Sunday, April 29, 2012


Well, here's my day... (I love "Megamind" - it's the only movie that Isaac wants to watch incessantly that I'm happy to drop everything and watch with him a million times)

Okay, so it's not "my" "day" - it's our week:
Eradicated mold from back siding (Woot! Mark was my hero on this one! It was quite the project...)
Removed and replaced broken siding panels in front
Poured new concrete under sunken downspout
Prepped and painted trim in front of house
Mowed the lawn 3 times (we LOVE Robomow!!!)
Planted oriental lilies
Went to orchestra rehearsal and was awesome
Bought the boys "big boy" bikes
Took the boys riding said bikes - which Isaac is AWESOME at already
Discovered the "new" Jack-in-the-Box which has apparently been open for some time now...
Tried three new recipes - two of which will remain in our meal rotation
Lost and regained 2 pounds
Moved Jon into a bed...
Didn't sleep for most of the week (I think that's what happened to those 2 pounds)
Went to the science museum, and the boys were AMAZING - it made me want to take them out more often
Sent Mark to church training
Introduced Isaac to the original "Fantasia" - he agrees that it is WAY better than "Fantasia 2000"
Did 9 loads of laundry, folded two of them, and divided the rest into each person's laundry basket to live out of for the week
Bought plane tickets for Kent's wedding
Dealt with Jon dumping Oxiclean all over the front room, then playing with it, then licking his hands... (Why don't I have Poison Control on speed dial yet?)
Cut material for two large quilt blocks (a bunch of HST, the "easy" way)
Tilled four garden beds and one flower bed
Began thinning peaches

Here's hoping this week is just as productive, and includes a lot more sleep!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday Isaac Dear!

*sigh* Might as well get the obligatory Primary color sheets out of the way:

Now, on to the good stuff!

Last year, Grandma Sue bought Isaac a neat game called "Animal Upon Animal" - you have to stack animals on each other's backs and whoever knocks the stack over loses. Isaac and I play a lot during Jon's nap. This day, we had a great stack, AND the "help" of R2, Baby Chipmunk, and Baby Turtle. 

Jon has a tie obsession. As long as he still has one that looks decent for church, I let him wear the others while he eats, rides bikes, reads stories, etc.

Riding bikes is a HUGE pass time around here. Both boys need new bikes, I just haven't gotten up the gumption to go shopping yet... 

Even though Jon is the one with the tie obsession, I wanted to make Isaac a special tie for his birthday. This is what I came up with: a black, hand painted R2-D2 necktie - a REAL necktie, not one that velcros in the back. We'll see if he ever wears it again after Sunday, but I think it's awesome. 

Speaking of R2, here he is! With our foaming Yoda Soda (lime sherbet, Sprite, and dry ice): 

Finally, a cake I was proud of! Isaac LOVED it. That's what counted anyway. Jon has been going around for a couple days saying "R2, want to eat you!" (So glad he learned that phrase!)

The Death Star pinata, with TIE fighters. The pinata and I had serious issues, mostly aggravated by its fall while drying... It WAS nice and smooth and almost perfectly round... Oh well.

For Isaac's birthday party this year, he wanted to invite his Primary class, Keynan, Grandma Sue, and the Kratt brothers. (Don't tell him I left the Kratt brothers off the list! He'd forgotten by the time the party started, and I just couldn't see inviting PBS t.v. stars to my kiddo's party.)  Jon got to tag along, because, well, what do you do with your one-year old while your four-year old celebrates?

We started by letting the kids decorate the handles of their balloon light sabers with stickers. Every website I found suggested pool noodles for the sabers, but Mark came up with the genius idea of using the balloons for balloon animals and toilet paper tubes. WAY better! We made a few spares, just in case they popped, but those things are remarkably sturdy!

Nothing says "Star Wars" like Sponge Bob, right?

Then, we let those kids loose to duke it out!

The light sabers were, by far, the best part of the party!

Keynan was DYING to open presents, so we did that next. Isaac ended up with a C-3PO and a Millennium Falcon to add to his PODS collection. I think I saw Jabba the Hut too, but the little guys are now spread all over my house, so once we clean up, we'll know for sure.

The girls were much more subdued in watching present opening. I get such a kick out of watching the differences between those kiddos! Lily did make sure Isaac saw the picture she colored for him - and he appropriately ooohed and ahhed over it (good boy!)

Another hit was the dino-hat from Lydia. Man, these people know 4-year old boys!

 Nice hat, eh? Lily was kind enough to explain to Isaac how to use the swim goggles from Marty - I guess this means we'd better go to the pool this summer!

 Pinata time!

Lily knocked the Death Star off the string, but it didn't pop open.

We tried hitting it while Mark held it.


And then gave up and started kicking it like a soccer ball. 

Lily must have some killer kung-fu training, because she nailed that thing!
Ah, the spoils! 

Jon didn't quite enjoy the pinata process (mostly because we were trying to keep him out of the way so he wouldn't get hit), but he sure enjoyed the results!

After pizza, Mark read the kids "Happy Birthday to You!" by Dr. Seuss (thanks Grandma Connie!) Most of the kiddos wanted to hear it.

Keynan was happy to play with the Star Wars figurines by himself.

Then, it was finally time for cake. Isaac was upset by the fire, but he sang to himself just fine.

Blowing out the candle was tricky, so I don't think we even worried about the wishing part of the tradition... (Doesn't he look like a big kid? Holy cows, my kid is getting old!)

