Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Think It Is A Good One...

A good week, that is...

See, Jon-o thinks it has been a super good week!

Now that he thinks he's mastered the art of crawling (which he still does army-style), Jon thinks he ought to be standing up all of the time.

It's driving Isaac bananas. Maybe that's why Jon-o does it.

Isaac's happiest part of the week was spending time with Daddy making a "robot costume."

The pictures lie - Jonathan wasn't NEARLY this happy this week. Honestly, I don't know what his deal is, since he doesn't seem to be sick, but he STILL doesn't have any teeth. Maybe it's the weather.

Speaking of the weather, it's been nice enough that my crocuses have decided to welcome spring. Isaac thinks that's awesome. We check out the flowers daily.

AND, what fabulous week would be complete without chocolate? We had much. I needed it. It is still busy season after all.

Monday, February 21, 2011


So, at the beginning of January, I was playing robots with Isaac (my favorite game!) and he pulled out a truck and asked what its name was. The first thing I could think of was "Frank." He was pleased with that, and we called the truck "Frank" for the rest of the day. The title was dropped thereafter, and I didn't think about it again. Recently, Mark and Isaac were talking about the fact that Isaac has multiple family members with the name Frank - as a first name or a middle name. I guess that impressed Isaac.
Today at lunch, Isaac looked at me and said "Mommy, your name is "Dice"."
I figured I'd play along, so I asked what his name was.
Isaac: "Frank."
Me: "What's Jon's name?"
Isaac: "He's Frank too."
Me: "How will I be able to tell you guys apart? I mean, if I just say "Hey, Frank, come here!" how do you know if I'm calling you or your brother?"
Isaac thought for a minute, then: "He's Frankalouie and I'm Fricklefrank."
Me: "Wow, it's like...uh...Frankalicious!"
Isaac: "Totally!"
I was trying not to roll on the floor laughing at this point - then, it got better. Sammy walked in.
Isaac: "Hey, Potato Man!"
Me: "Who is "Potato Man"?"
Isaac: (pointing) "The dog is! Come here, Potato Man!"
This went on for the remainder of the meal. Isaac never mixed us up - we were called by our new names, Dice, Fricklefrank, Frankalouie, and Potato Man for anything Isaac could think of the keep the conversation going. It was obvious he was enjoying this, but I thought he'd forget all about it after nap.

Jon woke up from nap before Isaac did, and when Isaac got down the stairs and saw him, he got a big smile and said "Hey Frankalouie! What are you doing?"

Nope, he didn't forget.

We ran to the grocery store, and Isaac started shouting "Hey, Dice! I need a cookie!" Obviously, the names were sticking (and he was ready for a time out).

When we got home, I was putting Jon down for his last nap, and Isaac was playing by Sammy's crate. He pointed at it and said "Hey, Potato Man! Where are you? You should be in your hobbit-hole!"
I couldn't help laughing at this one. I think he was a little flustered by that, because he screwed up his face and said "Oh. Sorry, it's just Potato Man's crate. It's just a problem."

Love it. Frankalicious.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Poor Sammy

That dog doesn't know what's about to hit him... He'd better start moving faster - or staying outside more... Oh, and Isaac, I TOLD YOU SO!

This weekend's task: gate off all the stairs again. As much as I understand that this is the beginning of the end of my sanity, my left shoulder is thanking its lucky stars that Jon-o is self-mobile!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If I was creative...

I could figure out how to make all these things seem connected. Alas, I am not that good. So, in typical Robyn fashion, here's how the last week has gone:

First off, THE QUILT IS DONE!! Well, except for the washing, and a couple places I noticed that not all of the fabric was caught in the stitches (ooops...). BUT, it's done enough for Isaac - he's asleep under it right now.

The front:

I tried my hand at free-motion machine quilting. My expectations were low, so the final product made me SUPER happy.

While I was quilting, Isaac was watching over my shoulder. He wanted me to stitch his name into the border, so I did. It's sloppy, but if you know what you're looking for, you can find it.

Mark convinced Isaac to let him swaddle the poor boy in the quilt...

My hubby and both sons decided it makes an awesome hiding place.

After our latest snow storm, Isaac decided he's ready for spring, so we got out our play dough and made a flower garden. Don't you love the daffodil he made?

Eating lunch turned into a new adventure this week.

An adventure that makes it so I can eat too. AND, an adventure that means two boys have to take a bath after lunch now.

Daddy was playing piano, so Isaac pulled out some "drums" to play along.

Jon-o decided to one-up his brother and eat the piano.

I know it's blurry, but he just looked so happy I had to post it.

Sorry about the sound - I was trying to catch the video while Isaac was still singing...

Peek-a-boo has been taken to a whole new level.

This is why the laundry never gets done around here - first, I have to extract the boy.

Jon LOVES pulling hair. Isaac LOVES to lay in Jon's lap. Therefore, I see this a lot:

Isaac has been putting together larger puzzles now. Sometimes, he puts this puzzle together. Other times, he finds pieces that look like Rolly from Bob the Builder and drives them around the piano bench.

An old video of Isaac doing somersaults:

Isaac helping Daddy shovel snow:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Small Favors

Isaac watched a movie yesterday! I mean, like, sat down and watched the ENTIRE movie - from beginning to end! WITHOUT asking me to play robots or have a picnic!!! So, I'm sure he's coming down with some horrible disease (I've heard the "Plague of Death" is going around) but I'll take what I can get! What that hour and a half meant for Jon and me was that we could just sit and watch a movie too. WITHOUT fear of being trampled, pulled over, licked, bit, or spit on. Yes, those have been Isaac's favorite pass times lately. Of course, Jon's have been pulling hair, spitting back, and banshee-like wailing. Jon was subdued for the duration of the movie. This time, I didn't fall asleep and wake up to peed-on carpet, snacks dumped on the baby's head, and the dog being pushed down the stairs. *Sigh* Life is good.
BTW - the dog door froze open this week. So I took it down. So we have to wake up and let Sammy out in the middle of the night. I remember now why we got the dog door in the first place. Man, Sammy, if you only knew how much we love you...