Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stop the Madness!

For those who may be unaware, we at the Bailey house are OPPOSED to Daylight Savings. No ifs, ands, or buts about it! So, when we heard about a bill that would keep Colorado from ever changing our clocks again, we were all for it (upon careful review of wording of the bill, of course). Apparently, similar bills have been proposed before, but have always failed. We are encouraging all who feel as we do to write to our state congress members and let them know we support the bill.
Here's the info: http://www.leg.state.co.us/CLICS/CLICS2011A/csl.nsf/fsbillcont3/08E5E5D00F62A6AB8725780100604268?Open&file=022_01.pdf

They will be voting on May 11, so we need to get letters to them by then. Find your district numbers at http://comaps.org/allsearch.html (or http://comaps.org/allsearch_old.html if that doesn't work).
Then find your representative's email address at http://www.leg.state.co.us/CLICS/CLICS2011A/csl.nsf/directory?openframeset

If you happen to be in the same district as us:
Our congresswoman is Nancy Todd: nancy.todd.house@state.co.us
Our senator is Morgan Carroll: morgan.carroll.senate@state.co.us

The sponsor of the bill is the good senator Brophy: greg@gregbrophy.net

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random Things I Remember

Lately, Isaac has been wanting to hear stories from my childhood. He asks me what I did with my mommy and daddy. Honestly, I've found it really difficult to think of actual stories, but I've discovered that I DO remember some things from WAAAAAAY back when. Here's a few:

playing on the bed with my brother while my mom was trying to make up the sheets after doing laundry
the Baumgart's kitchen and the aquarium with Bret's pet frog
the scorch mark on the front porch from a 4th of July sparkler
staying in the kitchen with Mom while Dad sprayed the fruit trees
Mom making divinity (it was pink - that's all I remember)
Dad giving the ants a lump of brown sugar and then watching them with me
Grandma Wallace always gave me a baggy of Fruit Loops with a twist tie when we'd visit
putting my eyes on the doorknob when my allergies got super bad because the cool metal felt so good
when my mom cleaned my room and threw away my best friend, Barbie's, phone number (yes, Barbie was a real person, NOT a doll)
picking raspberries and fresh peas with my brothers and my cousins at my grandparents' house - once we totally stained our shirts with raspberry juice and Grandma worked awfully hard to get that juice out, but I thought it was silly because mine was a tie-dyed shirt
the fuzzy pink toilet seat cover our neighbors had when we first moved to Virginia and we had to use their bathroom because our water wasn't on yet
Mom bumping her head on a tree frog in our home teacher's pool when we went swimming
laying on the floor in the front room and staring through the entry window at the trees, because the glass was cut for privacy so all of the trees looked shattered (it was kind of like a prism, but I don't know what it's called)
the super ugly linoleum in the Laurel Road house's kitchen - I thought it looked like Honey Comb cereal
slicing my palms open on the monkey bars, but still trying to go back and do it again so I could earn the P.E. award
Mom and Dad being proud of me when I finally learned to dribble a basketball and jump rope so I actually COULD earn the P.E. award
taking Mom to the E.R. after she hurt her shoulder jumping rope
losing my clay pot from art class because we had to take it home before Spring Break, and I had to leave early that day because Mike had to go to the E.R. (ummm... we went to the E.R. a lot)
thinking we needed to name my sister Ariel or Scuttles
the flying ant nest in my brothers' window
pulling the toy box (with Scott in it) up to the top bunk of the boys' beds using a pulley system made with jump ropes
"gumball trees" and wild strawberries smashed into every pair of shoes I owned (not on purpose - I was just clumsy)
Scott getting "nuggies" and falling and totally busting his nose open (it bled EVERYWHERE)
going to Vacation Bible School, even though we totally didn't go to that church
coloring fuzzy Mikey Mouse posters with the annoying boy that lived in our apartment complex who happened to get chicken pox the same time I did
being afraid to take a bath by myself because I was convinced Chucky would come in and get me
"Blob" the chicken, and Blob's duct taped neck
Dad letting me draw on his dry erase board in the basement
Dad letting me play with the exercise machine in the basement
Dad killing the spider in the unfinished part of the basement
the re-tiling project in the bathroom on Ginny Drive
taxi chairs, Super Banana, the yellow table, and bucket chairs
corn in our garden in Utah
being afraid of Grandpa Foote - because he was a good tickler
knowing my family loved me no matter what

