Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finally! Or Hallelujah!

Jon can walk!!! He's been taking steps for a few weeks, but mostly refused to do more than one at a time - and that was only when he didn't realize he was actually doing it. The last couple of days, he's been toddling around a little more, and now he can make it all by himself across the front room. I'm counting that as success. He's ECSTATIC! I'm not sure I've ever seen a kid so proud of himself! I think it's fabulous. Isaac - not so much. He'll get over it.
Speaking of Isaac, he's been telling me the funniest stories lately. One favorite was about Grandpa Wallace popping a big blue bubble that threatened to destroy his kitchen when he was a little boy. The stories usually involve something Isaac hasn't completely thought out, and he ends with "mostly... I think it doesn't." One of these times, I'll have to record a story. They're awesome.
I've also discovered a sure-fire way to make Isaac laugh until his sides hurt: replacing random words in songs with "poo" or "toot." I wasn't sure he was quite at that level yet, but, yes, bathroom humor has arrived at our house. I guess I must be super immature, because I find it almost as hilarious as he does. My personal favorite song to change: Mary Had a Little Lamb. Don't think about it too much - if you do, you may not be able to stop laughing either. (Dad, I know you've already thought of more awesome possibilities for songs. Maybe we should collaborate.)
Those following the weight gain saga: my neighbor made my day today. She told me I looked like I was losing weight. Obviously, she is my new favorite person! Now, if only she could convince the scale and my pants that I've been losing weight, that would be fabulous... Regardless, I'll take what compliments I can get!
Our garden finally produced something edible - tomatoes. Lots of tomatoes. And a couple of peppers. I'm totally making spaghetti tomorrow!!! I took pictures of the horror that is our yard, because people don't seem to believe me when I say it's a miracle that we got anything from our garden this year. Really, it is a MIRACLE! I attribute it to the awesomeness of my kids, because I know Mark and I aren't cool enough to deserve yummy tomatoes this year. Good thing we luck out by association!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

This is only a test...

Woohoo! I got a picture to upload! Maybe we're back in business?!

Happy Things - Day 2

Today's Happy Thing:
Jonathan started handing me his slimy, half-chewed food. Why is this a "happy thing"? Because he's not throwing it on the floor anymore!

(He walked all the way around the front room today too! Woot! AND, he seems to be over the puking, now he's just tired and crabby. I'll take it!)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Under Construction

So... I've determined that I can't upload pictures and/or video to the blog right now... Most likely due to SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW internet connection that we pay WAAAAAAAAY too much for... (No, it's not dial-up, but it's just as bad, IMO)
Anyway, that totally wrecks my posting for a little while. If I think of any witty/brilliant/funny posts that don't require photos or videos, I promise I'll post them.

In the meantime, here's my happy things for the week:
1. Isaac and I went on a "Mommy date" today - our time to just go somewhere alone and do whatever he wants. Today was the science museum. We got to watch a show in the planetarium, and he LOVED it! He's never been to a theater before, so I was apprehensive, but it went well. His favorite part: playing with the "moon texture" puzzle in the space exhibit. My favorite part: watching his eyes light up when he realized we didn't have to hurry through the dinosaur exhibit because it was just the two of us.
2. We ran out of diapers (got down to just 4, planned to go to the store, both boys ended up with super poos, so we had to hurry a little faster than anticipated) - I skipped the couponing sale (wish I hadn't, BTW). Stocked up by buying a big box of the off-brand we use most often. The very next morning, Isaac woke up and announced he wanted to be potty trained that day. He only had one accident. Next day, he had two accidents. Now he's decided he would rather just wear diapers again. I wonder if I just buy a whole bunch of the big boxes of diapers, would he decide to get rid of them once and for all?
3. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping! :) Now, on to the actual putting together of the presents... This year's plan is for everything to be homemade. I figure if I start now, I MIGHT finish... The big one to get done: Jon's quilt. How long have I been sitting on that material and not even cut it out? Since last Thanksgiving...
4. Gained another two pounds. That makes 12 pounds since May - that's why people keep asking if I'm pregnant. I get it. BUT, this week I found out why: the prescription I've been taking for postpartum issues causes weight gain. This happened after Isaac too, and I just kept beating myself up for not having enough self-control, not exercising hard enough, etc. Now I'm not happy about my weight, but at least I feel a little better about myself.
5. Got to talk to my sister serving in the military overseas. Thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her being grounded from certain vehicles because of getting them airborne over speed bumps. Reminded me of getting airborne in the Saturn going over train tracks when learning to drive in Ohio. Regardless of the conversation, it was just good to talk to her. I miss you Kristi!
6. Mark and I went on a date. First one this year. Kyle did a fabulous job babysitting, even if he did let Isaac watch "Man v.s. Food" (No worries Kyle! I think, for him at least, it's a show worth watching! It might convince him to eat something!) Mark and I went to the science museum, and actually got to SEE EXHIBITS! Without chasing kids! It was awesome! (Mark is reminding me that I'm using sentence fragments. Guess what? I don't care.)

