Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thing 2 Is 2!

In honor of his second birthday, I thought I'd write a few of my favorite things about Jonathan at this stage in his life:
1. He ALWAYS sleeps through the night - unless he wanders the house without telling us, which I wouldn't put past him.
2. He thinks brushing his teeth is an awesome privilege and will request to do so by bringing me the tube of toothpaste.
3. He shows gratitude well - instead of "thank you," he'll tell us "cake you!"
4. He thinks his brother is the best thing since sliced bread - he follows Isaac around all the time, and they give each other kisses and hugs when they think no one is looking.
5. He can barely talk, but he can spell "bus" (I'm proud of that one, but I've got to give my mom credit for teaching me a little rhythmic pattern to spell out when I would wait for the bus as a kid - both my kids LOVE it)
6. He has a very well developed sense of humor, and HE thinks he's pretty funny - he's good at laughing at his own jokes.
7. He hates Chopin as much as I do, and if I sit down to play some (I don't assign my students anything I don't practice between their lessons) he'll squeeze up into my lap and force my hands off the piano keys.
8. His favorite movie character is Tow Mater, and he goes around shouting "dadgum!"
9. He loves the library and will bring me book after book when it's time to read.
10. He will put himself down for a nap if he decides he's too tired to wait for me to do it. He just crawls into bed and tucks himself in under all of his blankets (which he has named "Big Blanky" and "Blue Blanky", even though there are 4 blankets).

There's no doubt that he has hit those "terrible twos", but he's still a sweet little guy. Usually. :) We love him lots! Happy Birthday Jon Jon!

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Collection

 These are random photos from all kinds of people who are actually good at documenting history... Unlike me... In fact, I'm even in some of these - which says a lot, since I stopped allowing people to take my picture when I gained 30 pounds last year (no lie).

In Primary, I had the kiddos act out the story of Nephi and the Brass Plates so that they'd be able to remember the song "Nephi's Courage" better. We drew names randomly for each character. Isaac just happened to be chosen to be Nephi. He was totally excited. Here's his "courageous" face:

Isaac at Rainforest Cafe. He was enthralled by the robot animals...

These two aren't of my little family, but they are still family. It's been long enough since S-boy and Kristi got back from Iraq that I feel like I can post pictures of their send off. Somehow, I have no pictures of Kristi... Just know, she looked just as much the part of the soldier as S-boy did.
S-boy and Grandma Foote:

 S-boy and Mikey: 

Not quite as old, but still old pictures...
The boys in the leaf pile out front:

 Now the OLD ones! These are all from the summer of 2010...
Isaac on the swings: (man, he was so little!) 

Isaac's first hike, in Estes Park, with Daddy and Grandma Sue: 

Where was I while they were hiking? Sitting on my (VERY pregnant) bum, enjoying some time alone. Somehow, I managed to only get one picture from the baby shower I had with Jon - and it's just me, with food... Fitting, eh? 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Old MacDonald Had French Fries...

Since it's been STINKIN' hot, we've had to get more creative about our play time... Isaac decided he wanted to make Old MacDonald's farm. I felt like a horrible mom when I realized Jon had never heard the song... (He thought Old MacDonald was a drive-through!) Luckily, we had root beer packaging and a toilet paper tube that made an awesome farm for our little animals. (Didn't Isaac do a fabulous job?! I was proud.)

When we have gotten to go outside, I let the boys run top-less. And we stay in the shade. And Mark supervises so I can go inside and not feel like I'm melting.

Dan had brain surgery last week (no joke). Unfortunately, he developed an infection, and he's back in the hospital (he's going to be just fine now, but he'll be there a few more days to recover - for those who know him, he's happy to have visitors). We got to snag their boys for a day while new arrangements were made, so we went over to Chick-fil-a for some not-so-hot out-of-the-house playtime.

And then watched movies. Lots of movies. Everybody was too tired to do anything else, but only Gage would nap...

I'd like to say we got more done this week, but we didn't really. We're still adjusting to Mark's new schedule - everyone is tired. We're still potty training - we're mopping the floor instead of leaving the house. Our 4th of July was hot and dry - the only fireworks were the illegal ones the people down the block set off. We visited Dan in the hospital - saved the world from a pandemic of little red blocks.
Here's hoping we all get a little more sleep this week!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gotta Love Facebook

Apparently, this friend of mine likes Jesus and Coppertone...