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's The End of the World As We Know It

Jonathan cut another tooth this weekend - which means he hasn't slept through the night in about a week. Some nights he's up two or three times. I'm remembering why I was terrified to have a second child. Good thing this hasn't been his pattern!
In addition to the exhaustion caused by the aforementioned teething, my kiddos have NOT adapted well to the time change. Down to bed late and up super early. Awesome.
Honestly, even that would be okay, except for the fact that Isaac has decided he doesn't need naps anymore... Even though he really does. Some days I can convince him to nap IF I lay down and nap with him. Some days it's all I can do to keep him quiet enough not to wake up his brother. Oye.
Why is this the end of the world as we know it? Not only am I super-duper tired, but I'm realizing that one day Isaac really WON'T need a nap. *This is me freaking out* Nap time is my only alone time (now that I let the gym membership go). I love my kids and husband immensely, but sometimes I just want time to be by myself - doesn't happen after the kids go to bed, because Mark would just stay up later to talk if I didn't sit down and talk to him then. Now that I've been confronted with the idea that this IS going to happen, I'm realizing just how much I require that time - just to be somewhat sane.
Mom, I understand now why you would go sit in the car by yourself sometimes and not go anywhere. I don't think I've ever thought it was weird, but if I did, I'm sorry. I get it. If my kids were older, I'd do it too. Right now, the bathroom has been my sanctuary. Which has made me realize just how much we need new towels.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quotes of the Day

Mark: We should breed Tiger Lilies and Dandelions... to get Liger Blossoms.

(BTW, Liger doesn't come up in spell check. Important stuff - Google should add it. I mean, it's Google. They're supposed to know everything.)

Mommy: Do you have poopy pants?
Isaac: No. I'm just pooping outside. That starts with the letter "B"!

(Which part starts with "B"? I was afraid to ask.)


Keynan (Isaac's best friend): Isaac, where's your pants?!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Video Killed the Radio Star

I'm TOTALLY behind in uploading videos of the boys... Here's a whole bunch of good ones - including the FHE videos promised in the last post!

Jon LOVES junk mail...

Love the outfits this kid comes up with...


Mad and Happy Faces...

The FHE fun (lots of piggybacks)

More - you wouldn't believe how good a workout this is for Mommy...

Poor Sammy...

Slightly before the piggybacks...

Just a taste of Isaac's songwriting...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!!!

Yep, he's totally his Daddy's son...

Isaac LOVED this hat as a baby. Jon, not so much. At least he looks happy.

That little speck up by the building is Isaac. He thinks taking walks at the farm is awesome.

Family Home Evening devolved into this:

Umm... An out-of-order picture from our walk at the farm...

Back to the FHE excitement... (Videos to come in a future post)

Jon was jealous that he didn't have a "boat" to play in.

My engineering feat of the week: two different railroads, one on top of the other. This way, Thomas can deliver potatoes and milk, while Merrily-We-Roll-Along (Isaac named him) can pull passengers over the bridge. Important stuff.

Isaac has decided that he'll eat if topless except for a baby bib. *Sigh* Good thing we don't have company much.

Jon, on the other hand, HAS to be topless except for a baby bib. Otherwise, there's too much laundry for this momma.

Um... A little trick Isaac has taught Jon - if you want to ensure you have a snack for later, stick blueberries (cooked, of course!) up your nose. Awesome.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Just In!

TEETH!!!! Hurray! My life is now a MILLION AND A HALF times easier!!! By that, I mean that even though we ran out of infant Tylenol, I don't have to run right out to the store; I wasn't stuck rocking a head-butting baby all afternoon today (I'm pretty sure he re-broke my nose, which was still healing after Isaac busted it a few weeks ago); so, far, he's not a biter while nursing; he can eat the foods that he could only whine about wanting before! Woohoo! We'll see how long the excitement lasts - if he turns out to be a chomper, I'm sure I'll be the one whining pretty soon here.