Yes, other fabulous things happened this week, but I'm too tired to think of any of them. Apparently, I'll be watching a puke-y toddler tomorrow while Mark has meetings, so I guess I better get my sleep now while I can! Here's hoping I can figure out pictures and videos soon!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Shopping With Kids

Putting things away after shopping has become somewhat of a treasure hunt lately - I never know what I'll find that the boys have tossed in my cart (and I didn't notice before buying). Random things that have ended up in my shopping cart lately:

a blue number "1" candle
a cool plaid fedora
men's size small white t-shirts in a multi-pack
the cheap off-brand markers
a half-eaten avocado
a squashed, half-eaten loaf of French bread
a four-pack of neon puffy paint pens

Oh, the adventures! Tomorrow, we're off to buy diapers, wipes, and (hopefully) some pizza crusts. I wonder what else we'll end up with...

Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Too Lazy...

To post the picture I took to share today... I'd have to find the phone and upload everything... It's humorous though, so I'll share it another time. Let's just say that the people who designed the most recent diapers my boys have been wearing had a sense of humor I can relate to.
Those who look at these things may notice that I'm posting WAY earlier than usual (like more than 12 hours earlier). I've started walking with my neighbor in the mornings, and my boys are usually up and going by the time I get back. Not today! Yay! We'll see how long I get a little time to myself - not even Mark is up yet.
Since I'm lazy, there aren't any pictures today, but I wanted to post something I admire about each of my boys - including Sammy.

Mark - Is such a good daddy. I aspire to be as loving a parent as he is. He would give anything for his kids - and quite frequently gives all he can handle. He is generally really patient with the kiddos (sleep deprived moments aside). AND, he plays "robots."

Isaac - Is genuine. When he tells you something is great or that he loves you, he REALLY means it. He throws himself into whatever he loves with such a passion that nothing else exists to detract from it. When he realizes someone is feeling bad, he is always good for a hug and a consoling word.

Jonathan - Is tenacious. If something is in his way, he'll find a route around it or just scale it! Literally and metaphorically. If he wants something - food, Daddy, a hug/kiss, playing peek-a-boo - he'll find a way to get it.

Sammy - Is insanely loyal. I say "insanely" because he is loyal even though we definitely don't deserve it at the moment. Even though he doesn't get much attention right now, he is always there to be a friend when we need him.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

She Just Gets Me

I think the woman who keeps this blog is my new best friend - she just doesn't know it yet! This particular post is EXACTLY what happens at our house quite frequently. How frequently, you ask? Ah, let's see... The last time was... Hm... Oh, wait A WEEK AGO! Ha... Seems like it was forever ago now.

Anyway, thanks to Deena for sharing this blog with me! It totally made my day! (Happy Birthday, BTW - sorry we didn't make it! I was busy pretending I didn't have kids while my MIL was nice enough to let me nap, since said kids haven't slept in approximately 10 nights now)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Nope, not here. We've made it through seven years of marriage now, and are still both exceedingly happy. (I checked with Mark before I wrote that, just to make sure I wasn't telling any lies)

Here's some things that we've learned about each other over the years:

1. Robyn holds "food grudges." If it wasn't great the first time she tried it, she's not likely to try it again - at least not for a looooong time. (eg. peanut butter popcorn, peanut butter chicken burritos, etc.)
2. Mark is picky about ice cubes. They all need to be evenly sized, and the water level has to be just right so that it's easy to take them out of the tray once frozen.
3. Robyn has to have absolutely smooth sheets and pajamas, or she can't sleep.
4. Mark hates flannel pajama pants, even in the dead of winter. (Okay, he claims they are not flannel, they're heavy wool...)
5. We both enjoy a good tomato - home grown, with melted mozzarella and Italian seasoning, on toasted sourdough.
6. Mark can be quite persuasive. (When I tried to break up with him, right before we got engaged, he asked why. I didn't have a good reason, so he just told me that was a stupid idea. I had to agree...)
7. Robyn's "Achilles' Heel" is the touch of a spider - it makes her swell up almost instantly.
8. Mark doesn't like apples. Of course, I'd been trying to figure out why we always had so many left after buying them at the grocery store for years before I found out.
9. We both think chocolate is best SUPER dark. Seriously, SUUUUUUPER dark.
10. Robyn can come up with infinite ways to make art out of (fill in the blank).
11. Mark has Restless Leg Syndrome AND he's a percussionist. He moves almost incessantly in his sleep when stressed.
12. We've both had way more head injuries than the average person. Maybe that's why we're still crazy about each other. (Awww - super cheese!)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Going Back In Time

Yep, I know I'm super far behind in putting pictures up... Bear with me - I'm slowly but surely getting back on my feet here...

The day of the green paint incident, Isaac had started out playing in the mud. This was as dirty as I THOUGHT he'd get...

But this was the result of the painting (keep in mind, this was AFTER washing his hair multiple times):

I'm pretty sure my patio will never be the same either, but at least I'll have a record of his cute little feet.


Our trip to Sonic that ended with blue slush in my cup holders:

Jon just wanted to drive. I wish those next 15 years would go a little more slowly...

We spent a lot of time watching other people.

The "I-have-stickers-on-my-face!" face:

Oh, the straw...

Jon did it, so Isaac felt the need to. Can sibling hero worship end up reversed? (Note the fire engine in the background. The boys were ENTHRALLED. I totally lucked out.)

Playing at the mall... Jon loves to experiment with new ways of going down the slide.

His favorite is the tunnel though.

Isaac's favorite is the ball maze.

Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-fil-a. Yes, I made all of our outfits.

Isaac has been enjoying Jon's birthday presents... The absolute favorite is the DoodlePro.

Jon has been enjoying climbing. On EVERYTHING.

And I do mean EVERYTHING.

See what I mean about reverse hero worship?

Aaron and Mark birdwatching at Grandma Sue's house:

Gabriella and Isaac on the sky chair - I don't know if they were watching birds or not...

I think Aaron was confused about where the birds were... :) (Just kidding Aaron!)

Gabriella, Isaac, and Aaron at the science museum. We lucked out and went on a day they were doing an exhibit on the Snowmass dig that has been in the news lately. (Okay, so I'm a super paleontology nerd... Maybe nobody else reads the science-y news I do. Just trust me, there's a cool dig up in Snowmass with some awesome Ice Age fossils.)

I was planning to do a post on what I make my kids for lunch (that they gag about and throw on the floor), but first Isaac ate part of this one before I got a picture, and then the world here blew up. So, you get a partial happy-face lunch plate picture.

If you've been following the saga of the destruction over here, you'll remember the salt that got dumped on the table last week. Here's the picture of what Isaac drew in it:

For "Mommy School", we've been learning about space and astronauts. We decided to make puppets, but nothing around here is complete without the addition of a robot. (Isaac cut and glued the astronauts and helped with the rocket and moon. I did the robot all by myself though. The weird balls of paper glued to popsicle sticks are an Isaac original - he told me they were meteors.)

The boys are now sharing a room, and we're not entirely sure we're going to have any more kiddos, so I'm converting the baby's room into a playroom (this way I can reclaim my living room!) Here's what it looks like most of the time...

And here's what it looks like clean:

This last one is a worse picture than I realized, but I'm posting it because I haven't gotten around to showing off Isaac's green room since I painted it... In April... The art on the walls is all handmade by yours truly (robots and space, of course!) I know you can't tell from the picture, but that poor crib is about to bite the dust. I have it all kinds of jerry-rigged and propped up by the wall... Turns out, Jon WILL NOT sleep unless he's in the crib. SO, it's staying for a while longer, as long as I can keep it safe. Good thing the one thing he doesn't climb is the crib railing...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Family Reunion

Before the chaos that was "last week," the Bailey boys had a family reunion. Scott and Greg dragged their families all the way up here to visit with those of us in Colorado. My boys thought they might have died and gone to heaven - COUSINS! The visit was wonderful. While up in Estes, we had an awesome photographer take some family photos for us. For more of his work, visit his website: Here's a few of my favorites: