Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Better Late Than Never...

Family picture from our trip in May... Ummm... I know, I'm slow. Sorry. At least we all look like we like each other in this one!

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Few Pictures

Ah, brotherly love...

Isaac likes this much better...

One ring to find them, and in the darkness bind them...

Speaks for itself.

In case you missed it.

Sammy's favorite spot to lay - it must be nice and cool right there.

Yep, that's a whole carrot. Yep, he ate the entire thing.

That's the "I-don't-want-to-eat-my-hummus-but-I-do-want-to-eat-my-hummus" face.

Why are you so... old?!

Jon-o's first attempt at drawing:

Hallet's Peak. Kind of Impressionistic, don't you think?

ゴジラ! (Yes, that's Jon taking apart his own crib... Guess it's time for a bed.)

Trading pants.

Dog in a box.

Pretty cute puppy, eh? I'm glad she's got a good home.

Her new name is Sophie - Isaac still calls her Snowflake though.

Totally didn't intend to dress them the same...

But they look so cute that way...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Isaac is to Curious George as Jon is to...

Today, I made the boys a tent out of hula hoops, yarn, and a bed sheet.

Isaac loved playing in there with his flashlight.

See how excited he was?



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awesome has some of the best articles ever... This one has come in handy a lot the last couple of days: 40 Ways to Play With Your Kids While Lying Down

Isaac's favorite one is "What's On My Butt?" - he thinks it's hilarious (which it is). In fact, he tries to be the one to lay down and guess what I put on his bum. He's discovered that it isn't quite as easy to tell that something is even there if you're still wearing diapers... Maybe this'll be motivating? I can dream, can't I?

Thanks to those who've been consoling me since my last post. No, things haven't really gotten much easier. Yes, the dog has a new home (no owners ever called). No, I don't know what was wrong with Jon, but he's all better and nobody else has gotten whatever it was. Yes, I'm obsessed with napping.

Also, I'm a horrible sister and fell asleep instead of calling my sister last night to wish her luck before she left... So, hopefully she'll be able to read this: I LOVE YOU SIS! Good luck! :)

Before I forget, I have to post about a funny argument Isaac and Keynan got into lately. They both LOVE dinosaurs, but Isaac has started to branch out to other reptiles and amphibians. Isaac started singing "The Iguana Song" (just look up "Big Green Rabbit Iguana Song" on YouTube if you haven't heard it). Keynan was very upset, and kept saying "An iguanodon is a dinosaur!" Isaac would reply "But it's just an iguana!" They went back and forth like that for a while until they both happened to notice that Jonathan was eating Styracosaurus. Good old Jon-o, solving problems by leaving teeth marks in plastic models.

Monday, June 13, 2011

C'est La Vie

I've decided that my household is certain to spontaneously combust at some point this week, so I'd better get to posting! Here's a little of how our weekend went...