AND, ISAAC ATE SOMETHING! Just a flour tortilla, but hey, it's a start. He helped me make dinner, which he hasn't been willing to do for weeks, and I think that helped. We got to talking too, and I found out a little of what might have been going on... A few days ago, I was whining to Mark about my belly button - which is CAVERNOUS - thank you abdominal separation... Anyway, Mark poked the hole and said "Yep, that's intestines." Isaac was watching, and wanted to know what intestines are. So, I found a kids anatomy website and showed him the digestive system and explained how it works - food goes in mouth, through stomach, into intestines, and out colon. I didn't think about it again, but tonight, Isaac picked up some food and looked at it, but then looked worried. I asked him what was wrong, and he said "I don't want my intestines to come out of my belly button!" *Sigh* Um, that would have been useful information before... So, we had a talk about the fact that no one's intestines are going to come out of their belly buttons. Of course, then he countered "Unless you have a baby in your tummy." Great, my kid pays WAY too much attention to things that he only sort of gets. I think I might not talk ever again. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

Monday, March 7, 2011


I know I'm not the first mom in history to have dealt with this, so if anyone has fabulous advice, I'd love to hear it...
Isaac has been throwing MAJOR fits any time we're eating lately. He just doesn't feel the need to eat what we're eating. Faced with the choice of eating it or going to bed hungry, he always picks going to bed hungry. Tonight though, the choice was not just go to bed hungry, but go to bed hungry and EARLY. Rather than have an early bedtime, Isaac decided to eat a bite from his plate. Of course, he promptly began to gag and forced himself to throw up.
Genius plan - now he didn't have to eat, but still didn't have to go right to bed, since he had to take a bath first...
What horrible food were we trying to force our kid to eat? Blueberry pancakes.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another weekly recap:
Isaac had a play date with Lydia. He loves having somebody to boss around... I mean "play with."

The favorite game was checking each others' tonsils with a mini-flashlight. Good thing I had one from a Relief Society function a couple years ago.

Shhhh... Don't tell anybody, but Mommy gave me a powdered doughnut!

Totally worth the mess.
This is how Jon stayed happy this week - standing up. If he was sitting or crawling, he was crying.
He's serious about this standing thing. Seriously serious.

For the record - I've had a SUPER grouchy, drooly baby who wants to chew on everything and has waaaaaay too many poopy diapers every day for a week now. Um... Doesn't that sound like teething? Where's the teeth?! Since nobody else seems sick, I'm just calling it stubborn gums. Maybe we'll get lucky and those teeth will pop out overnight. Yes? Please?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where Do You Work?

So, Isaac ran away yesterday. He only got to the end of the driveway, but it was still an adventure - for both of us. Originally, he had been throwing a fit because I told him he had to put pants on before he could go to the mailbox with me - his shorts had been too loose and just fell off when he was running around the front room. Anyway, he finally got some sweats on, but I was trying to find my shoe (which I discovered covered in slobber under the couch - nope, not from the dog - from my baby). Isaac decided to go out without me.
I've known for a while that Isaac could open the storm door, but usually he doesn't actually go OUT the door without me. This time, he was halfway down the driveway before I even saw him. (The front door had been open because I thought BOTH of my shoes were sitting there, so this was supposed to be quick) Luckily, one of the neighbors was walking his dog, and stopped to chat with my son. Of course, I was totally relieved and totally embarrassed by the time I got out there - barefoot, by the way.
I asked Isaac where he thought he was going, and he looked totally hurt and said "To work." (The dog-walking-neighbor smirked at this - I think he wanted to hear the story)
Me: Where do you work?
Isaac: At work.
Me: What do you do at work?
Isaac: I just work, alright? (Isaac was totally ready to cry now. The neighbor was laughing quietly, but realized he'd better keep walking)
Me: Well, why don't we go in the house and you can help me work?
Isaac: No, I just need to go to my work now. (He turned and started heading down the street, away from me)
Me: Is it far away? (I was trying to keep up, but he was walking faster when he realized I was following him)
Isaac: Well, I just need to take your car. I can't go without a car. (Stops and looks down at his feet)
Me: Buddy, you're too little to drive.
Isaac: Mommy, it's just a problem! I need to take your car to work. (Now he was in tears.)
Me: Do you want a hug?
Isaac: And some chocolate cow milk please.

At least I know how to talk my kid out of running away. Did I mention he's been traumatized by busy season at Daddy's office?