Thursday, February 16, 2012

Deep Breath...

Umm... This post is a month in the making... It's a long one...

Here's the major thing we've been up to: falling asleep ANYWHERE. Anytime. Any place. Seriously.

Mark wanted a caption here with a "Matrix" reference. But... I've never seen it... So... This is the best you get.

Too bad we already archived the picture of Isaac just like this... Our boys are both computer addicts.

At the museum. With Keynan. On the llamas. It was a good day.

The latest artwork that needed to be archived:

(love the rainbow Batman!)

 Isaac has an obsession with "Spiderman and His Amazing Friends" - I had to make him a coloring sheet from a comic book cover. He was excited enough to have it that he carefully chose his colors and made sure everything was just the way he wanted it. It took him like 20 minutes.

This one is Jon's. He LOVES to color. He especially loves to color in the new kids' room at the library. The librarians love it.

Oh, the insane amounts of coloring pages from Primary!!! Isaac doesn't even like to color, and he still comes home with at least 3 every week.

What we got done in the basement: carpet, paint, throwing away TONS of stuff, reorganizing what's left. This is my side of the basement:

This is Mark's side: (Can you tell who was better at throwing things away?)

Here's as much as we've gotten done in the kitchen: (Not that impressive, I know, but it's a start.)

Jon is super good at giving me a cheesy grin now. Love it.

Isaac is experimental in his cheesy grins now. Don't know if I love it yet. I'll let you know when I decide.

Homemade doughnuts with Nutella and dolphin and teddy bear sprinkles. Definitely the boys' favorite treat.

 Groundhog Day shadow puppets. And a rocket ship. Because every groundhog needs a rocket ship.

Forgot to rotate picture... Jon in his default pose.

Isaac and the puppets.

Jon and the puppets.

Isaac's puppet. (Awesome use of color.)

Jon's puppet. (Can you tell he had a little help?)

I just like this one.

Jon has decided that he needs to expand his climbing horizons... It's blurry because I knew I couldn't let him get away with scaling Grandma's end table.

Isaac has moved into an attitude phase. I love it - I give him big, sloppy kisses all the time just to watch him wipe them off and grunt in disgust!

Sammy is just old. His arthritis is getting BAD. Poor guy.

The sticker happened to say Jon's favorite phrase: "Uh-oh"

Continuing the slow death of the upright piano... The neighbors all get a kick out of this. Mark was just enthralled by the noise the soundboard made as he unbolted everything. If we'd had a good microphone in the garage, I'm sure it'd be recorded. It really did sound like something dying. We're still undoing all the strings so we can reuse the wood, but the rest of the piano is demolished.

The thing that did die in the slaughter of the piano? Our hammer...

Isaac keeps saying "Wow, Jon! That's the biggest booger I've ever seen!" Poor Jon.

As long as he's got Thomas, he's happy anyway.

Isaac has taken a sudden interest in the aloe vera plant. He thinks the texture is cool. I don't blame him. If I could get away with acting like a 3-year old, I'd play with it too.

The boys wanted to race trains today. Isaac named his "The Little Engine That Could."

Jonathan named his "Collection of Random Model Train Accessories."

Sammy won.

And then PBS won.

Isaac and I have been working hard at preschool lately. He's been most excited to use a "How to Train Your Dragon" pre-K pack. (No, we've never seen the movie, he just likes the idea of vikings and dragons. Yes, we've got both the book and the movie on hold at the library.) Math genes may win out on this boy: he was most excited to chart the results of the die roll.

Yep, that's trail mix marking the spots on the chart. It was all I could find at the moment, and I didn't feel like laminating the chart so we could use dry-erase markers... The bonus was that we had snack once we found that our die was pretty well balanced.

Isaac was just too tired to give me more enthusiasm about the trail mix. Don't worry. We went and took a nap. That's the best way to end preschool!

Alright... I think that's everything... Let's hope I have my stuff together a little better for the next post!!!