Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Good Man

I was cleaning the bathroom today when he walked past. He noticed me, stopped and came in, then asked "Hey, how can I help you?"
I was slightly taken aback - I was not really expecting any help. "Uh, I guess you could wipe down the sink and counter top."
His response was perfect: "It'd be my pleasure." And he got right to work.

I ask you, can a girl get any luckier?!

Guess who that awesome guy is?

He's my four year old son!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh. Boy...

"I don't want my pants for this particular activity. This is not a shirt activity either. It's only a naked activity." - Isaac, while searching for pieces to make a robot costume.

"My fingers are pruny!" - Jonathan's first sentence!!! (Woohoo for him FINALLY talking!)

We picked about 45 pounds of peaches off our tree yesterday. We've frozen 5 pounds. Hopefully, we'll can the other 40 tomorrow. We should have enough peels to make about 12 (half pint) jars of peach honey. That's only about half the peaches on the tree. I have a feeling we're going to need more mason jars.

I cleaned out a drawer and the bottom shelf in my pantry this week. Why? Because the boy who is potty training decided to enter an experimental phase: what can I pee on BESIDES the potty? Hopefully, now that he knows drawers and pantry shelves are not good choices, maybe he'll move back to the potty. Maybe...

No pictures today. Mostly because whenever the boys are doing something I would love to take a picture of, Jon is naked...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Everything Else

Let's see... Returning to my list from the "Excuses" post...
We're just going to combine air conditioner, potty training, and garden. There's not a ton to say.

1. Air Conditioner: It broke. The fuse melted and some of the electrical connections between the unit and the thermostat needed repair. Mark took the unit apart, figured out what was wrong, and ordered a new fuse. It took WAY too long to get here, but we survived and saved money by doing it ourselves (in the rain, at 10 pm). Mark was pretty proud of himself. I was proud of him too. He's learning to be a pretty good handy man! We also discovered, in the process, a mouse that ran out from the compressor. It was looking pretty pathetic, so we're not entirely sure how it's doing. Here's hoping I don't find it any time soon!
2. Potty training: Jonathan's whole job with potty training was to reassure me that the issues with Isaac were not my fault. Jon did his job well. He's not TOTALLY potty trained, but he's pretty darn close. He LOVES being independent, and he LOVES doing something Isaac can do. It's been good. The biggest issue we've had? We did a method where you let the kiddo run naked while they learn to use the potty, and he's decided he needs to be naked all of the time now... Getting him to wear clothes again has taken some convincing. 
(Quick story about that... I drop the boys off at child care while I'm at the gym. They called me in from a workout a couple weeks ago to come get Jonathan. He'd stripped down and was running naked around the care center. Then he REFUSED to come out of the bathroom once they cornered him and tried to convince him to put pants back on. Slightly embarrassing for me, but funny nonetheless!)
3. Garden: Ummm... Slightly neglected doesn't cut it for the garden this year. The poor garden has been at the very bottom of the priority list, BUT it is still producing! Here's some pictures (they were taken when we were still attempting to take care of it, like a month ago):

Peppers, onions, carrots, corn, squash, and beans:

My favorite - purple peppers! (These actually turned out slightly spicy this year - won't be planting them next to the Anaheim next year!)

The lawn is actually coming back. We'll have to put a little more TLC into those patches, but we may actually have real grass back there next year! (In case you missed it, we tilled up the ENTIRE backyard this year and replanted the lawn from seed. It was crazy.) You can kinda see the tomatoes and watermelon too... (And the maple tree!)

Peaches. We didn't thin them enough - we thought we did okay, but apparently not, because there are TONS of smallish peaches. Not that I'm complaining!

Our most recent harvest. Jon was happy. The watermelon turned out not to be ripe yet. Bummer. The Mariachi peppers (the yellow ones) were SUPER spicy! My skin was burning just from picking them! I had to pick lot of the peppers though, just because the plants were breaking from the sheer number of fruits on them!

AND, even though it's not on the list, I had to include the most exciting recent development in Isaac's life: Drawing! Isaac always loved painting, but he wouldn't draw for anything... (That's why I made a big deal out of his coloring pages) He's been taking an interest in writing and drawing lately, and this is his best stuff to date: the beans from Bonanza! (It's a card game. Trust me, these beans look quite similar to those beans.) He's never drawn figures before (let alone legs and faces), so this was pretty nifty! Way to go Isaac! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wallaces Visit!

Soooo.... I have absolutely no pictures to show for my parents coming to visit... Seriously, I'm horrible at photo documentation... Good thing I'm not a photographer for a living!
*Sigh* I know there's no PROOF that they visited, but trust me, my parents drove up and stayed the weekend with us right after Mark's brother's family left. Unfortunately, my parents also got here right when our air conditioner kicked the bucket... In 90 degree weather... Fortunately, my dad was coming up from Vegas, where it was like 120 degrees, so he must've thought it was great anyway! :)
I honestly can't remember exactly what we did. My brain was fried. I DO remember going shopping - that's one of my favorite pass times with my parents! (If only I'd realized that as a teenager, right?!) We struck out at the fabric store, but found good stuff at the thrift store, and more than we needed at the grocery store. Lots of good food and good conversation!
We all went to church on Sunday morning, and us adults even got to stick together for both Sunday School and third block! Hurray for 5th Sundays! Isaac and Jonathan both had good reports from their classes. We all enjoyed riding home in air conditioned cars (and lingered in said cars for a moment before entering HOT house).
Mom and Dad watched the kiddos so that Mark could join me for ward choir on Sunday afternoon. It was kind of fun to have him get to come, and I bet Isaac enjoyed having his grandparents to himself for a while (Jon took a nap). When Mark and I got home, Mom and Dad and Jonathan were happily watching a Western with Isaac asleep at their feet. It must've been a good time!
We had Family Home Evening all together, which was even more chaotic than usual, but still good. I'm pretty sure the neighbors got a kick out of it too, since we had all the windows open trying to get a breeze through, and the boys were running around like wild things while we tried to have a little lesson. Eh. They've got to be used to us by now.
Since they had to get back for work, Mom and Dad took off for home Monday morning. It was a whirlwind trip for them, but we're super glad they made it! Contrary to what it may seem from the content of my last few posts, we really don't get to see extended family often enough!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Visit From Cousins

