Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Everything Else We've Been Up To

Before we left for Texas, Mark was interviewing for new jobs like crazy. I was cleaning house like crazy. Isaac played computer games like crazy. And Jon was just crazy. I guess he decided to console himself (since he was feeling neglected) by eating something fatty - like an entire stick of butter. This is how we found him:

Jon just really gets into his milk.

Isaac took to bike riding pretty quickly. He's getting good at it now - he even bit it pretty hard the other day (yes, there was blood) and still got back on and rode plenty after that!

Jon, on the other hand, prefers to pick dandelions while wearing his helmet.

The eclipse. I missed it - I had an orchestra concert that evening. Mark loved the lighting, and tried to get pictures of the boys in front of the sun. They kept running off.

Jonathan was finally brave enough to venture into the water at the splash park - as long as Daddy was close by.

Isaac loves everything about the splash park, especially since it usually means he'll get to play with Keynan.

Jon loves being tucked into bed. We dropped Isaac at the play area in IKEA and took Jon shopping for sheets. He climbed right up in the display and tucked himself in!

My boys back in their default position.

Thanks to those who were sending prayers and good vibes for a new job our way! Mark has accepted an offer, and will hopefully be starting at the new company this week. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Utah Trip 2

It turns out that Mark took pictures from our Memorial Day trip to Cedar!!! (He's much better at playing photographer than I am.)

Isaac's only request for our trip to Cedar was to go to Maggie Moo's. Kristi convinced him to go to Golden Spoon instead. It was good for frozen yogurt. The boys mostly liked the bar stools.

Jonathan and Great-grandma Foote. He wanted her to play domino's. She was nice enough to accept.

The boys and my cousin Bryce - he got a good workout keeping them entertained!

I'm so glad we were able to take this trip! It's always wonderful to be with family, and we're grateful to have had the opportunity.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Texas Trip

I didn't mean to go almost a month between posts here... My excuse is that we were out of town for two weeks and now we're potty training Thing 2. Not that those are fabulous excuses, but that's all I've got!

There are TONS more pictures from our trip to Texas, but I'm just not good at being the one to take them. So, I'm at the mercy of those who did take pictures, and I have to wait until they can send them to me... One day, I might remember to document our family vacations/get-togethers/etc.

This trip to Texas was Jon's first time on a plane, and Isaac's second (he was too little to remember the first time). They did as well as expected on the way there. Jon kicked the seat in front of us too much, but he was relatively satiated by the peanuts... Isaac got to see the cockpit and meet the pilot. He was pretty excited!

Our first stop in Texas was to Mark's older brother's house. The 6 cousins in town had a blast together! They got to swim, play games, watch movies, and just run around like hooligans. Isaac and Aaron even played superheros together, which was totally awesome to watch (they both just ran around going "Pew! Pew!" and slamming into things randomly).Their one big falling out was over a certain building set. Aaron was only okay with the littler ones destroying his creation after taking a picture with it. I was happy to oblige.

We spent 5 days in San Antonio before heading to Katy. The 4 kids in our car did pretty well. We watched a lot of movies and ate a bunch of junky snacks. Isaac learned how to pee on the side of the road. The kids ran amok at Chik-fil-a. We totally crashed at the hotel, so the three boys, Grandma Sue, Mark and I barely noticed each other being in the same room.
The next morning, we drove into Houston and had a great lunch with Grandma Connie at the Rain forest Cafe (after an exciting run to the potty in Nordstroms). We lucked out that she had a conference in Houston during the week we were down there too! The kids were a little too distracted to eat much, but that's just part of the fun, right? My boys especially loved the gorillas. Uncle Scott bought each of the kiddos plastic rain forest animals to play with, which became fabulous entertainment for the drive into Liberty.
In Liberty, we went through a storage unit with all of the furniture from Mark's grandparents' house. It was time to divvy it up and get some stress of off Grandma Sue, who'd been storing it for quite some time. While the others went through the hard work of unloading, sorting, claiming, and reloading, I took Gabriella, Aaron, Isaac, and Jonathan on an adventure! We were only supposed to be going to Sonic for drinks, but I took a wrong turn and kept going for 15 miles... We saw cow pastures, a nifty creek, the dump, a couple tiny churches, state troopers, and train tracks. Actually, I think the kids may have only seen the movie ("Robots"), but I saw all that small-town southern Texas has to offer! (We did finally make it back to Sonic, and everyone was relieved to have something cold to drink.)
After the storage unit was repacked, we headed down to Lake Jackson. Heather had everything ready for a dinner with the families of the 5 children/stepchildren of the Magnuson family of their youth. 

