Sunday, November 27, 2011

Something New

Mark and I have debated the issue for a LONG time, and decided that instead of taking our blog private (requiring a password sign-in to read it), we'd archive old posts from time to time to make it more difficult (not impossible, I'm not THAT naive) for our boys' future social lives to be destroyed by things I posted about them as kids. SO, if you're reading our blog and notice things are suddenly missing, that's why. They all still exist, YOU just can't get to them, only Mark and I can. (Ha ha! The power!! Unless you're really good at figuring out how to access that kind of stuff - Dad, that's not a challenge. I know you could do it if you wanted to.)
Since the purpose in my keeping this blog is so that family and friends who live far away can see what we're up to, I figure you guys will be fine not having immediate access to things like pictures of my kids as newborns. IF, for some reason, you DO feel that need, let me know. I'm happy to email you such things. I just don't want Isaac's potty training adventures to be the topic of discussion over lunch in middle school one day.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

When There's Love at Home...

I never got Isaac to tell me ANYTHING he was thankful for this year, BUT I figured I'd mention what we've been up to:

Attending to black eyes, cuts/bruises on the face, and probably minor concussions.

My boys have entered the "rough-housing" stage. Awesome.

At the moment, both of them have black eyes. Jon also has cuts on his nose and chin, and a nice yellow bruise behind his ear. Isaac knocked him into a corner. Isaac would've been in more trouble, but Jonathan promptly whacked him in the face when Isaac tried to see if he was alright. (No black eye from that, but his face was a little red for a while.)
Isaac lucked out. When he face-planted into the side of the recliner, he was holding a toy that I worried had hit him in the eye (Deja vu! Stinkin' boys thinking it's cool to almost poke their eyes out...), but luck was on his side and all that jabbed him was the fabric trim around the arm of the chair. Of course, his eye was pretty swollen, and he looks quite beat-up, but we're thanking our lucky stars he's okay!

I've been told this is the beginning of "play fighting" that lasts the rest of their male existence (or until they have earned their place in Valhalla, whichever comes first). I'm a little nervous just because I don't think Isaac quite realizes how strong his little brother is already... I feel the need to protect him from Jon!

Except that Isaac can melt carrots, apparently. With his heat vision.

Ah, never a dull moment.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things I am ESPECIALLY thankful for today:

1. Jon went back to sleep after waking up screaming at 5am.
2. My sick husband was willing to drag himself out of bed to pull the gizzards out of the turkey for me.
3. Isaac informed me this morning that I'm his favorite mommy ever.
4. A dishwasher.
5. That the big pile of leaves I raked, but wasn't able to bag, is still a pile.
6. The sounds coming from Skeezy House are those of a power tool, not a police raid.
7. A local store happened to have "The Incredibles" on sale yesterday - so my boys are enjoying a movie while I cook my little heart out.
8. Stuffed pumpkin. Need I say more?

(Couldn't get Isaac to tell me ANYTHING he was thankful for this year... Maybe by the end of the day I'll have his list. It's sure to be as awesome as last year's list.)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Too exhausted for a real post...

We're all sick. Again. Flu. Why is it that kids don't understand that when they are sick, they need to slow down? Poor Isaac is the worst off, but he's still chasing the "good guys" (he LOVES being a bad guy) all day, slinging web and running all over the house. He stops just long enough to say "Uh oh. My tummy hurts!" and make a big mess. Somehow, we've gotten lucky, and only need to shampoo one carpet. The other messes have all been on the hardwood floor! Woot! The irony here? Everyone but me has had a flu shot - I INTEND to get one, I just am a procrastinator. Guess who doesn't have major flu symptoms? I lucked out with just being tired and achy.
Two things getting me through this week:
1. stuffed pumpkin and cinnamon rolls on Thursday (forget the turkey!)
2. Mark gets a long weekend for Thanksgiving
Here's hoping everybody else makes it through the week too!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Things I Wish I Never Had to Say Again...2

  • Crayons are not food.
  • Are you seriously blowing your nose on my sweater?!
  • Peanut butter doesn't go in your hair.
  • The dog isn't starving. He doesn't need your food.
  • Don't wake up your brother!!!
  • Drinking cocktails of random chemicals will NOT give you super powers. It just kills you. (Thank you, 1967 "Spider-Man")
  • Which one of you is poopy?
  • Quincy, you don't live here.
  • We don't stand on the computer.
  • What is this ground into the carpet here?
  • You're not supposed to tell people what we got them for Christmas.
  • We don't drink bath water.
  • What did you eat?!
  • What do you have in your mouth?
  • How many of those are in your mouth?
  • Yes, superheros DO eat - and something BESIDES toast.
  • Those are not your shoes.
  • It's not morning yet. Go back to sleep.

(In case you missed the first list, 1 1/2 years ago, check it out here.)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oldies But Goodies

Well, some of these are good... Isaac would say "they're very... informative!" Or, he'd just name some random super villain who happens to be on his mind, and say they're in the picture. (The villains are definitely his favorite. He always wants to be the bad guy. Heaven help us.) Regardless, here's some stuff we did in the last month:

Decorated pumpkins: I refuse to buy pumpkins just to carve. If I'm going to eat them (like I did with the pie pumpkins that are in these pictures) then it's sort of okay. Otherwise, my kids will just have to deal with the fake ones and get creative. OR they can team up with Daddy and grow our own (we tried this year, sort of, but The Great Sprinkler Adventure kind of took higher priority).

Isaac gave up naps. Except for those days that he totally crashes at like 5pm. I miss nap time! It is kind of nice to have "preschool time" when Jon is sleeping though - then I don't have to figure out how to keep Jonathan out of the middle of everything.

Speaking of preschool, here's a little of Isaac's latest lesson: We're working writing, if it wasn't obvious. We've had a lot of success with the "Read, Build, Write" activities from this site. (I fancied it up a little by combining the mat with a picture frame so we could use dry erase markers on the glass without laminating the papers.) The only time we've run into trouble is when Isaac sees a lower case "L" - he thinks it's an "I" (I blame all the fancy computer fonts that make those two letters look exactly the same). He will totally fight with me on it. He's awesome at numbers though. I wonder where that came from...

More decorating. We made and sent Halloween cards to extended family. Did I mention Halloween is the favorite holiday around here? It's mostly because it has morphed into a day all about sugar. That's my kind of holiday.

We had our first snowstorm of the year. At first, Jonathan REFUSED to go outside at all. He just had his nose up against the window trying to figure out what was going on. I think part of the issue was actually that we went from 80 degrees to 40 degrees in one day. The other part was that everything looked WAY different. He's not big on change yet. Isaac wanted to go out and play though, so I took 45 minutes and dressed both boys in coats, snow pants, snow boots, hats/gloves/scarves (notice the absence of these items of clothing from the pictures). The boys headed out to the backyard, Isaac tearing out into the snow like a Yeti, and Jon standing in the door frame apprehensively. It only took about 3 minutes before Isaac was screaming because he face planted in the snow and decided he wanted to come back in. Jon worked up the courage to go touch the snow, then promptly decided he hated it and came running back. Was all that dressing the boys up worth it? Maybe not, but I got some cute pictures of Jon in his "first" snow storm. (Okay, so I know he was around last year for the snow, but he sure didn't remember it, so I don't think it counts.)

We threw a Halloween party at our house for 13 kids under the age of 6. While Mark was at work. Umm... I know, it was more than a slightly crazy idea, but it was pretty darn fun. Since there were so few adults, I didn't get very good pictures, but here's what I've got: (Maddie is the one in the goggles. Isn't she hilarious?)

Of course, our party snacks ended up photographed better than the actual kids at the party... Apparently, I was under less pressure at the time I took THOSE pictures... (I think I took the picture below to show off the fact that more of the apple slices were gone than the cookies! I was impressed. Of course, I don't think Mark even knew I'd made cookies by the time he got home that night...)

Our food theme was mummies. Isaac and I spent a lot of time wrapping these guys. Worth it? Not for the design, but it sure slowed down a few older kiddos who were a little overeager and would've eaten everything before the little guys got a chance.

Jon had his 15 month check up (okay, so it was LATE) - he's tall (well above average) and skinny (a little below average). Also, he HATES going to the doctor. Dr. Kurtz is a pro, and we still had to have three adults holding Jon down just to get his weight and his ears checked. And he doesn't do well with shots, apparently. At least that's what Mark wants to blame the all-night scream-fest on. I'm thinking it might still be the adjustment to the time change. Either way, it's no bueno. Maybe tonight will be better. Please?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hot Cross Buns

Not sure I've ever been so proud in my entire life... This was by far the worst time Isaac ever played this (we found out he's a little camera shy), and I still think it's pretty stinkin' awesome considering that he's three.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Change is Good, Right?

Not so sure here... Google and I are not together on this one yet. I've been INSANELY behind the times, and not kept up with all of the updates to Blogger and such, so I had to do them all at once when I discovered that certain things were no longer supported... So, this oh-so-exciting post is simply my test to make sure I've got it all figured out and that I'm not a super lame-o here.
In family news: Isaac got new snow pants today. They are red. I originally thought that was awesome because they'd match his coat. BUT I was told it was awesome because now he can look just like Spider-man while he plays in the snow. He even sings his own theme song. The awesomeness is unending over here.
Jonathan began his day screaming and ended it screaming. He wasted approximately 4 meals worth of food by throwing it on the kitchen floor and letting the dog eat it. At one point, he took our GIANT block of cheese (seriously, we buy it in a 5 pound block) and pulled it down to the floor and started gnawing on it (I DID manage to rescue that one from the dog). So, now we have a shaved block of cheese and less leftovers than originally planned for. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have a happier boy too.
How did the Halloween-ing go? Preschooler/toddler party - successful. Only two kids cried, and one was just because she felt like she didn't have as long a turn as somebody else. That was an easy one to fix. I still felt guilt over not going to the ward trunk-or-treat (that was the motivation behind throwing the party in the first place), but only slight guilt.  The boys pulled in a pretty good haul around the neighborhood. "Boys" included Jon this year - Daddy was pretty excited to take both boys trick-or-treating. I have already cleaned out the Almond Joy and Snickers Almond bars. (My favorites are pretty obvious) We had plenty of trick-or-treaters, but didn't run out of candy. Success!
Skeezy Neighbors moved out this week, we think. At least their stuff left. There's some debate over who keeps parking in the driveway and blaring obscene music until the police show up. With any luck, they'll be gone soon too. The car looks familiar, so I'm pretty sure it's connected with the old inhabitants.
Mark and I have been working hard on his family history. We've made it back more than 1000 years on one branch, which I think is pretty darn good considering what we were running up against. We're still stuck at his great-great-grandparents on one line though. Looks like we'll have a rough time ever finding those records. Great-great-grandpa was from Gibraltar, but it looks as though he changed his name on the passage over here. We can't be sure though, which makes finding records a little tricky. There's much debate on Great-great-grandma's name/birthplace/etc. She's either from New York or Massachusetts, but that's a pretty wide area to search for somebody whose name isn't the same on any two census records. Oye. At least it's not boring work!