Near the end of July, we had Mark's brother's family visit for a week. Isaac had been counting down the days until he got to see some of his cousins again, and he was beyond excited when they arrived.
Because they spent a lot of their time running around, I didn't get very many pictures of everyone all together, so if anybody else did, send them my way!

We took a trip up to Dinosaur Ridge. It was stinkin' HOT! Luckily, we only had to wait a bit for the bus tour. While we waited, the boys checked out some fossils with signs. (Note Aaron in the back there - he could actually read the signs...)

One of the things we saw were some Brachiosaurus footprints, from the side. They were pretty cool. Jon just liked climbing up under them...

Until he got gravel in his shoes.

The kids all checked out the big dinosaur models in the parking lot. We had fun trying to guess what they were. (We got Stegosaurus right, but not Edmontosaurus.)

We went through Boulder on the way up to Estes, and had lunch at the tea house. While we waited to be seated, the kids thoroughly investigated the koi pond.

The kids played with modeling clay for a while, and Gabriella was pretty proud of her sea gull:

On the sky chair at Grandma Sue's house:

Mostly, we had a pretty low-key visit. We played a lot of Bonanza, and the kiddos just enjoyed being together (they played a lot of pretend with neat costumes). Overall, I'd say it was an awesome visit!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Messy Party! (Finally...)

For Jon's 2nd birthday, we figured nothing could top the chance to get super messy! Of course, I couldn't think of a cake design to go with that, so we did pigs in the mud:

Isaac helped me frost the cake, but I made the pigs all by myself. They turned out pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself!

Here was the set-up for the party:

spaghetti tub (with dinosaurs)

bubble solution and wands

fingerpaints and sheet (nobody liked this one, and I couldn't blame them - the paints were too chunky and the sheet too floppy)

"cloud dough' (flour and baby oil) with buckets and shovels

a pool for washing up/cooling down, with sponge balls

shaving cream slide

Mark got to get messy too!

At first, Jon was a little timid about getting too messy, but he LOVES shaving cream...

Isaac spent most of his time in the spaghetti

Maddie preferred the swing set to making a mess (she also wasn't fond of having her picture taken)

Daphne had a token smudge of shaving cream on her head, but she wasn't about to get messy!

Eventually, Jon convinced Lily and Maddie that the shaving cream slide was where it was at.

And Isaac contaminated Daphne's clean sanctuary with spaghetti.

Then Isaac played in the garden with Grandma Sue.

And Jon finally got into his mess making.

I don't know if everyone else had as much fun as Jon did, but he LOVED it, and that's what counts!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So... I was totally planning on blogging today, about everything we've been up to for the last six weeks... Unfortunately, you get a list of things I promise I will cover eventually, AND a list of reasons why I'm not going to ACTUALLY blog about them today...

Things I Will Eventually Blog About:
1. Jonathan's messy birthday party
2. A visit from Mark's brother's family (which included Dinosaur Ridge, Estes Park, etc)
3. A visit from Robyn's parents
4. Mark's triumph over the broken air conditioner
5. Potty training, the second time around
6. What hasn't died in our garden (or been eaten by the mouse that was living in our air conditioner)

Reasons I Will Not Be Blogging About Them Today:
1. During nap/quiet time, one boy was tired of being told to go back to his room, so he used his potty there by himself, and then attempted to wipe himself... The result meant that there was no nap/quiet time, but there was quite a bit of carpet/toy/child cleaning... And a mom who felt pretty stupid.
2. One of two boys is currently asleep, but going upstairs to get the cable to pull the pictures out of my phone may convince the non-sleeping child that something more exciting than sleeping is going on outside of his room...
3. Mark promised he'd watch "Sherlock" with me tonight, which I've been waiting more than a week for him to have time for. I'm not messing that up. Sorry.

I don't know if anybody else remembers Standin' Tall tapes (by Brite music), but a song from the Dependability one keeps coming back to me:
In a minute... In a while... I will do it... With a smile...

Seriously. One day I will. Maybe.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Got Milk?

I'm still behind in posting... Hopefully I'll get to some more later today, but I'm not making any promises!

Last night, Jon was pretty tired. Ever since I posted about him putting himself down for naps, he's refused to nap at all... I should know better... Anyway, he was EXHAUSTED by dinner time, and I was watching him reel back and forth trying to stay awake while he was eating. I was planning to just put him down as soon as we were at a good stopping point for dinner. He pulled it together enough to ask for a glass of milk, so I figured he was awake enough to drink one. When the cup was about halfway to his mouth, his eyes fell shut and then he snapped backwards - I think he was trying not to fall out of his chair. He'd totally fallen sleep! Milk went everywhere! Poor Jon was devastated. I'm not sure he really knew what had happened... He was so sad that he'd spilled his milk! He couldn't pull it together enough to talk coherently (which is tricky for him anyway), so I think the issue was that he wanted more milk, but it may have been that he was upset about the milk in his lap. Regardless, he was WIDE awake at that point! And I got to clean my floor... And he still didn't get to bed on time.