is he an International Super Spy?
Isaac: No. He's a Super Spy, but not International.
Mommy: Oh. where does he look for Mad Face?
Isaac: At Nick's (a local garden store). He was there with me yesterday. And he shooted Mad Face.
Mommy: Wow. That must've been a little scary for the other people at Nick's.
Isaac: No, he just shot him with electric-ness. But then there was a problem. He didn't find Mad Face until he was in the jumpy house. But he decided to capture Mad Face and put him in jail after they leaved because he caught Mad Face. And then me and Ladies' Man put Mad Face in jail yesterday. The end!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Alright, so I've been totally neglecting my duties to the blog... Sorry to all of you who are like me and check at least twice a day to see if there's anything new. New posts on other peoples' blogs get me through the day sometimes. Can't promise to be any better in the near future, but I'm going to attempt to finish a post today!

We collect Isaac quotes on random bits of paper stuck to the refrigerator. That way I can remember them to blog them... If I get around to it... We've also been recording his story, "Race of the Robots" - he's been working on it for about two years now. (It's not a "race" like a competition. It's a "race" like a nation or a people. It's also the name of the planet the race lives on. It took me forever to figure out what he was talking about.) I'm making him illustrate it and we'll put it in slide show format. Eventually. BUT, here's the quote that's been hanging around on the fridge the longest:
(We'd been calling him to the dinner table, and when I finally went to go get him, he was breathlessly climbing out from under the piano.)
I'm okay. I'm okay... I was just in Mad Face City and I got burned on fire. Luckily, my fingers didn't burn; just my hair burned on fire.
(Mommy: Why?)
Because an asteroid hit Race of the Robots and breaked into pieces, so I got hit by an asteroid. Then there was a terrible explosion!
(There was more to this story, but I was trying to get dinner on the table, so that's all I could remember. The rest was about robots and dragons, but no bad guys, just lots of explosions.)

Anyway, I've got to get back to my white chili (Isaac decided he LOVES it since the ward chili cook-off) and "Mommy school".  Yay for finishing a post!

Friday, October 12, 2012

School Meetings

The other night, I attended the first meeting to get Isaac's kindergarten stuff squared away. I was feeling rather nostalgic about teaching, sitting there in the gym, listening to the principal and the assistant principal speaking.

Perhaps I even thought to myself: Maybe I could do this again. It could be fun, I'd set up my classroom this way. I could use this rubric again, it worked great before. I really was good at my job. The boys will be going to school in a few years, and it wouldn't take much to get my license back...

Then, the parents started talking. And I remembered exactly why I hated teaching.

BUT, I am pretty excited for Isaac to go to school. He's going to LOVE it! Even if he does run into some of THOSE parents.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What We've Been Up To...

We built a fort by the t.v. Jon decided it was a great place for a nap. It was pretty cute. 

Not a Halloween project, but we made "Mr. Bones" (x2) because Isaac likes skeletons. They're still on the fridge, so I've decided they'll just remain until Halloween is over.

I got fed up with the shoe situation. This was the solution I came up with:

Then we took care of the backpacks and diaper bags. The front room looks a lot cleaner now.

Isaac wants to be a dinosaur again. This time a chasmosaurus.

 We finally got some carrots in our garden! Only took us 3 years... The boys have thoroughly enjoyed helping me shell beans. Isaac informed me that he'd ALWAYS help shell beans, he likes it that much. 

 We went on a fall scavenger hunt. I think it's hard to find fall things in Colorado, in general, but probably because I was spoiled and grew up in place where we actually had trees that weren't evergreens... The boys stuck with it though, and I conveniently neglected to mention that the scavenger hunt required finding an acorn. (Isaac was the photographer here, and I think he did a great job!)

A yellow leaf:

A "red" leaf:

Smooth bark:

Rough bark:


Two kinds of grass (here's the first one):

A sign of an animal... We looked all over, but the best we could come up with was a dead worm...

Second kind of grass:

A smooth rock that fits in your hand - Jon's: 


The prettiest thing you can find... Isaac said it was home. I wouldn't let him post a picture of our house on the blog, even though I was flattered to hear him say "home" was prettiest! So he said this chalk color was the second best:

Isaac is DYING for Lego's, but he puts up with our Duplos. He keeps making hearts for me. Such a sweetie!

Our favorite Halloween book is "Dragon's Halloween" by Dav Pilkey. In the book, Dragon wants to carve a scary jack o' lantern, but he can only find small pumpkins, so he stacks them to make something terrifying. Isaac laughs his head off every time we read, at the reactions of the animals who see the towering pumpkins. 

We decided to make our own version of the pumpkin tower, so we took dollar store styrofoam pumpkins, sticks from our tree, and glow sticks, and created a masterpiece. I still need to come up with a base, which is why you get the lovely picture of my bathroom counter, complete with hairdryer holding the thing up...

And with the lights out:

We're pretty pleased with the result.