Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yesterday, Continued...

Last night ended up going remarkably well with the boys in the same room. In fact, other than putting them to bed for the night, there was little difference between sharing a room and not for them. Of course, they ended up sharing a bed too, but they both seemed to be happy.

Here's what happened the rest of the day though:
While eating lunch, Isaac dumped salt from the big container on the table and started making pictures in it.
I figured I could clean it up while the boys napped, but I HAD to go to the bathroom. While I went to the bathroom, the boys destroyed the crib.
Called Mark and tried to figure out what to do about naps. We decided to just put both boys in Isaac's room and hope they napped together.
While I attempted to put the boys down for nap, the utility marking guy came and needed access to the backyard - apparently, Xcel has not finished killing all of our landscaping...
While I was out letting the marking guy in, the Jon climbed on top of Isaac's desk (which I THOUGHT was impossible...), got into his piggy bank, and started eating change.
While I called the pediatrician to make sure they didn't need me to take him in for x-rays, the boys started playing in the broken crib (yet another safety hazard).
While I took apart the crib and put it in a closet so nobody would kill themselves on it, Jon decided to dump Isaac's cup of chocolate milk on the table and splash around in it.
While I attempted to clean up the milk (it was even in the piano - don't ask me how that happened!), Jon climbed up on the table, sat on the butter, grabbed the sugar from the abandoned cookie making and dumped it on the floor.
While I took Jon upstairs to try to clean the milk, butter, and sugar off of him, Isaac made pictures in the sugar on the floor.
At this point, I decided I needed to sit down...
While I sat down, my boys got down on hands and knees and started licking sugar off the floor.
While I tried to clean up the sugar, both boys crawled out the dog door and into the backyard.
I abandoned all hope of getting anything done, tossed the boys in the tub, shoved some clothes on them, let them fall asleep in the car, and took Keynan's birthday present over to his house.

The day ended with butter, sugar, salt, and milk all over my kitchen table and floor, two relatively clean boys, red and orange utility flags all over my backyard, a sick husband, no crib, and an exhausted me. BUT Keynan got his birthday present, the boys were totally excited about sharing a room, and we all have comfy beds.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Soooo... I decided to go to the bathroom on my own today... (By "on my own" I mean "not accompanied by either child") Apparently, it was a big mistake. We no longer have a crib... Boys are now sharing a room. No naps. It's busy season. Mark won't be home by bedtime. Offers of sympathy welcome.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh No, There Goes Tokyo

Go, go Godzilla! (Google the Blue Oyster Cult song if you haven't heard it...) (Yes, this is Jon's birthday cake - I know Godzilla wasn't a pachycephalosaurus, but it was the closest I had.)

Isaac assisted me in the making of the cake... He was supposed to be napping... Oh well. He thoroughly enjoyed watching Godzilla movies to get inspiration for the design. Awesome.

For Jon's birthday, he decided to grouch it up. I did convince him to play with the cars Isaac gave him, and he drew with his new DoodlePro, but that was it. The rest of the day, he was fussing, screaming, or sleeping. That's okay - we accepted it as his right for his birthday. Tomorrow, it'll be another story.

In honor of Jon-o's birthday, here's some neat facts you may not know about him:

1. Jonathan doesn't walk yet, but he HAS figured out how to push kitchen chairs across the floor, climb up on them, then climb up on the counters to get whatever he wants.

2. Jon will bite through packaging to get to applesauce in those little plastic cups.

3. Jon loves dogs - in books, not in real life. He likes to sleep with a touch-and-feel dog book so he can wake up and look at the dogs. BUT, he doesn't care for actual dogs - mostly, he ignores them.

4. Jon likes to watch t.v. Especially if he can go up and lick/hit/kiss the screen.

5. Jon's current favorite foods include almond butter and chocolate soy milk.

6. Jon can't sleep without a crocheted blanket, and hasn't been able to since he was about 6 weeks old.

7. Jon has a birthmark on his back, just above his bum, and Mark and I both think it's cute.

8. Jon used to be terrified of people sneezing and Mark laughing. (He used to cry every time Mark laughed) Now, he's only afraid of loud noises SOMETIMES.

9. Jonathan has an obsession with electrical cords. He's even shocked his tongue with the computer power cable, but he still goes back to it ALL THE TIME. I have to unplug the clock and white noise machine in Isaac's room if we read bedtime stories in there, because Jonathan always pulls them down, unplugs them, and tangles the cords up if they're reachable.

10. Jon loves to play the piano. He cries when I teach lessons because he's so jealous that he can't stand it. If he can play a few notes way up high while I play, then at least he's slightly appeased.

Jonathan's name means "gift from God", and he has been. We're so glad to have him in our family! Happy Birthday Jonan!

(For Grandmas - here's some video of the cake tonight. There are a series of 5 videos to post, but I've been trying to upload them for more than an hour and can only get the first two... I've decided I'm going to bed, so I'll try to get the other 3 up tomorrow. No promises though!)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Few Moments...

Today, the cup holders in my van are filled with Blue Coconut Slush. Worth it.