1. Sue came down Friday night to stay with us - awesome! :) We stayed up and played a round of "Pandemic" - we won.
2. On Saturday morning, Mark and I made a to-do list to try to focus our efforts and cram as much into Saturday as we could. We thought if we could really work hard and efficiently, we might even have been able to go on a lunch date.
3. Jonathan went down for an early nap. I thought this was awesome, so we could get to work sooner.
4. Isaac and Grandma Sue went to the park. This made working even easier!
5. Mark and I started our to-do list with a smaller sprinkler repair (the one I hit with the lawnmower...) I also wanted to just dig enough of the crabgrass out to install the new edger I need for my expanded flowerbed.
6. A neighbor driving down the street slowed down to avoid hitting a puppy that was running down the road. She mentioned that she thought the dog lived in the house on the corner.
7. We (Mark and I) catch the puppy and try to take it home. Nobody answered the door.
8. We check with our next door neighbors (who know the corner house well) to see if they have a phone number for the dog's owner. They immediately recognize that the dog doesn't belong to that neighbor.
9. Puppy comes to our house. We make posters and hurry around the neighborhood posting them.
10. Isaac and Grandma Sue come home. Jon wakes up. Puppy is adored by all.
11. Mark and I realize that we've got to figure out the puppy situation before the boys become too attached.
12. All to-do list is stalled, but we take action to try to find the puppy's owners.
13. We go to ask our other next door neighbors if they know who owns the puppy. They don't, but mention that they're willing to help our front yard project with their tiller.
(BTW, at the time, the clouds were foreboding... It rained/thundered/lightning-ed only while those guys were out tilling and shoveling. Seriously, we have AWESOME neighbors!)
14. Jonathan feels quite warm, and is grouchy... Same neighbor volunteers to send wife over (she's a pediatric resident) to check him out.
15. Jonathan falls asleep. We go out back to work on the new dog run - higher priority with 3 dogs in the house (we had Nali over too). Miss the knocking on the door when Melissa comes over, but catch her before she makes it home. She can't check out Jon since he's asleep, but she loves up the puppy.
16. Jon wakes up screaming. His temperature is now 103. We're supposed to be at a good-bye party for two families we're friends with in one hour. Still not done with the dog run. Have no treats to take to the party to share. Have an obviously sick baby. Puppy pees on our floor. Sue has left for dance lessons.
17. Decide to stop by party just long enough to say good-bye and have someone help Mark give Jon a Priesthood blessing. Isaac sees all of his friends there and flips out when we can't stay.
18. We decide to grab a Redbox movie and some frozen chicken nuggets from the grocery store so Isaac can be rewarded for being good all day, even when it's been so crazy. Mark drops Jon and me at home, then heads over to the store.
19. Mark gets a call from work, which keeps him and Isaac in the car for 1/2 an hour. Finally gets into the store, gets Isaac excited about a movie, then realizes he doesn't have his wallet.
20. It's now bedtime, nobody has had dinner, Isaac is going to be beyond crushed if we don't watch the movie liked promised, and Jon is burning up. Mark runs home, grabs the wallet and runs back to the store.
21. Movie is sold out. Mark convinces Isaac to try a different one. Not without some disappointment.
22. Hurry and nuke the nuggets, sit down to watch movie. Mark and I attempt to scarf down some leftovers from previous dinner. Jon cries. A lot. Puppy and Sammy annoy each other.
23. Movie ends at almost 10. Struggle to get boys down. Oh, crud. What do we do about the puppy? Hurry and set up gates to keep Puppy in the kitchen and Sammy out of the kitchen.
24. Spend the night up with either Puppy (whining) or Jon (screaming at the top of his lungs).
25. Morning... Realize we'll have to tag-team church. Find out Puppy is not house broken - good thing she was locked in the kitchen... Jon's fever is lower, but he's still miserable.
26. I head to church, race through Primary (I never feel like I have enough time in there!), hand off the last 10 minutes to Crystal (THANK YOU!), drive as fast as I legally can back home. Trade with Mark. Welcome friends from out of town (visiting from Kansas). Still haven't heard from Puppy's owners. Luckily, Amy and Brian are willing to take the puppy for a while. Hand over Puppy (gratefully!) Deal with fit over the fact that Puppy is gone. Get Thing 1 down for a nap. Attempt to put Thing 2 down for a nap.
27. Wait for Mark to come home from meetings. Turns out to be pretty late. Friends have to zoom off, since they're driving all the way home that night. Jon wakes up happy, until his friend Tommy has to leave. Isaac wakes up confused and still sad about Puppy.
28. I know more happened yesterday, but I honestly can't remember much, other than making a pizza because that's what Isaac wanted. He didn't eat any of it. Jon threw his pieces on the floor. Mark and I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that we were a) sitting down and b) eating food.
29. Family Home Evening. Jon falls asleep, then wakes up screaming twice during the lesson. Mark falls asleep in the chair. Isaac runs around wildly. I decide to call it and just end because I'm the only member of the family left. Sammy wasn't even in the room.
30. Get boys to bed. Mark and I both punk out before 9.
31. Wake up with Jon. A lot. His fever spikes at 104.4
32. Wish we could sleep longer. Isaac wakes everybody else up and throws a fit because we're not downstairs playing with him immediately upon his awakening.
33. Drag through the breakfast routine. Mark takes shower. Water heater moos. Remember water heater repair guy is coming. Decide to try to do some dishes before he gets here. Discover that the dishwasher is still full of dirty dishes... I could have sworn I ran it...
34. Find that trash is beyond full. Try to take it out. Bag EXPLODES during attempt. Race to clean up mess before dog/kids get into it. Somehow manage to succeed.
35. Mark rushes to work. Take 3 poopy diapers out to trash. Jon goes down for early nap (surprise, surprise). Isaac demands playtime. Water heater repair guy shows up. Find out the motor for the heater is full of moths. Turns out nobody makes a screen for the intake, but the repair guy is trying to patent one right now. He says he'll call us when it goes through. Pay insane amount to have motor cleaned of moth guts.
36. Wake up Jon. Plop both boys in car and pick up movie Isaac wanted on Saturday. Deal with fit about the fact that we can't watch it until after nap. Pick up (hopefully) last items needed to make Mark's Father's Day present. Realize I haven't mailed either of my grandmothers' birthday cards... Happy Birthday Grandma Foote and Grandma Wallace! You'll be getting your cards sometime soon!
37. Umm... Still don't have clean dishes... Eat cold cereal off the table (no milk, of course) for lunch.
38. Isaac ASKS to have his quiet time early. Jon goes down easily for nap. Wow, is it possible that I can take a nap too?! Um... No. Isaac starts screaming. Turns out that he finally discovered that the stuffed lizard he's been carrying around for a month has feet that separate. He thinks the toy is broken. Demands that I fix it RIGHT NOW. Tell him he has to take a nap if he screams again, since he's totally going to wake up his brother. He agrees to just have quiet time. I lay down again. 5 minutes later, Isaac is screaming again. This time, he's dropped his dinosaur finger puppets behind the bed and can't reach them. I fish them out and tell him he has to lay down and snuggle with his stuffed animals QUIETLY now. I lay down again. I have no sooner shut my eyes than Isaac starts screaming AGAIN! He doesn't even know why he's screaming this time. I tuck him in and tell him I'm going to take the movie back if he doesn't go to sleep this time. I get an hour nap before Jon wakes up. Jon is up for another hour after that before we decide to wake up Isaac and start the movie.
39. Eat homemade caramel popcorn and watch "The Little Engine That Could" - boys loved it.
40. Make pretend "Little Engine" and Vacuum Cleaner Robot have conversations with Isaac while I attempt to cook fajitas with Jon clinging to my leg and screaming.
41. Somehow make it to 5:45, when Mark comes home and the boys are suddenly more cooperative. Eat delicious fajitas. Isaac eats a small hole in the middle of a tortilla and declares he is done. Jonathan throws all food on the floor except cheese. Why do I even cook for them? Would I be the most horrible mother alive if I just handed Isaac a sleeve of Saltines and Jon a chunk of cheddar for dinner?
42. Family music time. Mark and Jon play djembe. I'm still attempting to teach Isaac clarinet - he can manage an open G sometimes, and I think that's awesome (especially since the mouthpiece on "his" clarinet is chipped, the pads all leak, and he's playing on a 4 reed).
43. Boys down for bed. Mark is upstairs in Isaac's room snoring, so I'm pretty sure he's out. Sammy is down at my feet cowering because there's a thunderstorm. Why am I still awake? Because I had intended to wash my sheets today, but didn't get that far. My bed is still unmade, and I can't find the extra set of sheets. I guess I'll wait for the dryer...

