Monday, May 30, 2011

The Pursuit of Busyness

So... A lot of happenings the last two weeks: Nicole had a last minute trip out for a job interview, preschool at our house two times (the last two times for the school year), new roof and all the associated inspection stuff, broken air conditioner and arguing with repair people, trip out to Cedar to see Sboy and Kristi before they deploy, and all of us sickos. Hurray! We're pretty exhausted at the moment...

Our trip to Cedar is the main point today - we got back about 4:30 this morning. (We're now of the opinion that any road trip lasting more than 2 hours is best done in the middle of the night) We got to celebrate Mike's graduation, Kristi's arrival home from AIT (which she did the same day we got there), Ryan's graduation, and Scott and Kristi's deployment (umm... if you can call it a "celebration"). Annie, Dee, Tonya, Tracy, Jesse and kids all drove down for a visit, so we had a mini-reunion with that side of the family (Coopers and Grandma Foote live in Cedar, so they were easy to get together). The familiness was awesome.

It was especially fun to see Sboy and Kristi, because I haven't seen them since they left for Basic last year, and they are BUILT! I went to poke Scott in the stomach, and it hurt my finger!

On those same lines, just wanted to let everyone who has or is currently serving in the armed forces know how much we appreciate the sacrifices you have made! We're starting to understand a little more how rough it can be, even if you don't ever see battle. Thank you for all you do! (It totally embarrasses Sboy when people tell him "thank you", but I think it is entirely called for.) I'm super proud to have so many family members who have served our country: both of my grandfathers, one of Mark's grandfathers, two of my siblings, one of Mark's brothers, Mark's stepbrother, an uncle, and a handful of cousins (if I've forgotten anyone, I'm totally sorry - can I claim lack of sleep for my brain malfunction?) We're not flying our flag today, because we got home at such a ridiculous hour, but all of the men and women who have served our country - especially the fallen - were in our thoughts today.

(BTW - we decided we're real Americans today, since we made it over to Home Depot... Nothing says "Memorial Day" like buying home improvement stuff...)

Now, I'm off to attempt some sleep... Of course, now that Jon is down, I still have to get Isaac to drift off to dream land...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Put You In a Box...

So... I did this upside-down again... Mark will definitely give me grief about it, but I'm not going to go back and fix it. (Mark - deal...)

We went to the museum this morning. Isaac was all about the dinosaurs. Nicole went with us and talked him into looking at mummies for about 30 seconds. Then we went and played with magnets in the Discovery Zone. Jon played with gears. It was awesome. Totally my favorite part of the museum (mostly because I don't have to keep saying "shhh!")

When frustrated with us as kids, my dad always told us he would "fold you up, put you in a box, and send you to Grandma." My kids put themselves in the box this morning. I couldn't help myself - they were WAY too cute to send to Grandma (sorry Grandmas!)

The quest for entertainment continues during diaper changes at our house. Nicole calls this one "Mr. Pants Head."

AND, I just think Jon-o looks cute when he slouches. His chub sticks out, and it's awesome. (Isn't he INSANELY tall?!)

For those in the know - our roof is going on TOMORROW! Woot! The shingles have been piled up there for a few days in the rain. Jon totally wants me to buy him a big truck with a conveyor belt now - Isaac couldn't have cared less about the delivery truck, but Jon watched the whole thing. (This quote brought to you by Nicole - she says her life is now complete because she's been quoted on my blog. Awesome.)

The boys are both still coughing and stuff, but Jon-o's meds are kicking in. They both seem to be feeling better. I'm dead tired enough that when Nicole watched the boys this afternoon, I slept through all the hacking. (Oh, BTW, Nicole is visiting for a job interview that WAS yesterday - we get to keep her until Monday... Maybe more... We'll see what I can con her into.)

No, Jonathan isn't sleeping through the night again yet. Last night, he only got up three times. Isaac got up twice. I got Jon all three times. I only got Isaac once. I think maybe I'll move to Australia. (If you didn't catch that reference, you need to read more kids' books)

Our garden is going in tomorrow - weather permitting. We've got kamikaze tomatoes at this point... They're too tall for their little starter cups, so they keep tipping over and losing soil. So, PLEASE Weather-Powers-That-Be, make tomorrow nice enough to put those guys in the ground! Please? Pretty please? (I know the physical appearance of the "please" makes no difference, but it's worth a try, right?)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Memory Dump

How Jon eats:

Love those lips...

You can't tell, but he was galloping (see video at end of post)

I've got a lot of pictures of Isaac's bum, so I had to get one of Jon's bum too.

Really, I was trying to document the fact that he's going up the stairs by himself. Fast too - see that blur?

And he's very proud of himself.

We have a picture of Isaac just like this. Only Isaac actually killed the camera shortly after the photo was taken. I learned my lesson. This time, the camera survived.

Again, you can't see it, but Isaac was standing on a sprinkler head so that he could spray Jonathan with the water. Jon HATED it.

Isaac, on the other hand, LOVED getting thoroughly soaked.

For some reason, the only pictures I took at the Duck Race this year were of the "dog" and my family...

See? But there were duckies too, I promise.

The new sandbox. After playing in it for two days straight, the weather shifted and POURED - which sent my boys into withdrawal. They both had noses pressed against the sliding door staring at it. Jonathan kept poking the dog door, trying to decide whether it was worth it to go out and try to get to the sandbox.