Overall, I'd say the party was a success. We had four happy four-year olds, one TIRED one-year old, and only half an R2-D2 left. Hurray! 
Happy Birthday Buddy Boy!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Robyn's Pics

Still can't get the videos to upload... Eh. We'll get there eventually! In the meantime, here's more photos (in no particular order, and with no particular theme - just cleaning out the memory card here):

The sad thing here is that I can't remember what Isaac called this outfit... It's been too long. It was something like a hunting outfit. I think he might be a little under dressed.

Jon has the primal yell thing down though.

Note to self: If I remain in Primary forever, I MUST remember NOT to let kids take home every single last possible coloring page imaginable, which they will then REFUSE to part with unless their mommies are so kind as to take photos and blog them. And then they will never look at said pictures on said blog. 

This is how Jon spends about 1/2 of his day - in the car seat, with random food smudged on his face. The other half of the day is spent screaming about not having random food.

Isaac always wants his car window rolled down now. We have a rule that the temperature must be over 70 degrees first. He's getting good at reading the two digit numbers on the the thermometer in the van.

The "Melmo" slippers are a big hit. I never intended to let Jon wear them out of the house. Obviously, he's worn them plenty of places. They've spent a lot of time in the washing machine lately.

 Isaac is trying his darnedest to break another limb. It's been two years, so I think he's forgotten how much it stinks to be in a cast.

This is what it looks like when Jon has amoxicillin. It's not pretty:

Isaac was jealous of Jon's photo op...

We stole Keynan and went to the Botanic Gardens again. Good thing he's masculine enough to pull off the lady bug outfit:

My child, on the other hand, just fits the part of the Neanderthal a little too well.

Isaac got stuck with the butterfly costume. Not sure how you can tell it's a butterfly, since the wings only sort of exist, but trust me, that's what it was supposed to be.

When we spent the weekend watching General Conference, Jon got a little bored. We decided we'd better rearrange the furniture after this one.

The results of our "rainbow scavenger hunt" - when did we do this one? Umm... This was part of our preschool the week before St. Patrick's Day. I think I need to blog  more often...

Jon loves the little pink bike we stole from Grandma and Grandpa Wallace. He's getting to be a little big for it - he wants one with pedals. Maybe we'll repent and return the pink bike and find him a cool Neanderthal one.

We "finished" the swing set area! I say "finished" because the slide still isn't up... BUT the wood chips are down. And that is what counts.

At least, that's what counts to the boys. (I'm noticing that we have Keynan over a lot. *Sigh* I wish he wasn't headed to kindergarten in the fall!)

We bought a lap top right after Jon was born to try to ease my feelings of separation from the world. Really, it's just ended up being a portable tv.

Jonathan actually brought home something he colored in nursery. Watch out Isaac's pictures - you've got competition!

We watch Raynell on most Fridays now. She and Isaac enjoy chalking up the driveway. Especially if I let them erase the drawings with the hose afterwards.

I didn't get many pictures of the flowers my neighbors kept complementing, but this was one of my favorite daffodils.

And the bright orange tulips were pretty cool too.

This picture was way back before they all opened... Like I said, the pictures aren't nearly as showy as the flowers ACTUALLY were.

 The day before we put Sammy down, I came down the stairs and put my shoes on right next to him, and he  didn't even wake up. He had no clue I was there - his hearing was pretty gone. It was totally against the rules for him to sleep on the couch, but I figured I'd let him get away with it.

 Isaac's last Sammy hug:

The last few days with him, we kept trying to get pictures of Sammy. Every time we pulled out a camera, he'd run away and hide. This was as good as we got.

My boys eating breakfast together in the rocking chair. I don't love the crumbs, but I sure do love watching them snuggle up together!

 Nicole visited and spoiled the boys rotten! Isaac made out like a bandit, since his birthday is coming up. He's excited to wear his R2-D2/Mickey ears to his birthday party this week, and he takes R2 to bed with him every night. It's pretty awesome. Nicole, you picked good stuff!

Jon got Mater. He's been driving it around pretty much ceaselessly for two weeks now. It's awesome.

Jon and Gage. Jon only likes being the big boy when Gage is around until the cool baby toys come out. Then he's right back to being the baby.

Nancy and I have been walking over to and around the track at the high school a lot lately. Isaac LOVES that, since he can get out of the stroller and run that way. Last week, we had an especially fun walk because Nancy's daughter and grandson came with us. The three boys had a blast running around the track and field. I can't say I had as good a workout as usual, but I can say it was worth it to watch them play.

Since we're still waiting on our back lawn to come in, the boys can't go out and play. We decided to start walking over to the green space between the town homes nearby to play there for a while. The boys have been quite happy with the arrangement, since they can explore a new space. 

Nicole helped us decorate some Monster Eggs for Easter (I know, how festive, right?!) I tried to take a picture where you could see the ones specifically made to look like someone, but it didn't ever work out. (We had a minion from "Despicable Me", Frankenstein, and my mom, dad, brothers, and sister - they were awesome.)

At the library, we've got a cool new play area. Jon mainly likes to draw while we're there.

Isaac drew some flowers for me. His teacher and I were both excited that he actually DREW something this time, instead of just slamming crayons against paper. Maybe we're making progress. (For those who haven't heard about all the drawing drama, we're trying to figure out if Isaac is left-handed or not. He shows some signs, but REFUSES to draw/write/etc with his left hand. When asked why, he says because "right is right." Good thing left isn't "sinister" anymore!)

This week is likely to produce lots of pictures - Isaac is more than slightly excited to geek it up at his Lego Star Wars birthday party next weekend. We've made a Death Star pinata, have plans for balloon light sabers, and, if all goes well, an R2-D2 cake. I still haven't found a Han Solo to freeze, so I think we may have to fore go that one, but I'm pretty sure it'll be awesomely geeky fun anyway!