Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Day-After-Christmas!

I'm always impressed by those people who have a Christmas post published ON CHRISTMAS with cute pictures of their kiddos opening presents. I have decided, though, that they are CRAZY. And they must get up a lot earlier than I do... I'm pretty stinkin' proud of myself for getting this up the day after though, and not halfway into January, as has been my pattern!

Not how the day started, but this one sums up the best parts of Christmas for our family:
(Jon was freaking out because he couldn't get the giant box of brownie mix open. Little did he know that Mark had already made a batch, which was cooking as he screamed.)

No, Jonathan didn't climb up there himself. He was messing with the oven while we were trying to get something hot out, so I put him on the trash can just to keep him from burning himself. He loved it, since he got to play with the light switch that way.

Okay, on to the presents! Stockings - most loved part: PEZ dispensers.

After two years of searching, I finally found a travel size Hungry Hungry Hippos game! Now my boys can play it without me fearing for Jon's life. (He still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.)

The big Santa presents this year were Leapster 2s - 1 for each boy. Isaac's came with a Wall-E game cartridge. They didn't win out over the PEZ though. Good try Santa.

See, that's the Thomas the Tank Engine PEZ dispenser... and the abandoned Leapster...

We found the EVE PEZ dispenser and couldn't let that one go. Isaac thought we were awesome for it. I'm glad that's all we had to do to make his day.

A very blurry GO-4. He was snuggled and came to church with us. I think Isaac MAY be sleeping with him again, but we've had to ban that, since he tends to fall behind the bed and cause problems in the middle of the night...

Little trucks! Jon liked making them drive over the Leapster. I'm glad it was good for something.

AND the end-all-be-all present: SPIDER-MAN! He talks and slings web. Um... Nobody saw that one coming. Grandma and Grandpa Bailey totally won with that one.

The Cars book is destined to be a favorite. The little cars are all over the living room (still) which is Jon's way of making sure he's marked his territory.

 Our sweet next-door neighbors (the Italian ones) brought the boys each a little present with a teddy bear and some treats. (And in the background you can see the singing Christmas tree, which the boys played with NON-STOP since we opened the shipping box last week.)

After church, we had to wait for Mark to finish up his responsibilities, so the boys were STARVING by the time we got home. Luckily, Uncle Scott and Aunt Julie have magical powers of foresight and sent yummy crackers and cheese for them to devour upon arrival.

We got to Skype with our Cedar City family, which is always an adventure (the boys always take that opportunity to run around like maniacs). It was awesome to actually get to SEE Sboy and Kristi again after their deployment. Everybody looked happy and healthy - Mom even has the use of both arms again!

Dinner was with Grandma Sue and Marty. There was much enjoyment of our super fatty meal of fettuccine Alfredo (with salad, don't worry), brownies with whipped topping, and Abuelita (possibly the YUMMIEST hot chocolate ever). Then, Jon showed off his amazing powers of screaming all evening until he finally fell asleep. A good time was had by all.

As you can probably tell, our Christmas was fabulous. Couldn't have asked for anything more, except maybe a nap (ha, but we know better than to ask for the impossible).

Possibly the best part of Christmas this year was that Isaac really understood what all the fuss was about. He'd tell us all about how exciting it is to celebrate Jesus' birthday, and he'd help recite the Nativity story. I'm so grateful to have him help remind us why we do all of the silly stuff we do for this holiday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Made My Day

Isaac was in a fabulous mood at dinner tonight. I had planned to make squash soup and garlic cheesy biscuits for dinner, but I'd been delayed, and the only thing on the table for the boys was the biscuits. Isaac was sitting there munching on his biscuit, and said "Wow, these biscuits are really yummy!" Obviously, I was happy to get the compliment, so I said thank you to him, and figured that was the end of it. BUT he then went a step further with a compliment so awesome, it made me cry. After years of children throwing food on the floor, spitting it out because they don't like it, telling me how disgusting it is, how horrible a mother I am for trying to get them to eat it, Isaac looked me in the eye and said "Thanks for making such a yummy dinner tonight Mom!"

Yep. Pretty much made my whole day and then some. My kid is awesome. (For the record, Jonathan didn't eat his. I think he was full of snitched candy canes... And I was the only one who ate the soup. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 at the Bailey House

For those of you joining us because I sent out my blog address in lieu of a Christmas letter this year, here's the highlights, with a link to blog posts about each happening:

12 month old Jonathan! (well, now it's plus five...)
11 hour drive to Cedar City and the picture it took me a month to post
10 is the beginning of "101"
9 number of videos I dumped into one big post!
8 weeks of "The Great Sprinkler Adventure" (At least it's mentioned, clear at the bottom)
7 years of marriage
6 months to finish Isaac's quilt
5 months of sharing a room
4 weeks of "busy season" (per quarter - EXCEPT this last quarter, and NEVER AGAIN!!! Hurray!)
3 year old Isaac! (this post too!)
2 black eyes
1 wrecked car

(BTW, if you've never tried to figure out an event for each number 1-12 for a year, you should totally try. It stretches the mind a little... Or maybe a lot...)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mark's Phone

I got talked into buying a kit for a gingerbread train this week. The boys and I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together, then the boys thoroughly enjoyed picking it apart. I think it lasted (as a whole) all of 5 hours - only because I made them wait to take it apart until Daddy got home.

