Saturday, April 30, 2011


The battle has begun.

For those who think I may be exaggerating the enormity of the fight I'm waging, I'll be posting a picture later.

What is the evil I'm attempting to subdue?

Dandelions. Massive amounts of them. In fact, I'm not sure there's even any grass in our backyard anymore.

After numerous failed attempts to eradicate them with a spray-on weed killer, it has been decided that digging each plant out by hand will be necessary. To date, I have already spent 5 hours digging. The front yard is free (I go out daily to catch the little boogers before they can procreate). The backyard doesn't even look any different.

Last year, the weeds won. This year, things will be different. Maybe.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Earth Day Birthday

Mark is always proud that Isaac was born on Earth Day. Honestly, until Isaac was born, I didn't know "Earth Day" was a real thing... Um... Yep, I'm a loser. Anyway, one of Isaac's favorite places to go happens to be the Denver Botanic Gardens - which always has a free day on Earth Day. Lucky us! Nothing like a free way to celebrate a birthday!!!

(I usually don't post ALL of the pictures I take, but I decided to this time, just to be sure it was all documented.)

Lydia came with us, and Mark took the day off to join in. We all played the majority of the time in the new kids' area. It was fabulous.

Even Jonathan loved the blocks (made of chunks of wood).

Lydia spent the majority of her time with the stuffed fox.

Still at the block table.

Don't know the official name, but we call this "The Crow's Nest." It has stuffed birds and eggs and nests. Lydia liked it best, since there were stuffed animals.

Isaac enjoyed it mostly because Lydia enjoyed it. (Good man!)

The eagle puppet was a winner.

So was the owl.

Jon liked climbing. Climbing the rocks, the Daddy, the brother, the nests... Yep, anything that stood still long enough.

Lydia, the fox, and the marmot.


Those galoshes came in handy! Isaac was one of the only kiddos whose parents allowed him to ford the stream in the cold water.

Lydie bug:

Busy Bee:

Compare this to their first Halloween together. The only real difference is the size.

The three kiddos in the wagon. Can you tell Jon was not thrilled?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mr. Man

"Mr. Man" is Isaac's latest name for himself...

Yesterday was Isaac's third birthday. I have a whole post about what we did to celebrate, but I'll get to that another day. For now, I wanted to post a list of some things I LOVE about Isaac!

1. He makes me laugh - He comes up with the funniest stuff out of the blue. I know everybody thinks their kids are funny, but Isaac totally takes the cake.

2. He's persuasive. Not enough to always get what he wants, but he comes up with some good arguments! He'd make a good salesman, except that he's too honest.

3. He doesn't freak out that I'm a lame mom. In fact, sometimes he tells me that I'm a lame-o and he loves me anyway.

4. He's an awesome snuggler! Seriously, I think there are very few things as fabulous as an Isaac hug, when he just melts into you and holds you as tight as his little arms can.

5. He's exuberant. This kid LOVES life. He runs everywhere and screeches about all kinds of things he's excited about. Yes, sometimes I complain about it, but it is a pretty awesome character trait to be so energetic and enthusiastic about everything.

6. He is a very caring little guy. He frequently tells his friends how much he loves them and gives them big hugs. Luckily, the guy friends are still cool with it, and the girl friends aren't old enough for it to be an issue!

7. He is super creative. I've never met anyone who can make so many different things into "robots" - with different voices for each one! (Seriously though, I had to draw the line at "booger robot", but "milk robot" and "chocolate robot" are some of my best buddies)

8. He has an awesome hair-do all the time. Bed-head is in right now, so my boy is always stylish. He likes to brush his own hair though, and sometimes he even lets me smooth it out! Even as a newborn, he LOVED having his hair washed, and now, he requests for me to massage his head every time he has a bath. Love it.

9. He can polish off a 1/2 gallon of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in two weeks - but he's willing to share that with me. We're the only ones in our household that care for the flavor, but it's our favorite. I went to scoop out the last bit of it for him the other day, and I was jokingly lamenting the loss of the ice cream, so he handed me his spoon when he got to the last bite so I could share.