Another picture just like one we have of Isaac.

And another...

Okay, this one is different...

This one is like Isaac too though...

We went from thumb sucking to schnulers today. Those teeth are KILLING him.

But, he found a whole page in my cookbook devoted to his favorite food: squash.

Isaac galloping:

This is how my boys spend a lot of the day:

Jon may prefer percussion, but we'll turn him into a wind player yet!

Isaac just got jealous and wanted to do it too. Good thing I had two straws!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Parenting Fail

I've decided that, while I'm fabulous at many things, certain parenting responsibilities are not my forte. At the moment, here's my top three:

1. Convincing my children to sleep through the night. One day, it MAY happen again. Like, maybe when they have kids... Hopefully they won't be living with me at that point though.

2. Potty training. Isaac has NO interest, unless he's trying to get out of sleeping. All of that success we were having? Must have been just to string me along a little. At this rate, Jonathan will be potty trained before Isaac.

3. Making a meal my children will actually eat. Sammy has been getting fatter again, from all of the food thrown his way. I'm constantly sweeping/vacuuming/mopping, but we've still had ants in our kitchen AND in the laundry (they were in one of Jon's shirts). Mark is on busy season schedule still. I'll admit it - we've gone out to dinner WAY more than we should in the past two weeks. I get tired of cooking for myself and starving my kids or feeding them multiple slices of toast after I've slaved over a good dinner with both boys clinging to my pant legs while screaming and/or whining (they're doing the screaming/whining, not me - except in this post). One more week of busy season, then at least I'll be cooking for Mark again too.

On a brighter note, Jon cut 4 more teeth last week (OUCH!), so maybe we're past the worst point. I see at least one more that thinks it wants in, so I'm sure we've got a few more bad days ahead, but hopefully that'll be it for a little while.
I bought the boys a new sandbox yesterday. Both of them LOVE it!!! They spent hours in there yesterday, and Isaac was begging me to play in there today. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the sand out of my house.
Mark got one set of wires pulled for overhead lights in the boys' rooms this morning. I think we can finish the other set tonight. We're having insulation blown in on Friday, so we've got to get that wiring done before then! I don't want to have to dig to find the electrical boxes.
My front lawn is greening up. All of that work I did on it the last two weeks is totally paying off! Now I've got to get to the back yard...
We still haven't planted our garden... It looks like I'll be doing a lot of it on my own this year - well, with "help" from the boys. Poor Mark - busy seasons stink.
We chipped our windshield both times we drove up to Estes Park recently. Anybody who needs a recommendation for a good repair place, we've got one.
Both boys managed to have HUGE growth spurts lately. Neither one fits into any of their clothes anymore. I went through all of the hand-me-downs we have, but it looks like all of the clothes that would fit are winter items. Little Tykes, here we come!
Isaac has become enamored with "Toy Story" - the original and 3. For the record, Netflix has Toy Story 3 on instant view. We've watched it a lot. By "watched" I mean that Isaac was somewhat entertained by it while Jonathan was screaming his head off in my arms.
Speaking of the screaming his head off, anybody know a good exorcist? I'm convinced that child must be possessed...

Friday, May 6, 2011

When I Love Being a Mommy...

Today was especially difficult for Jonathan - he has cut 3 more teeth in the last 2 days, and it doesn't look like he is done yet! Poor kiddo...
Anyway, at nap time, to work off some of my upset-ness (that's totally not a word, is it?) I decided to work on the lawn some more. Just the front lawn - I'm totally that vain. It started with mowing. Done. With perfect lines too. Then I trimmed all of the edges around the edgers S-boy put in last summer. Awesome. Maryanne will probably hug me again (she's been doing that more lately. Apparently I've become the favorite neighbor) THEN, I went totally off the deep end and decided to rake out all of the thatch that has been building up for at least 4 1/2 years.
My boys happened to sleep for 3 hours this afternoon, which worked out really well, because that was exactly how long it took to get all of that thatch out of the lawn! I filled an entire trash can, which I kept standing in to pack it down!!! There's still some out there, since I was just using a regular old rake - not one of those cool power ones - but the lawn looks WAY better.
I'm paying for it now though. My back is KILLING me, my hands have multiple blisters, and my lips are horribly sunburned. (At least I won't need lipstick for a while) Jonathan couldn't have cared less. He just screamed at me until he finally went to bed. So, I told Isaac that he had to look out the window and ooh and aah over the lawn. He hopped up on the couch, studied the lawn for a moment, then said "That's pretty impressive!"
That, right there, made my whole day. "Day," wait, I mean week. Maybe even month. It made it easier to deal with Jon being a pain in the booty.
Of course, then Isaac went and pushed Jonathan over, refused to eat the food I made, and then threw a cup of water at me during bath time. But, hey, it's the little things, right?

Oh, and if anybody wants to borrow an almost-10-month-old for a while, just let me know. He's really cute. Just not right now.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things I'm Proud of This Week

My pile of dandelions. This is after about 1 hour. I had only gotten through about 1/4 of the front yard at the time.

Isaac's robot birthday cake.

My knight in shinning armor. (He totally shot the dragon... With a freeze-ray. I'm not even sure he knows what a sword is...) (Thank you, Julie, for the hand-me-down costume! We needed it for a princess party - Isaac was the only boy, and I couldn't very well have him go in a big poofy dress!)