(This picture matches their personalities a little better)

All 10 cousins!


We had a great dinner and the kids enjoyed time with cars. 

A good time was had by all. By the time we got to our hotel in Clute, we were totally just ready to sleep!

The rest of the non-wedding events were spent just spending time with family. The cousins continued to LOVE spending time together. I didn't get many pictures, but I did manage to capture the lizard-viewing. Heather has a gorgeous courtyard at her home. The kids were playing by the windows and noticed a lizard on one of the plants outside. At first, just Isaac and Aaron were interested

But it didn't take long for all the kids to line up! (And Mark went out to see if he could catch it to show them how it changes colors)

Okay, not quite ALL the kids... Jon was content to play with cars while everyone else watched the lizard.

Jon also decided Ava's toys were cool, probably because they had wheels. Still, it was pretty funny to watch him (pants-less because of a major blowout) pushing around a pink doll stroller.

We took our little family down to the beach. My boys had never seen a beach, and Isaac has been asking me what one looks like (I LOVE the beach, so I talk about it frequently). Beaches in that part of Texas are not generally very nice - if you dig a little in the sand, you'll notice the tar and oil has turned it blackish. Even so, I figure this way the boys know what a beach is like! Jon fell asleep in the car, so he only got to see about 60 seconds of beach before we took off. Isaac, on the other hand, LOVED it! He loved that he could throw sand into the waves:

He did, however, fall into the ocean...

So we had to strip him down to ride back to the hotel.

Somehow, I have absolutely no pictures of the rehearsal dinner or the wedding or reception... I'm horrible... Trust me though, it was a great rehearsal dinner (cowboy/Texas themed), a sweet wedding (Kent and Paula looked very happy together), and a cute reception (right on the river in the evening). The boys were pretty good during the ceremony. I stepped in a nest of fire ants between the wedding and the reception. Jon spent a lot of the reception watching lizards on the screened-in patio. We all slept pretty well.

*Mark took pity on me and found his pictures of the 6 Bailey cousins from the reception. They're pretty cute. 

The lighting just turned out neat on this one.

The morning after the wedding, we attended a brunch for out-of-town guests. It was great to have one more chance to chat with the family we never get to see! Except Adam, who managed to avoid saying hello to me the entire time we were there (apparently, I'm a scary sister-in-law). The food was good, the company was good, and we were sad to have to say good-bye.
We headed back to San Antonio on an adventurous drive! (We got to by-pass Houston that time, which was awesome! BUT we had some urgent potty stops in the middle of no where.)
The next morning, it was time to head home. We said our farewells and got ready for another airplane adventure! Once bags were checked and we were through security (if you think going through security by yourself is bad, try doing it with two little kids in tow), we had some down time. The plane was delayed, so it was too much downtime... Grandma Sue took the boys to throw pennies in a fountain. Jon just wanted to splash instead:

Luckily, Jonathan fell asleep as we were boarding the plane (literally), and slept for a little over half the flight. Then, we fed him Skittles to keep him busy... Grandma Sue rode back with us and kept Isaac entertained the whole flight. It was a hot plane ride, with grumpy flight attendants, and an obviously tired pilot. NOT as good as the flight down, but we made it anyway!
We had a great trip, and we're so grateful to all the family that made it so wonderful!!! We love you guys!