10. He loves to sing. We spend most of our day singing over here. My favorite is when he sings "When I'm 64." So cute! Some of his favorites: For Unto Us a Child is Born, Hey Jude, Give Said the Little Stream, Popcorn Popping, In the Leafy Treetops, Follow the Prophet, Nephi's Courage, "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That" theme song, anything from "Dinosaur Train", This Old Man, and The Sheep Song.

I got super choked up last night talking to Isaac about when he was born. The whole pregnancy/birth experience was traumatic for me, and I'm amazed that we both survived. Since then, nothing about Isaac has been easy, but he is seriously a joy to have in my life. He's a wonderful son, an absolutely amazing older brother, and a good friend. I'm so glad I get to be his mom!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Picture is Worth...

NOT worth staying up this late... We've been waiting for Blogger to load for 40 minutes - for the last three pictures. Oh well. Not happening tonight - I'm going to bed! Sorry my captions are lame. I'm too tired to be creative tonight.

More egg hunt:

With the Easter bunny:

Jon and Grandma Sue with a chocolate bunny:

Isaac's silly face of the day:

Showing off the injured lip:

Now that he can have citrus, Jon LOVES oranges.

I don't love cleaning up after the oranges.

The "pirate face" right before preschool:

Jon is dieing to walk now.

Fish Face:

The gate actually encourages Jonathan to stand up at the top of the stairs. (Yes, that blur is Isaac)

For his birthday, Isaac received a Zoo Explorers kit from my parents. Once he figured out what it was, he LOVED it! We spent a long time with the masks:

Then the boys took a LONG bath:

Jonathan insisted he have his blanket before I even got a diaper on him.

And Isaac proudly displayed his sticker book creation from the Zoo kit. Awesome present Mom and Dad! Thank you!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Estes Park Egg Hunt

We visited Grandma Sue and Isaac went egg hunting this past weekend.

Here's Isaac's summary:
I look for eggs and eated a donut. I eated them and you didn't eat them at all!
It was cold outside. I wore a coat and Grandma Sue's hat.

He got enough candy to make a mess. So did Jonathan, even though he didn't actually get any eggs of his own. I'd say the event was a success. Thanks for letting us visit, Grandma Sue!

Friday, April 15, 2011

This is Why...

I married Mark Bailey: he's hilarious. Sometimes... :)

Mark received this email from a coworker:

All, If you have [CONFIDENTIAL CONTENT], please [CONFIDENTIAL CONTENT] Otherwise, please ignore, delete, burn, this email. Thanks, [COWORKER'S NAME CENSORED]

Here was Mark's reply:

DO NOT burn this email! Flaming email can be very dangerous. I had a friend who knew this lady whose cousin burned an email once, and it caught his whole Outlook on fire. He tried to put it out by watching a video of the ocean on youtube, but it pulled up images of BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill, so that just made it worse. Pretty quickly the water carried flaming oil right over the top of his firewall into his whole home network. His friend was playing the Xbox, and his whole red team got burned to death, giving one of his blue team opponents a killtacular, and now his iPod won’t play anything other than Disco Inferno. So, it’s pretty serious. I would recommend ignoring or deleting the email instead.

Just out of curiosity, how many people do you suppose had to look up the song "Disco Inferno" after reading this email? Seriously? Mark only knew it because I made him listen to it after I taught Isaac how to sing it - APPARENTLY, I'm the only person my age (besides maybe Severn Shelley) who ever thought disco was cool enough to deserve my attention. *Sigh*

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This Week in Pictures

Isaac fell in love... Too bad we live in the desert, so he doesn't have an APPROPRIATE time to wear these. I'm a sucker, so I bought them anyway. He wore them everywhere today.

Our neighbor gave us some chocolate cake...

Isaac's "pirate face"

Doesn't he look comfy?

Sammy is getting too old - notice that Isaac is eating snacks right there next to the dog, and he isn't even begging?

As soon as that boy can stand, he'll be a hula hoop master!

At the park:

Isaac does pretty well with kicking a ball now. If only we could get him to continue kicking it, instead of picking it up and running away...

He's also really good at the rope bridge now. I'm still glad we know a good orthopedist.

Jon climbs on anything that stands still (and some things that don't).

The "Zoolander" face

Definitely a crawler now!

Hiding in the playhouse under the slide.

Believe it or not, Isaac is terrified to climb this thing.

Jon won't be - he's fearless.