For those who may be wondering, Puppy's owner still hasn't called. She had no collar or anything. Mark and I are pretty sure no one is going to call at this point. It's too bad - she's a cute little thing! Isaac calls her "Snowflake" (she's all white, and I just was being facetious and giving her a name, but Isaac thought it was great), and continues to ask when we're going to visit her at Kyle's house. A few people have offered to give her a good home if we don't find her original family. I'm so glad, because she really doesn't deserve to be a pound puppy!

Mom, I'm still planning to post those pictures, but I've been a little overwhelmed this weekend... I'll try again this week!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some Foods That Make Isaac Gag

Just to prove how abnormal my kid is... This is not a complete list. Apology in advance to his future wife...

  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (especially the "googey" cheese)

  • Spaghetti (even just buttered noodles)

  • Blueberry Pancakes

  • Pizza (he WILL eat it IF we scrape off every semblance of toppings possible - I'm convinced he can see microscopic remnants of sauce)

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

  • Hamburgers

  • Hot Dog/Corn Dogs

Monday, June 6, 2011

Been There, Mopped That...

Would you ever guess that I've already mopped/swept the floor 5 times today? The only reason it is currently clean is because the boys are napping...

Jon also got into the recycling bag... Don't we look like healthy eaters - Cap'n Crunch and Mountain Dew...

Mark's play dough cat. It looked even better in real life.

What you can't tell from this picture is that the Exersaucer is totally collapsed. It was in our attic for storage, but we took it out when the insulation was blown in and haven't found a new home for it yet. Jon thinks it is awesome, since he can just crawl into it whenever he feels like it.

We received yet another box. This one is bigger - it had our new printer in it! The boys LOVE it!

I don't think anyone fully comprehends "messy" until they've let children play in wet sand.

The pinwheels have become very important yard work tools - they keep Jonathan entertained long enough for me to do something.

The boys just thought they were helping Daddy fix sprinklers. From the look on Daddy's face, you can tell he was not amused.

The boys now fight over who gets to climb up the slide first.

I guess Isaac won that one.

Jonathan gave up on the slide to help me with the drip irrigation hoses.

As I promised Isaac, here are all his preschool papers - published for the world to see!

So, in addition to mopping the kitchen floor, what have we been up to lately? Yard work. Lots and lots. We're still behind on the garden - meaning we haven't even planted some things yet... Mark spent about 4 hours working on the sprinklers in the backyard on Saturday, only to discover that a pipe had ruptured in the front yard. So, we're renting a trencher this weekend to re-lay an entire zone. Awesome.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I signed up for Groupon emails through my newspaper subscription stuff. I'm on a less-clutter kick, so I chose to declutter my email inbox too. I decided to unsubscribe from the emails. Anyway, when you choose to unsubscribe, Groupon posts a page that shows a little web cam image of "Derrick" - the "guy who thought you'd like to receive Groupon emails". There's a little button that says "punish Derrick" at the bottom of the page. If you click the button, the "web cam" runs through a little video of Derrick getting chewed out. At the end, you are chided with "that was mean" and they offer you a chance to "make it up to Derrick" by resubscribing. I'm not sure what happens when you click that button, as I didn't want to resubscribe.

Honestly, it was pretty darn funny! Mark and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

See, cleaning out the clutter can be fun too!

(Oh, and after 3 days of attempting, I finally got the back lawn mowed!!! One day, we will own an electric lawn mower that can hold a charge long enough to get through our yard... Maybe it'll even be self-propelled! Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

(AND in the interest of keeping records here, Jon has been saying his first word consistently for about a month... Poor second child, totally getting the shaft on this whole "milestones" recording... The word happens to be his favorite thing in the whole world - but he generally says it when he's mad - "Isaac")