 The boys DID get to eat some icing before Daddy got home though. Yes, I AM a total sucker. Here's them cheesin' it up after eating the green icing:

(Jon likes to do this weird thing where he cocks his head to the side and then bounces. I was trying to get a picture, but OBVIOUSLY, it was going to end up blurry.)

Isaac was proud of his candy. Jon was showing off his backside. Of course I took a picture.

This is what Jon does while I make dinner...

FINALLY getting to eat the train! Somehow, Jon reminds me of a beached whale...

Apparently worth jumping out of your seat for.

Jon likes to steal my phone now. He does things with it. I don't always know what things. Luckily, he's only called my dad at obscene hours of the morning once... Anyway, he figured out how to take a picture and then add a cooking themed border... I wasn't aware you could do that. AND, it's an "audio postcard" - fancy, eh? No audio, but here's the postcard:

Keynan has a baby brother now. I think Isaac was just as excited as Keynan. We went to see him, and Keynan showed us how to "pet" Gage on the head. Isaac got pretty good at it. He loves babies. Good thing Gage is a good sport!

In case you needed a closer look at the Santa experience from my last post: (Check out those teeth! He's cut a few more since then!)

Now for some pictures that are ANCIENT that I found on Mark's phone...

Isaac just hamming it up:

He likes to butt things with his head. We're so proud.

I found Nemo!

Somehow, we only got a picture of Keynan with Buddy (doesn't he look enthused?!) - our boys only have video. You can see me waving in the upper right though.

Highland Festival. The weather was AWESOME! Too bad we could only stay for the parade this year, but we enjoyed that anyway.

Jonathan thinks Bishop is his best friend. Or he just likes his desk and was trying to sneak up there.

This may be my favorite picture of Isaac. EVER.

WAAAAAAY back when cousins were here and Isaac, Gabriella, and Aaron were dressed up as sloths... Racing. It was exciting.

No caption necessary. (Yes, we're THAT nerdy.)

Mark just mentioned that he's also got videos on his phone... I think I'll save those for another day, or this post could cover a few years and go on FOREVER...

It's been two weeks and we still don't have word on the car. We did hear from the body shop this week. They think it's totaled... They've got to clear everything with insurance first though. Fabulous. So, our track record: three cars bought and paid off in our marriage. Two cars totaled within months of paying them off. Awesome.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Success! Sort of...

I realized a couple days ago that the majority of our new pictures and video are currently on Mark's phone... He's been ESPECIALLY busy lately, and hasn't been home for me to borrow his phone for even a few minutes. So, I'm hoping that I'll actually be able to steal a moment to blog AND Mark's phone at the same time soon here. For now, I have some LAME pictures to share, but they are pictures nonetheless!

Isaac was in time-out for hitting Jonathan. Guess what Jonathan was doing? Guess who ended up in time-out next? (No, I didn't sit there and take a picture of Isaac getting beat up on purpose. Originally, Jon was hugging Isaac. As soon as I had the camera ready to take a picture of my sweet little guys, Jon decided to play dirty.)

Isaac did pretty well sitting with Santa this year (He asked for a "monster I-pad"):

Jonathan, not so much... (He asked to get off Santa's lap):

Contrary to the pained expression on his face, Isaac informed me that the batter he was licking off the beaters was delicious. He just didn't enjoy licking the beaters.

Jon figured he'd one-up his brother and take a beater AND the empty jar of Nutella...

Mike helping yell at the stinkin' oven (this was pre-fixing):

Doesn't everyone eat sprinkles with their spaghetti? (Guess who thought that one up? Hint: It wasn't Mom.)

My boys watching "t.v." Since we got rid of satellite, we watch everything on Netflix on our laptop. "Everything" means "Backyardigans," "Spider-man and His Amazing Friends," or "Iron Giant." Quality entertainment, eh? (Actually, I really enjoy "Backyardigans." I mean, where else do you see animated versions of 1920s dances?)

Not accompanied by pictures, but here's some great lines from Isaac lately:

Isaac: Jonathan, I'm going to kill you!
Mommy: No, Isaac we don't kill people, especially not your brother.
Isaac: Well, then I'm going to light him on fire!
(Entire discussion about how lighting people on fire is also inappropriate...)
A little later:
Isaac: I'm going to kill all the bad guys!
Mommy: No, remember how we don't kill people? We just catch them so they can go to jail.
(A few minutes of Isaac running around making "cue cue cue" noises...)
Mommy: Did you catch the bad guys?
Isaac: Yeah, I put them all in jail. Then, I lit it on fire!

Isaac was very hungry after deciding not to eat what I'd made for lunch recently. He started asking for candy, lollipops, etc. Of course, I refused. He got a super pouty face and growled at me: "Mommy, you're a bad mommy. A good mommy would let me eat treats!" (Nope, that didn't work in his favor, in case you were wondering.)