Remember those moments from yesterday? Yeah, they repeated today. (Isaac has a big ol' bruise on his face from running face-first into a wall. Jon has a welt on his face from getting whipped with the belt Isaac was swinging around instead of wearing. I'm just waiting for CPS to show up and start asking questions.) So, I decided to take the boys and myself out for slushes and tater tots - mostly because I could.

The boys were having a good old time sitting in the van drinking each others' slushes and sharing tater tots. We were seeing how many stickers we could stick on Isaac's face. Jon was playing with the button for the hazard lights. I was watching the sketchy guys across the grass at Home Depot and wondering if they were up to no good. A fire truck and emergency response crew showed up to have Sonic food. The boys loved checking out the vehicles.

And then it happened... Jon decided to try to climb over Isaac. Isaac was trying to hold his slush out of the way, but Jon sat RIGHT ON TOP of it! We had blue slush all over both boys and the car. Nice.

So, I hurried and got both boys back into their car seats. We drove home, I nailed Isaac with the hose (he was INSANELY sticky), and got every rag we own to sop up the mess in the car. Right as I made it back out to the van (with both boys in it - Isaac was sitting on a quilt in the back of the car, still soaking wet), the heavens opened and let loose all of the water they've been saving up for months.

We spent a while in the van, just hanging out and cleaning up slush. Oddly, I think it was the best time I've had with my boys in a while. Jon was repentant (he even gave Isaac a kiss), Isaac was cooperative (it might have just been fear of the thunder), and I was just enjoying the fact that I have my van (which may be my most prized possession).

The one bummer about the rain is that we haven't finished the work in the sprinkler trenches yet. The rain has pretty well messed all that up - when I looked at them a few hours ago, they were completely full of water. SO, on Mark's day off tomorrow, I guess we'll be re-digging trenches before we can finish those lines...

Oh, and Mark is going BACK to the dentist to try to fix the tooth that's been keeping him up at night. (Or at least get some painkillers!) Hopefully I'll be able to finish our costumes, and we'll be headed to Cow Appreciation Day for a meal! (Pictures to follow)

For the Grandmas who want to know what Jon might like for his birthday next week:
Touch and Feel board books with animals (he LOOOOOOOVES those)
Cars - anything that he can drive along the floor is his favorite toy

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


A wise man once said "Motherhood comes in moments." This moment is not my favorite...

Just so you know, olive oil and a fine tooth comb DO take latex paint out of hair - in case your 3 year old decides to stick his head in green paint, it's nice to know.

Also, after 4 baths for EACH boy today, I've decided that the backyard is off limits until Daddy gets home.

Lunch consisted of ice cream, Pringles, shredded cheese, and mini-muffins from the freezer.

I had to re-dig a sprinkler trench that Isaac decided to fill in.

Jon is PO'd about weaning...

I forgot to return the Redbox movie last night, my house is trashed, and Isaac peed on the floor again.

Here's hoping this moment is just that - a moment.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Always Learning

Learning to use a spoon is hard work...

You have to learn which way is up...

Still not quite "up"...

You have to get the hang of digging food out of the container...

Umm... Just the digging requires an awful lot of concentration...

Aw, forget it! Chewing on the container is sooooo much easier!

See, you can still kind of slurp the food out.

Look Ma, no hands!

This is the hardest part though...

Keeping the food away from the dog...

A few more of Isaac's works of art that I found in a long-lost pile of papers while cleaning:

Um... REALLY long lost...

Yes, I colored the plates on Steggy's back - Isaac did the rest.

Not sure what this one is, but it's very colorful.

As is this one.

This is one of Isaac's "castles" - one of many. Jon is learning how to scale the walls.

Jon is learning how to peel a banana. The sad thing is that he'll demand bananas, then eat the peel and throw the fruit on the floor. Awesome.

The "I-demand-to-have-chocolate-milk-now-but-I-just-remembered-I-hate-chocolate-milk-so-I-have-to-say-thank-you-before-I-throw-a-fit-because-I-don't-want-to-drink-it" face...

Isaac learned he can ALMOST fit inside the milk box.

Jon learned that crawling away from home in only a pair of shorts is a good way to end all access to outdoor play time for a few days.

Isaac learned how to take a picture of himself.

A big learning experience: redoing the front landscaping... More on that in a post later this week, but here's the "during" pictures for those who have heard about this project.

Our "weekend warrior" projects fell a little short... And more than a little over budget... *sigh* So, we still aren't done with our entirely new sprinkler system, the boys are feeling a little neglected, and I think we'll be eating breakfast for dinner a few extra times this month. Oh well. I'm just happy we got as much done as we did, the boys are happy to have Daddy put them to bed, and I already froze a triple batch of French toast. Sometimes, things just work out. Now, if only we could get the weather to be a little cooler, we'd be in business!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

CSI: Kitchen

Parental Warning: This post contains graphic pictures, and may be unsettling to those who regularly clean their kitchen. Caution is advised. (No children were injured in the making of this blog post)

Evidence collected from the scene of the crime:

Suspect caught red-handed (ha ha ha - pun intended).

The baby, in the kitchen, with the spoon. (Don't worry, it's just berry applesauce. Learning to use a spoon is hard work. Mopping the floor and bathing the child after every meal is harder.)