Friday, October 28, 2011

Thanks Grandma Foote!

My grandma sent the boys some Jack o-lantern shirts for Halloween, so we thought we'd try to take a couple pictures to show her how cute they look! These turned out better than the costume pictures... Still, I can't seem to get Jon to smile for the camera. He was saying "Cheese!" the whole time, but this was as good as we got:
(I bribed the boys to sit still with Reese's, that's why they have their hands in their mouths.)

I think I might just use Jon's as his costume, and go ahead and wash the one I made (I just used Elmer's glue, so all the pieces will still come off). This one is just cuter! Thanks Grandma!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Giving Up Early This Year

Sooo... Every year for the last 3 years, I've attempted to take early Halloween pictures to send to my parents/grandparents. You know, so they can see my kiddos in costumes and such. This has never been a particularly easy task (Isaac was crawling his first Halloween), and this year proved too much for me. So, here's the BLURRY and lame pictures I ended up with after approximately 50 tries. No pictures of the boys together this year. I give up...

I took the lazy way out with Jon and just made him a Jack o' lantern sweatshirt:

Isaac insisted on being Wall-E, after I had made him a cow costume and then started on a monster costume when he outgrew the cow. Once again, I decided not to try too hard. He loves it anyway.

Mark and I were going to come up with costumes, but decided it wasn't worth it just to hand out candy this year. SO, we're going as the oh-so-scary Bailey Parents. Awesome.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Guess It's Overdue...

I noticed it's been 11 days since the last blog post... I figured I'd better post again, even though I have no time and no inspiration at the moment... SO, here's what we've been up to:
1. My mom came clear out here to visit! We were totally excited to have her here!
2. The boys got sick. Super coughy, fevers, tired, gross, etc... Kept us up all night multiple nights.
3. I had 6 cavities filled... Yep, 6. I brush awesomely, but flossing hasn't been my strength. I think it's going to be my new hobby.
4. Mark worked super hard on a rush project at work only to find out they didn't want it to be rushed.
5. I finally scheduled the spa appointment my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday last year...
6. We worked with Aaron to get the new fence up. He has done the VAST majority of the work, but we did a little bit.
7. Sammy ran away. BUT we found him - "we" being Isaac and me. We were pretty proud of ourselves.
8. Finished sewing Halloween treat bags for the boys and Halloween pillows for my couch.
9. Had our annual stuffed pumpkin dinner. This time we used rice. It was equally awesome to last year (if I'm remembering correctly).
10. Winterizing: pulled in all the green tomatoes to hang in the garage, blew out the sprinklers, etc. Hoping to get the front window caulked this afternoon. We'll see...

Friday, October 14, 2011

What Made My Week

Things that made me laugh:
1. When my mom was telling me that potty training each kid was "a crap shoot."
2. When Megan mentioned that Tommy used to demand his diaper be changed immediately after it became less-than-perfectly-clean, and she missed him being "anal" about it.
3. When Megan said she "made out" with 30 crawdads from the creek up north.

Things that made me cry:
1. Doing sealings in the temple - our cute little old sealer said it would be nice for us to hear our wedding vows again. All I could do was remember my wedding day, and all of the overwhelming emotions that went with it. I wish I could say they were all positive...
2. How much my feet hurt after a mile and a half of pushing the double stroller with two boys uphill while walking with Nancy, since I didn't want to look like a wimp and ask her to slow down for me.
3. When the chenille blanket got destroyed in the washing machine - loosing the blanket wasn't so bad, but cleaning up all the fuzz balls was.
4. The dishwasher is leaking. A lot...

Things that are entirely miraculous:
1. The vacuum cleaner magically fixed itself! (The on/off button was broken. We called to order a new part, but they were out of stock and said they wouldn't get any in for AT LEAST another month. I MacGyver-ed it with a rubber band, but now I don't even need that anymore!)
2. After more than a year, we finally got some progress on the refund for a service that was done on our van with a money back guarantee. AND, they decided to give us a full refund instead of the partial we asked for.

Things that made me smile:
1. Jonathan has taken to zerbiting the last two unbroken dinning room chairs. Apparently, they make the best noises because the seats are covered in vinyl.
2. Isaac decorated his pumpkin AWESOMELY! We just bought fake pumpkins and some foam stickers, but he made a whole graveyard scene that totally looked like an adult did it. Of course, Jon then ate most of the stickers, but, instead of getting mad, Isaac was excited to get to do it again.
3. I lost two pounds this week - right after deciding that it was nearly impossible for me to ever stop the gaining trend.
4. Having Isaac sit on my lap and feed fabric through the sewing machine so we could sew Halloween treat bags for Jonathan and him.
5. Watching my boys invent a new game after Jon knocked down Isaac's block tower - Isaac would race to stack them and see how many he could get before Jon toppled them. Then, they traded! Awesome!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Another crazy week around here - I'm a little worried that this is the new "normal." Oh well. Anyway, I'm in danger of titling every post "This Week In Pictures" unless I get back on the horse with the blogging!

So, I was thinking about the weekly goals I posted, and realized that was TWO weeks ago... Here's an example of how well I did (goal: unbury both pianos):

Yep, didn't happen... BUT, I have a cute kid or two:

Zoo play date? Check. This is what happened on the way home:

Bunny sewn? Check. She's even wrapped with the other Christmas presents already.

Here's an example of why my house is never clean... I had left a stick of butter on the table to soften (that was totally a novice mistake, what was I thinking?!) This is how I found Jon...

This is how I found the stick of butter...

Any guesses on what happened to the butter?

We were lucky enough to get Lily and Maddie again this week. I whipped up a batch of finger paints, pulled out the crayons and markers, and let the kiddos go wild. (Jon went so wild he lost his clothing)

I'm not sure why Maddie secluded herself... I think she was actually trying to be more artistic than the others...

AND, while I was wrapping Christmas presents, Isaac decided to help. By playing with his own present. At least I know it is currently desirable. I hope it still is in three months!

So, yes, our street saw some action again this week. The SWAT team was on our lawn... HOPEFULLY, this was the end of it. We'll see. Since it never hit the news, and the investigation is ongoing, I don't feel comfortable publicly revealing much, but it freaked out my kids... We spent some quality family time hiding in the back of the house, away from stray bullets... At least the rest of our neighbors are awesome - they all called to make sure we were okay, since our house was the center of the action again. Seriously, for all the flaws lately, our neighborhood is wonderful.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I've been listening to my favorite Beatles songs this morning, trying to keep myself sane. For those who don't look at the time stamp, it's just after 7 am as I post. I've been up with Jon since about 5. Neither of the boys slept last night - 5 just happened to be when I gave up. Mark bore the brunt of the sleepless night, since we both thought the boys were only awake for Daddy attention (he's been gone A LOT lately - other than the middle of the night, they only saw him for about 10 minutes yesterday). Poor guy, he's exhausted, and it's only Thursday...
BUT, there is good news: Isaac used the potty 3 times yesterday of his own accord! So, what was the (most recent) reason for his lack of potty usage? He didn't want to wash his hands every time he went. Seriously?! So, I gave in and decided he could just use hand sanitizer sometimes. For those that this grosses out: it's better than a whole house covered in excrement. You'll get over it. I know I did. Fast.
Umm... Thing 2 just went out the dog door into the backyard. I suppose I should chase him down. Here's hoping tonight's sleep nets more than last!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's Up...

I've had many friends and family mention lately that they've just "been thinking about" us - which, for many of them, translates into "we're worried about you guys." And, quite honestly, I'm glad people are worried about us. We've been struggling a lot lately. Not like crash-and-burn, crisis, emergency needs or anything. Just really trying hard to get through some things that have been more than a little overwhelming. Mostly, we're in need of prayers and moral support at the moment.
Isaac has ALWAYS been difficult for us. He's been getting worse lately. He's bored, obstinate, and lonely. Mark and I both think he really just needs to go to preschool. The mom co-op we did in the spring worked well for him, but two moved, one just had a baby, and one seemed more than slightly overwhelmed with the idea of doing it again. So, we thought we'd try to enroll him somewhere. Of course, he has to be potty trained to go to a "real" preschool. We tried all of the specialist's advice this week, and things only got worse. Not like the it-has-to-get-worse-before-it-gets-better kind of worse. It was just bad. Thank goodness my mom knows all! She's given me some things to try for this week, and we're going to hope and pray we make some progress.
Jonathan cut another tooth this week. This meant that he's had super poos about 6 times a day, every day for a week. His poor bottom is blistered! And, for those who haven't heard him scream, I'm sure there's banshee blood in his genes somewhere... I was worried our neighbors would call CPS on us!
Because we've been cleaning bodily fluids out of everything we own, none of our other housework has gotten done. It looks like heck here. And smells like it to... I was thoroughly embarrassed when the police came over to talk to us about our neighbors. It was even worse when I realized pictures of our yard were on national news - the yard that has descended to the lowest circles of The Abyss because of the Great Sprinkler Adventure. (I did get out and mow the front lawn this weekend before the news crews came back to cover the candlelight vigil tonight.)
We've been sick a lot. I usually don't catch whatever everyone else gets - either that, or I don't let it get me down, I just push through it. The last few times, the illnesses have knocked me out flat. I don't get anything done. I don't play with my kids - which means they destroy our house.
I can't remember the last time Mark and I argued so much. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been for at least 6 years (that first year was rough...) The stress has been getting to us - we've yelled at each other and at the boys. We're NOT unhappy together, we're just letting moments of weakness get in the way of being nice.
I try really hard to keep things light and paint a nicer picture of what's going on over here when I blog, but enough people have mentioned they're worried that we know we're not fooling anybody. There isn't really anything we can use help on - unless you have a magic wand that will potty train Isaac and allow Jon to cut all of his teeth with no pain and no diaper rash. I can't even have anybody watch my boys while I rest/get stuff done, because we're always sick. This is just one of those times that we recognize we have to push through, and that we'll be stronger when it's over, and hopefully we'll have learned more about patience and trust, etc.